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Maria Johnson
• Thursday, 10 December, 2020
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Many people struggle to join two separate pieces of wood and keep the fasteners hidden. These surprisingly simple yet handy tools make joinery easy and affordable.

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Even a newbie DIY woodworker can create professional-looking joints without investing hundreds of dollars for tools. Plastic parts don’t always hold up to the rigors of DIY work, which is why this aluminum pocket hole jig from Mass ca is such an attractive option.

Its durable all-metal construction means this jig will be making pocket holes for a long time. A pull on the clamp’s handle quickly locks the piece into the jig, and a rubber bumper protects the wood.

The jig’s arms are removable for portability and double as storage spots for screws and accessories. Metal trumps plastic when it comes to durability, which is why this pocket jig from General Tools is such an attractive option.

In addition to the jig, this kit includes a drill bit, stop collar, and hex wrench along with a starter set of 48 screws, 24 wooden picket hole plugs, and a hard plastic carrying case. The R3 Master System pairs Greg’s R3 Jr. pocket hole jig with a long list of accessories.

In addition to the standard drill bit, screwdriver, and limit collar, this kit also includes a complete set of screws that range in size from 1 inch to 2½ inches, a Greg 2-inch face clamp, and wood dowels. While this kit may not have all the bells and whistles of Greg’s higher-end systems, it’s an excellent option for the Diver who wants to get started in pocket joinery without making individual purchases.

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This set keeps all of those loose pieces together in one durable plastic carrying case making it easy to transport from various sites. The manufacturer includes a set of 40 indoor and outdoor screws and simple instructions.

Accessories include a drill guide spacer, drive bit, stop collar, thickness gauge, and 40 sample screws. For woodworking pros and those serious Divers who do a high volume of wood joining, there’s the Greg DB210 Foreman Pocket-Hole Machine.

Adjustable spring-loaded stops allow you to drill identical holes in multiple pieces quickly. This kit includes a two-hole jig with a square driver, drill bit, and limiting depth stop collar.

A magnet integrated into the jig body adds convenience when used with a standard metal clamp. Built-in drill depth and timber thickness scales make it easy for you to set up the jig.

The Bulwark Premium also contains a handy carrying case, making it easy to keep everything organized and accessible. These combined rulers facilitate faster and repeated hole layouts on cabinets, wardrobe drawers, doors, windows, etc.

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Cabinet hardware jigs are basically meant for heavy-duty drilling tasks. If you are a beginner in this field and looking to buy a purposeful jig within a smart budget, then the buyer's guide is here to help you.

This hardware jig is exclusively made for the DIY hobbyists as well as the pro-grade users for quicker, precise, and convenient installations of blinds, long door handles, etc. Greg KHI-PULL Cabinet Hardware Jig comes with an adjustable edge guide and rulers which makes knob positioning easier and precise.

Greg Cabinet Hardware Jig Super Pack promises worry-free installation of door pulls, drawer knobs, etc. The tool is easy to use and its movable guide ensures repeated precision while positioning holes.

The flexible edge guide for quicker and convenient positioning of the hole makes installation of cabinet doors easier. Precise hinge positioning with inbuilt indexing tabs makes the installation quicker.

Reliable stop collar and drill bit guide and stop collar Easy to use with any hand drill ; no extra accessory required Ensures accurate slide positioning, of drawers and cabinets, as facilitated by the inbuilt indexing tabs Versatile choice The stop collar maintains alignment and precision for repetitive drawer pull installations.

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The package includes extension guides, ruler, a 5 mm drill bit, sturdy carrying case, depth stopper, and the TP-1934 jig. The hardened steel bushings are designed to withstand several thousands of hole drilling.

Swift and easy to utilize Cabinet door, knobs, and pulls installation is 10 times faster Movable come reversible drill layout removes the hassle of adding hardware to cabinets Allows quick drilling of flawlessly mounts hinge plates and aligns shelf pinholes Stock Cabinet Hardware Jig is a durable build tool made of sturdy stainless steel followed by ABS (Acrylonitrile Betadine Styrene) plastic.

With this jig, you can install cabinet doors or drawer fronts in minutes with the least chances of mistakes. This versatile come precise tool makes the installation task quicker and more convenient.

The drill is made of hardened steel which locks the alignment in place while maintaining a common spacing measurement of the holes for installing cabinet pulls and knobs. The reversible design allows quicker drilling by letting you flip the tool from one door to the next without needing adjustment, every time.

Versatile tool for updating furniture and cabinets along with other hardware installation, as required Suitable for working on almost any pull or knobs style and also for hardware installation on any new/old doors and drawers Portable and detachable jig ; jig can be disassembled to small parts Comes with a tool storage bag for easy portability Fit for DIY users The drilling template is made of high quality, robust and durable stainless steel as well as ABS (Acrylonitrile Betadine Styrene) plastic.

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The high precision tool with a wider adjustment range makes it easy to operate. Currently, it is one of the fastest cabinet hardware jigs (10 times faster compared to other leading competitors on the market) that delivers the most exact hole measurements.

The jig is virtually constructed with alloy steel and Aluminum, ensuring durability. This all-purpose guide with thumb screw knobs is easily adjustable to accommodate the drilling distance for handles of any size.

At that moment you need to count on some substantial factors to ease your product selection. So, we have enlisted a couple of things you might like to check out before going to buy a cabinet hardware jig for your job.

A metal cabinet hardware jig is the most recommended one, if you are a heavy-duty drill professional. A plastic cabinet jig is sufficient for light duty tasks, like installing blinds, hangers, etc.

Basically, all the three types indicate their durability and chances of getting slipped, especially while comparing between a metal and plastic jig. Fixed hole cabinet hardware jigs : This type is available on the market at an attractive price.

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However, it makes this jig less accurate, in case you are expecting to center holes with perfection. Clamp-on jig type is for light duty, small projects which are otherwise quite difficult to get a perfect alignment of about 31/64; the precision which is surprisingly needed in high-symmetric installation work.

The plastic material does not make enough sense to build this type of cabinet jig, especially when it is meant to provide the utmost accurate measurements. Over-torquing of the adjusting screws might strip the metal casing embedded on the plastic portion of the jig.

Well, if taken care of the above points, you will certainly end up buying the most suitable cabinet jig with a smart deal. The product scales support both imperial and metric systems of measurement, which is another added benefit.

The variable spacing uses a twist-apart set of removable drill guide pieces to let you adapt the jig to the task at hand, and the entire tool has been designed for maximum durability to keep it useful for years of use. Our Verdict This excellent pocket hole jig offers a great range of useful features that can speed up the joint creation process without putting you in any extra risk of failure or harm.

This pocket hole jig is actually a full-sized pocket hole machine that comes with a huge range of adjustable features, letting you create standard, HD, and micro Greg joints in rapid succession and with consistent accuracy. Not only that, but the design has a removable drill guide and bit that can be replaced with alternate options, with no tools required and no need to completely re-work the entire machine.

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Our Verdict This is a much more heavy-duty option for people who need a full-sized pocket hole machine for rapid, professional joint creation. This pocket hole jig comes as a set of individual tools that can quickly be used together without any real setup time, making use of a magnetic clamp and straightforward design to quickly create joints on the fly.

The compact design of the jig itself means that it can easily be used to make repairs and extra joints in small spaces, and the high precision offered by the drill bushings means that it is really easy to get consistent quality every time you use it. Not only that, but the tight tolerances make sure that every pocket hole you create with the jig is clean and easy to work with.

This well-designed jig tool features an incredibly precise adjustable drill system, letting you accurately change the drill guide to create pocket holes at a range of niche angles through multiple thicknesses of wood. The dust spout keeps your work area clear and your eyes safe from irritation, working alongside the aluminum body to provide a much more stable and accurate series of pocket hole jig drill results without putting you in any real risk.

Even better, the design includes a variety of extra tools: a stop collar, hex key, multiple screws, and an easy-to-use drip depth knob, all of which work towards creating the best pocket holes possible. Our Verdict This tough pocket hole jig is incredibly reliable and works well for all kinds of wood joining operations, making it a great tool for use around the home.

This complete kit of pocket hole jig equipment provides you with everything you need to create precise pocket holes in a range of wood thicknesses and types, including a 3/8 inch drill bit that is specially designed for use on wood. It can be mounted on a bench via a clamp or used as a portable standalone tool, letting you create flush, angle, and corner pockets without having to swap out for a new pocket hole jig or another set of tools.

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Our Verdict This is another pocket hole jig kit that is great for all kinds of small tasks, both in professional contexts or as a DIY tool. The front clamp on this Greg jig means that it can easily be mounted to a range of surfaces, using a ratcheting clamp system that allows for easy tool-free adjustments and quick changes depending on the situation.

This also includes a quick-release drill guide tool that makes it much easier to quickly set up the pocket hole jig and start using it. The jig can be altered for various wood thicknesses and comes with a range of useful extras, including a dust collection port that swivels, a workpiece stop, a desperate driver bit and drill bit, and even a variety of downloadable project plans to work with.

Thanks to its great components, the simple design means that the jig can be used for rapid pocket hole creation without sacrificing quality or consistency, speeding up large projects significantly. The drill guide block can also double as a repair tool if something goes wrong with the jig, and the simple operation means that it can be picked up and used by complete newcomers to create accurate and reliable pocket hole results in almost any wood surface or object.

Our Verdict This is another pocket hole jig set that is perfect for DIY use around the house, giving you multiple drill guides and plenty of useful design features to get you started in no time. Unlike many pocket hole jigs, this jig set allows measurements in both metric and imperial to give you a better understanding of what you are working with and has four built-in thickness options to handle various wood surfaces with ease.

The clamp magnet makes it easy to secure to any metal clamp with no extra tools needed, and the brushing made of hardened steel allow for very precise hole-cutting results every single time the tool set is used. For convenience, the jig and its accessories come with a plastic storage case, ensuring that you won't lose them or have to fit them into a flimsy cardboard box.

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Our Verdict This pocket hole jig kit is ideal for quickly creating holes and joints in a range of wood types and thicknesses without having to waste time fiddling and adjusting different components. This Greg simple pocket hole jig system is easy to use and lets you create quick joints or repairs with ease, making it really easy to work at multiple different material depths.

The guide makes it really easy to get precise results each time, and you can choose whether to use the jig once it is clamped down or move it around like a handheld tool. Our Verdict Like many Greg pocket hole jigs, this design comes with plenty of useful measuring and adjustment features to help you get the best results possible.

Finding the best pocket hole jig isn’t just a matter of looking at the popular brands. There are dozens of companies producing thousands of tools collectively, from Greg to designs like the Porter-Cable 560, so it is important to look beyond brand names and try to pick something out that will work best in your current situation.

While it is true that quality can cause certain brands and sites to earn a reputation for being “the best, ” the real best option is whatever suits you the most. Pocket hole jigs that easily wear down without being used very much can still produce great results, but they will need to be repaired or replaced much more often, which can put your pocket hole jigs out of commission and leave you unable to make a decent joint until you repair them.

However, whether this is the best option depends on what you need: some of the best pocket hole jigs are ones that you have to clamp down onto a work surface. These are the best pocket hole jigs not because of their size, but because the stability of the clamp can help them deliver accurate results with the drill bit, something that becomes much harder with portable options.

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On the other hand, if you are specifically looking for the best pocket hole jigs regardless of overall quality, then it is not hard to find ones that are designed to be used as a regular tool. Different designs will have their own drill bit types and depth collar styles, so it won’t always be consistent across models or companies.

Always make sure you have at least a good level of accuracy since this is the main thing that changes how well your resulting holes will look once they are drilled. A pocket hole jig isn’t necessary, but it is one of the best ways to make sure that you are creating a joint in the right place during woodworking.

Some tools might adjust this slightly: for example, the Porter-Cable 560 can be altered in very minor ways, even though the Porter-Cable 560 is generally more focused on quick setups. It doesn’t usually matter whether a jig is cheap since the biggest difference is in the quality of the materials used.

Conclusion A new pocket hole jig is often the best way to handle creating new joints and small repair tanks in a variety of wood furnishings and items, letting you quickly and easily make changes to the surfaces without having to spend much time and effort doing it manually. They make measurement easy, speed up the process dramatically, and are basically a really convenient item to have no matter how experienced you are.

These reviews and these buyers’ guide should have given you some ideas of what to look for, but don’t hesitate to do your own research and look into new options that might end up being the perfect choice for your next pocket hole repair or creation job. These usually translate directly into a certain setting, so it doesn’t take long to work out what they mean.

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