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Daniel Brown
• Monday, 18 January, 2021
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These tools are essential in enabling users to undertake a myriad of activities within the shortest possible time. When selecting the best drill bit set, there are several factors you must consider, to ensure that you receive value for your investment.

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The common materials used to create drill bit sets include titanium and cobalt, mainly because of their high durability and resistance to rust. A typical drill bit set is known to have several sizes of tools, with each increment being extremely vital to the purpose of the machine.

The material of construction is used to create heavy-duty pilot points that further enhance the longevity of the set. The DW1354 set doesn’t have any spin shanks, but it is designed with a tapered web that reduces the occurrence of breaking while providing users with more exceptional durability.

This durability makes the set well suited for use on plastic and wood, in a myriad of situations existing either in residences or commercial facilities. It is designed as a contractor-grade bit set; thus, it is well suited for use on large construction sites and many significant projects.

The Akita contractor-grade set works excellently with materials including metals, wood, and plastic. It is built from durable and heavy-duty S2 modified steel, a material which is taken through intense heat to strengthen and prolong its life span.

The T-01725 bit set is highly resistant to corrosion, thanks to the use of a black oxide finish. The availability of many tools increase s its versatility in use, which makes it a popular choice among contractors.

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This drill bit set is amongst the world’s standard collections used by various contractors and homeowners for a wide range of activities. The BDA91109 set is an imported product with the ideal sizes of all components needed for all kinds of projects.

It consists of a variety of drill bits that work well with materials such as masonry, metal, wood, and plastic. The driving bits included in the design of this set are offered in a variety of 1-inch and 2-inch screw sizes, making it well suited for all household projects.

This is one of the largest and best drill bit sets in the world, with over a thousand sales being made daily across the globe. It is a set that seeks to make all work easier and faster, with 90 different pieces of tools and equipment at your disposal.

If you work with a variety of materials such as plastic, masonry, metal, and wood, we would recommend that you get this fantastic drill bit from Ry obi. All drill bits of this kit are made from black oxide a highly durable material.

If you need pieces of equipment, you can always rely on, and we will recommend that you make use of this spectacular driving kit from the Ry obi brand. If there was any doubt about the functionality and durability of the Norseman Drill Bit set, this review should do it enough justice.

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This is a set that has received global acclaim as the premium jobber metal drill bit. It comes with up to 29 distinct pieces of equipment, all created to offer versatility and a more extensive range of options for all the tasks you will have to undertake within your home or in your garage.

All pieces feature a precision ground point, clearance, flutes, drill diameter, and a body that encourages accuracy and high performance. Every piece of equipment found in the Norseman Drill Bit set is a member of the Viking catalog and as such, is known for its quality, service and consistent value even after regular use.

The development of this drill set was undertaken with strict surveillance under the National Aerospace Standard. No matter how severe your new job or task is, we recommend this drill bit set from Norseman for you.

The Milwaukee 23-piece titanium bit kit is yet another great set of equipment on our list of recommendations. This set features a durable and heavy-duty carrying case which is designed to accommodate up to 23 different pieces of equipment for all your daily handy tasks both in and out of your home or garage.

Reviewed by many contractors as the perfect addition to any job site or tool bag, the Milwaukee Kit features engineering that enhances your drills and impacts. It comprises a wide variety of drill bits and driver bots, both of which are always needed for a myriad of tasks.

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It also comes with several accessories that aid users undertake different kinds of fastening and drilling applications. The design of every piece of equipment has been done by specialists to ensure that they work without any issue on materials such as masonry, wood, metal, and many more.

Every item they launch undergoes rigorous testing to ensure its functionality and durability for extended periods. This unit is made up of up to 100 different pieces of equipment; each one created to fulfill a specific function and make work easier.

The set is designed in a manner that makes it well suited for use on materials such as woodwork, masonry, and meal. Away from the world of famous and familiar brands, we explore the universe that is the Chicago Latrobe 550 Series.

This drill set is one of the newer models on the market with several pieces of equipment designed using innovative technologies. Its sole aim is to make all work easier and faster for contractors and homeowners alike.

The design features a hard, heavy-duty metal case, which accommodates 29 different pieces of equipment. The tools identified in this storage case come in a variety of sizes which range from 1/16” through to ½” in 1/64” increments.

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The Latrobe series of equipment features a gold oxide finish that increases its durability even after regular use. The tools include 29 different jobber length drill bits all made from cobalt steel with a 135-degree split point meant to reduce clogging and produce smaller chips.

Our final product for review is the Irwin Tools Drill Bit Set. To make this set more resistant to abrasion and higher temperatures, 5% of cobalt is used to undertake a heavy-duty web construction for durability and increased strength.

We recommend these tools for all contractors searching for the most convenient drill bit sets available. For more great tools to add to your collection, check out our top picks of the best torque wrenches.

Other kits we looked at may have had more pieces numerically but either had too much repetition, terrible cases, filler you don’t need, or a shortage of the extras that are indispensable even if they’re not required on every job. If the Ry obi 90-Piece Kit is not available, we also like the Hitachi 799962 120-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set.

However, it lacks hole saws, drill stops, and a countersink, all of which the Ry obi has. Hitachi’s case is tougher, but it lacks the Ry obi’s handy transparent front.

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If you’re looking to minimize your investment and still get the essentials, the Ry obi 60-Piece Drill and Drive Kit is a nice option. We feel the higher price of the larger kit is usually worth it, but if you need to pay less or this is the only set available, it works fine.

Collapse all I’ve been happily destroying drill bits for almost 20 years. During a 10-year career in construction, I was a carpenter, a foreman, and a job site supervisor building high-end homes in the Boston area, and I have been writing about and reviewing tools since 2007.

Some projects may be planned, like assembling a piece of prefab furniture, but others might be unexpected, like screwing a tarp up to cover a broken window. Photo: Doug MahoneyAfter conversations with our experts and drawing from my own extensive tool knowledge, we discovered a number of considerations when buying a drill bit set.

For driver bits, the most used are Phillips #2, but decking can be held down by Torn or square Robertson screws, and old door hardware is often slotted. Mark Clement’s advice is to stay away from kits that offer “every bit in the world.” He continued, “unless you become a remodeling contractor tomorrow, the likelihood is that most driver bits are more likely to be compressed into diamonds in your basement than find a screw to sink.” We sought a set with a versatile mix of only the essentials.

It should also hold the bits nice and snug, so they don’t easily fall out, but not so tight that you need pliers to get them out (which was the case with more than one tested unit). We didn’t expect the cases to be indestructible, but we wanted a design that wouldn’t have broken hinges within a year of regular use.

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While we didn’t set any kind of requirement on case layout, we did notice when certain designs made it easier to quickly locate what we wanted to use. It’s probably the worst thing you can do to a driver bit, and it quickly showed us what kind of durability to expect long-term.

For that testing, we drilled hundreds of holes into wood and cinder block to check the durability of the bits. During both testing sessions, we also used all the kits in a more informal setting for a number of projects ranging from big (building of a cow shed) to little (sinking drywall anchors and fiddling with cabinet hinges).

In the years between our 2015 and 2018 tests, we’ve used the pick and competitors to build a chicken coop, install decking, build stairs and a handrail, and sink masonry anchors in concrete stucco for two 6-foot-wide UV-blocking window shades. But the tests helped us zero in on the real distinguishing criteria of a good set: a smart selection of drill bits and accessories in a case that’s durable, organized, and easy to use.

The most versatile drill bit set with the best case we’ve found is the Ry obi 90-Piece Drill and Drive Kit, a well-balanced mix of hardware that stands out for the sheer variety and usefulness of its parts. Other kits we looked at may have had more pieces numerically, but they either had too much repetition, terrible cases, not enough of what really counts, filler you don’t need, or a shortage of the extras that are indispensable even if they’re not required on every job.

The Ry obi meets the needs of the person who wants to be ready for everything, with a complete collection in one organized and easily accessible spot. There is a countersink for giving screw heads a clean, finished look, and depth stops to manage the drilling process.

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It also has a center punch for making an indentation on thin metal or wood, so the bit won’t wander when you’re drilling. For driving, the Ry obi comes with a nice selection of driver bits and doesn’t overload with ones that you’ll never use.

During our testing, we found that the durability between the different bit sets was comparable, with no kit distinguishing itself from the rest. Some competitors’ kits have similar duplicates of these commonly used sizes.

The driver bits have held up too, but those simply have a shorter lifespan, and we’ve gone through a bunch. It would be a mistake to go into this purchase thinking that your needs in the driver bit department are permanently solved.

Other companies have black cases, which make it tougher to quickly locate specific bits. This was useful for keeping parts organized when we put together some prefab furniture and installed a smoke alarm.

It’s not a huge feature, but just one of many smaller points that makes the Ry obi stand out from the rest. This is a cone-shaped drill bit that carves out a recess, so a screw head can sit flush to the surface of the wood.

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A Ry obi masonry bit still going strong after making 26 1-inch-deep holes through a cinder block. Photo: Doug Mahoney Compared with some other kits, the Ry obi is light on driver bits.

If the 90-Piece Ry obi kit is not available, we also like the similarly-priced Hitachi 799962 120-Piece Drill and Drive Bit Set. The Hitachi’s main downside compared to the Ry obi is a lack of variety.

It also lacks some of the convenience accessories that we like so much in the Ry obi: the countersink, drill stops, and center punch. We prefer the Ry obi for these reasons, but as an alternative, the Hitachi covers most of the same bases for about the same investment.

Compared to our main pick, there is only one hole saw size (instead of four) and only one spade bit (instead of four). You still get a countersink, which adds value, but it’s missing the depth stops and the selection of 2-inch driver bits, which are nice to have.

Spending a little more for the larger 90-piece kit is usually worth it, but this one is also easily available at Home Depot at a very affordable price. If this is the max you can pay, or if you need a bit set in a hurry and this all that’s available, it’s not a bad choice.

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The one-inch driver bits are stored along the perimeter of the case and are so difficult to remove that we needed to use pliers to get them out. This 246-piece kit typically costs twice that of the Ry obi and is excessive in its abundance, containing 11 -inch general-use driver bits.

After spending two years extensively testing the Ry obi set, I’ve only broken a couple bits (and it does come with extras of the most commonly used sizes). None of them cater to the needs of the homeowner, and the sheer variety of the Ry obi kit makes it more desirable for general use.

The Akita is also at the high end of the price scale, likely with most of that investment going toward the large case. Other pro kits, like the Akita T-01725 or the Dealt DW2587, which we didn’t test, suffer the same fate as the Milwaukee and the Bosch by offering a smaller selection in a very durable case.

The Ry obi Multi-Material Drill and Drive Kit (300-piece) is an item that we first noticed while scanning for Home Depot Black Friday deals. As of Black Friday the kit was priced at $40, an excellent deal for anyone who wants redundancy or expects to go through a lot of basic bits.

Compared with our pick, this set doesn’t offer a ton of surprising additional bits, but at this price you’re getting many commonly used (and quickly dulled or broken) basics essentially for free. To avoid confusion, note that this kit is a new product, even though its page contains reviews that date to 2013.

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If you look closely you’ll see a tag on the old reviews that reads, “This review is from: Mega Drill and Drive Set (300-Piece).” That 2013 item is a Ry obi product from the “blue” era; this neon green version is new. Doug Mahoney is a senior staff writer at Wire cutter covering home improvement.

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