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The name refers to the original purpose and use of the leather which was for straps on a horse’s headpiece and reins. After all, it was originally intended to be attached to a horse, so it had to be comfortable on the animal’s skin, while being strong and durable as the rider’s life depended on it not failing.

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To begin with, we inspect the hides to identify any imperfections or excessive defects within the pieces. Once we are happy with the quality, we create the dye mix that is then applied to the skins either by spraying or by hand.

Walking into Mary's Tack & Feed in Del Mar, California, the customer is confronted with a 25-foot wall's worth of English bridle choices, ranging in price from $50 to $500. Finding the right bridle for your horse boils down to fit, style, preference and budget.

Catalogs and online retailers multiply your options, as do boutique bridal makers with small, typically handcrafted lines. Choosing the right bridle boils down to fit, style, your own preferences and budget.

If you have flexibility in your funds, keep in mind that the quality of leather and craftsmanship are keys to how long a bridle will last. In these cases, shopping is a quick trip to the local tack store where staff sends the shopper home with her trainer's favorite bridle.

Wider nose bands are a current trend in the hunter ring, but don't be a blind band wagoner. This look is typically accomplished with relatively wide nose- and brow bands and/or padding that adds depth and sometimes width to these pieces.

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For horses with smaller, more refined heads, the padding can add a nice dimension, but you probably want a thinner nose- and brow band to minimize bulk. It has clinchers (a row of silver or brass pieces) on the nose band instead of more traditional placement on the brow band, a nice way to offset a heavy forelock.

“A good, clean fit is critical to showing off your horse's head,” says Jul's. One rule of thumb is having the buckles of the nose band hanger, cheek piece and throat latch near each other, but not overlapping.

Borrowing bridles from barn mates is a great way to figure out which manufacturers make the best fit for your horse. The circumference of his nose where the nose band sits, the width of the brow between the two points where the brow band will connect with the headstall, the entire length of the headstall, starting at the bit on one side, up over the poll and down to the bit on the other side and the throat latch length, starting behind one ear, down under the throat and up to a spot behind the other ear.

Expect that the bridle leather may stretch a little over time, and factor in how tightly you usually fasten the nose band and throat latch. An Innovation Award winner at the British Equestrian Trade Association show in 2008, the Mickey is designed to prevent pressure on facial nerves, the poll and the cheek and upper-jaw bones.

Alleviating poll pressure is accomplished with a wider, padded and single-piece crown that does not have a separate caves son strap running under it. Variations on that design dominate the poll-oriented comfort craze in today's offerings from most manufacturers.

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Horses who don't like to be handled near their ears, poll or the top of their mane may benefit from these new designs. Head shaking and other signs of general discomfort while being ridden are indicators that the new styles are worth a try.

“I don't think a (hunter or ?equitation) judge is going to pin you higher or lower because you use one of these designs,” Jamie says. “Mono,” “single,” “integrated,” “recessed,” “padded,” “comfort” and “contoured” are prefixes for the crown piece (headstall) in most of today's bridles.

These styles require a special caves son with two short straps, which is critical if you need to replace it. “Comfort” usually means the headpiece is padded on the side that lays against the horse, and “contoured” usually refers to slight curves behind the ears.

Leather Quality The types of bridle leather and the number of manufacturers has multiplied considerably since 20 or 30 years ago, when choices consisted primarily of English or American leather, and there were just a handful of bridle and strap goods makers. Decreasing demand for red meat is one of many factors that have reduced the cow population and the hides that come from it, resulting in higher prices for top-quality leather.

Some leathers are named for their place of origin: for example, Sidekick carriers in England, English and American. Jamie finds that companies who put their name on their leather can generally be counted on for consistent quality.

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In this process, the color of the leather permeates the entire fiber structure, Jamie explains. Dyes applied in this less-expensive method are likely to bleed when wet from sweat or rain, and fade over time.

(One of the most popular high-end lines at Mary's, Had fields Bridle works, features 12 stitches per inch.) Lesser techniques often split the entire length of the band, making the whole piece more prone to breakage.

“In a lot of the higher-end bridles, the leather is already finished with a good amount of waxes and tannins in them,” Jul's continues. “A higher quality bridle will undergo this process without any obvious signs of destruction, but down the road it won't last as long,” Jul's says.

Over-oiling can break down the fibers in the leather and the stitching, especially in bridles in the lower price ranges. Get Help Knowledge is a great source of confidence in the bridle -buying process, but it's not a substitute for working with a trustworthy tack supplier with a reasonable return policy.

Arm yourself with good questions and an open mind and enjoy the journey into today's extensive selection of bridles. Anatomical bridles help cancel out the chances of your horse being treated just like a mere beast of burden.

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The best anatomical bridle is ergonomically designed to let off the pressure on your horse’s sensitive facial parts without pinching its ears. The horse will maintain a natural and unhindered face movement during rides, and will be very comfortable, happy to be led.

We have selected three of the best on the market, focusing on criteria such as the material, size, reins, and padding. YardS core is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10.

The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback. YardS core is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10.

The score is based on the product’s individual features, its sales stats, and buyers’ feedback. YardS core is our patented scoring system which helps us evaluate each of the reviewed products, from 1 to 10.

In the making of what we consider as the overall best anatomical bridle on the market, Schockemöhle is a combination of functionality and a sporty design. Made of a combination of three types of materials, the net has an anatomical Swedish nose band and a unique headrest.

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It is made available in black leather and silver crystal brow band. It considerably reduces pressure and improves comfort in the sensitive areas around the ranches and the headrest.

Material: English leather, metal, crystal Reins: no Padding: yes (gel) Size: Full, VB (Cob) Color: black This product features a crank nose band, which is a patent of the brand.

Crafted by hand, it is made from the finest and highest quality leather. Padded with a special gel, you have a very comfortable, and of course, a luxurious bridle that is unmatched on the market.

The gel padding can be found around sensitive parts such as the brow band, nose band, and crown piece. The crown piece effectively reduces pressure on very sensitive ear and poll areas as it has a mono-crown construction with a single leather piece.

Budget-friendly Comes with paddings High-quality English leather 2 years of warranty Durable materials Anatomical bridles are made to prevent extra pressure on a horse’s facial nerves.

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With the help of our guide you won’t make a mistake, just read through and be sure that with the bridle you’ll buy your horse will be happy. The bridle is a term for a comfortable harness placed on the head of a horse to steer it.

These types of bridles are designed to reduce pressure on the horse’s sensitive facial parts. Anatomical bridles have been proven by science to be of great benefit to horses.

It provides improvement in the level of flexibility, comfort, and behavior of the horse. With an anatomical bridle, your horse will maintain proper and natural face movement during hiking or racing.

It gives the horse a complete physiological movement: it can lick its lips, chew, swallow, and yawn. In summary, the three elements to take into account before buying an anatomical bridle are the nose band, the headrest, and the bit.

The role of the headrest : This is the highest part of the bridle on the horse’s head. The headrest allows the whole bridle to be held (bit, nose band, upright, and forehead) on the horse’s head.

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The headrest exerts pressure on the gout of the skull and the 1st cervical of the horse. There is no perfect headrest model because each horse has different anatomy and tolerance to pressure.

However, we recommend that you do not choose an overly wide headrest; this could prevent the 1st cervical from working correctly. Through the guides (reins) held by the driver, the bit is used to dictate the speed of the horse and to direct it.

From the materials and color to the reins, paddings, size, price, and warranty, here are features to watch out for in a good anatomical bridle. In endurance, the bridles in nylon, vinyl, or synthetic material are preferred because of frequent watering on races.

Each rider has his preferences in terms of texture, thickness, and flexibility of the reins. This will help you have the best possible grip, and in fact, guarantee good contact with the horses’ mouths.

Now there are even reins designed to improve communication and protect the horse’s mouth. Finally, as you may have noticed with the products in our review of the best anatomical dressage bridles, not all models come with reins.

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The German nose band: These are to be placed under the mouthpiece to avoid pinching the commissary. The (non)presence of padding does a lot in determining if a material is an anatomical bridle or not.

Like the Flexible Fit Equestrian English Anatomical Snaffle Bridle, it is better if the padding is made of gel. The anatomical bridle can also be available in Full, VB (Cob), WB XL (Full).

The warranty coverage on the bridle varies according to brands, models, and price levels. So they must come with full assurance of quality spreading over the product’s first years.

The full warranty covers workmanship and protects against defective materials from the day of purchase. As is offered by Flexible Fit Equestrian on snaffle Anatomical EnglishBridle, choose models with minimum of two years of warranty.

The price of an anatomical bridle is generally determined by the brand, the material, production technique, and the parts featured. And also, bridles crafted by hand and with high-quality leathers and other noble or elegant materials will definitely cost more.

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The leading brands of anatomical bridles are Shockemohle, PS of Sweden, Eco Rider, and Equip. If your horse rubs or shakes its head after a ride, this may be a symptom of pressurized facial nerves.

When it rubs or shakes its head, it’s its reaction to trying to get back the feeling. But an anatomical bridle will make the difference in terms of your horse’s comfort and well-being.

Like the Editor’s Choice, it features quality leather, metal, and crystal materials. The Flexible Fit Equestrian Black Anatomical English Snaffle Bridle ‘Couture’ is our Budget Pick.

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