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Earl Hamilton
• Friday, 20 November, 2020
• 7 min read

In this section, you will find out the best -picked drawer slides based on one or another distinct quality. Based on the number of ratings, the overall rating itself, and the rave reviews from the customers, I consider Pro Mark’s 10 pair pack of soft-close drawer slides, the best drawer slides in this category.

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The side mount category is not in conflict with a soft close one. There are side mounts and soft-close drawer slides; for example, Pro Mark’s Best Soft Close slides that I’ve mentioned above, are both: side mount and soft close.

This pair is the best side mount slide because of quality and feedback etc. The best thing about this pair is the new generation of TANDEM and MOTION concealed runners that it comes with.

Apart from a big number of reviews, the overall rating of this product is also impressive. In this section, you will read a detailed review (features, pros and cons) of each of the top seven drawer slides.

These are full-extension side mount slides that you can buy without having to worry about their quality or longevity. They are side to mount standard slides that most of the drawers at one’s home usually have.

The size that I picked for this review (click the link and buy it), is 10-inch slides, but this is the smallest size on the list; you can buy 12”, 14”, 16”, 18” or 20” length slides if you want. This one has a steel ball-bearing action; the benefits of this mechanism include fast, precise and easy opening and closing.

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In case you are bent on high-quality side-mount slides, but you do not care about soft-close features, this pack is the best that you can get. The good thing is that this is most of the time, the maximum required size of slides because it provides enough depth.

You enjoy better opening and closing when your drawer slides have these positive stops. But one wonders as to what is the main benefit of using steel ball-bearing in drawer slides.

Due to how the carpenter makes a cabinet or how you use it, you must agree that opening a drawer often becomes a difficult job because the drawer is tucked so hard inside the cabinet. Lever disconnect design makes sure that you easily open the drawer.

Apart from the slides, you get locking devices, rear mounting brackets and screws etc. As the name suggests, slides are nailed underneath the drawers and not on the sides.

As I’ve explained, these slides are preferred because they remain concealed, and it is because of them that your drawers have a neat, clean and slick profile. These slides come with TANDEM and MOTION concealed runners.

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This feature makes it super easy to remove the drawer from the cabinet. Just like the Blum drawer slides, these too are made of industrial-grade steel that ensures maximum load capacity.

Cons Substandard Brackets Soft Close System Can be Improved This is our best budget drawer slides pack that costs less than $101 at the time of writing this review.

Not only this pack of slides is the most affordable one, but it seems to be checking all the boxes (self-closing, full-extension, 10 pairs, and whatnot). One of the features is a steel ball-bearing mechanism that makes opening and closing easier.

Another good news about this pack of slides is that you would not have to buy essential accessories separately; everything that is needed for installation and functioning of these slides is included in the pack. These accessories include slides, brackets, and installation screws.

This particular pack of slides from LONDON got Amazon’s Choice tag for amazing reviews and overall rating. While by default you will be given the option to buy 22” slides, on the listing there are other sizes also.

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There are 2 rows of steel balls in each slide which keep the drawer from derailing. This is something new and different from the pretty usual features that you notice in the case of every other drawer slide pack.

Full-extension means that you get to open the drawer to the full extent of the slides. Another unique feature: unlike the lever function that you must have noticed in almost all slides that I’ve reviewed in this list, these slides have nylon detachable snaps that you push or pull for installation or removal of the drawer.

This is the only 1 pair pack that I picked for this list and its features are simply just as amazing as they can be in case of any top of the line soft-closing drawer slides. Just like the above reviewed LONDON slides, these also have hydraulic dampener that takes charge of closing right before the drawer is about to be shut, and it does so in a silent way.

On the front side of these slides, there are elongated holes that you can use for depth adjustment. This means that you can play with the above mentioned sizes of the slides and get the kind of results you want.

As explained earlier, nylon snaps make it very easy for you to install or remove the slides. This pack comes with all required accessories such as screws and brackets etc.

cabinet drawer slides merillat plywood drawers hardware bottom kitchen cabinets bottoms pull setting works tab file rails options door panel
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This buyer’s guides and the FAQs section in the end is to help those. In this list I’ve reviewed both types of slides: those that can self/soft-close and those that shut the drawer with a slamming sound.

Either a slide has a roller mechanism that uses plastic or other material wheels to make the inner part roll easily, or a slide comes with steel ball-bearings that do the same thing that rollers do. While roller drawer slides are cheap, their plastic parts do not last for very long.

On the other steel ball-bearings are expensive, but they are sort of there forever, and they offer a smoother and easier opening. This is a very important part: the sort of things that hide in plain sight.

While it comes with all the premium features that you find in the best drawer slides, it is way more affordable than its top competitors. You would not find a self/soft-close drawer slides pack at this rate and with this kind of quality and features.

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