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Welcome to the Equine Surgery and Lameness Service at the UC Davis Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital. We offer a wide range of soft tissue and orthopedic diagnostic, surgical and other therapeutic options for horses, including lameness evaluation and diagnosis, general surgical procedures, minimally-invasive surgery, general and advanced orthopedic surgery and advanced fracture repair.

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Our surgical faculty and resident veterinarians carefully evaluate each patient before providing a diagnosis and plan for treating the problem. In addition, we use regenerative medicine techniques (stem cells, bioscaffolds, stromal vascular fraction, platelet-rich plasma and bone marrow aspirate concentrate) for treating soft tissue and orthopedic injuries and joint disease.

Lameness evaluations include a detailed physical examination and careful observation of the horse in motion. More elusive lameness problems may benefit from the use of nuclear scenography as a screening tool to narrow down their origin.

These procedures require video cameras and specialized instruments that allow very detailed examination and treatment of internal structures. Arthroscopy is used to evaluate and remove bone chips, injured cartilage and soft tissues within joints.

Laparoscopy is used to diagnose and treat problems in the abdomen and can include removal of ovaries or retained testicles, evaluation of chronic colic, and biopsy of various abdominal organs. We assess the fracture configuration and blood supply using computed tomography (CT) before selecting the best treatment methods, which include novel implants such as the locking compression plate and Amtrak® screw and regenerative medicine techniques to speed healing.

We are continually seeking new ways to improve the success rate and outcome for horses with these life-threatening injuries. The VM TH is equipped with hoists that are strong enough to lift draft horses, with hospital personnel thoroughly trained in the safe and efficient use of the Anderson Sling.

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We follow stringent procedures with regard to infectious disease control to prevent the spread of infection. Other procedures offered include the diagnosis and treatment of upper respiratory conditions, sinus disease and dental abnormalities; surgical oncology; reconstructive surgery; minimally invasive surgical techniques such as arthroscopy, laparoscopy, and laser surgery via fiber optic endoscopes; and performance testing of equine athletes.

NEVA specializes in quality general medicine, minor surgery, lameness, and acupuncture. Dr. Williamson’s practice includes Computer Radiography, High Quality Ultrasound, and Thermographic.

Dr. Williamson is an FEI (Federation Requester Internationale) licensed veterinarian in Three Day Eventing and is an IVAN certified Acupuncturist. Our swimming pool recovery system is unique to the region and complements our expertise in fracture repair.

The LSU SVM is dedicated to improving the lives of people and animals through education, research and service. Dr. Dan French is a board certified equine surgeon and official FEI veterinarian whose main interest focuses on the jumper and dressage clientele.

Dan has been the resident veterinarian at Spruce Meadows for 25 years, and oversees the breeding and training of young Hanoverian sport horse prospects at his family's stable, Trajan Farms. Vi cruder qualitative djursjukvård for alley NASTAR och less agar.

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Vi AR tillgängliga are on, cygnet runt for ATT PA pasta salt Kinney ALPA till vid alley shadow och sjukdomar. Spy Coast Farm is focused on breeding and producing top sport horses.

We have selected our stallions based on their competitive potential, character, athleticism, conformation, pedigree and fertility. At Spy Coast Farm we pride ourselves in giving our offspring the best possible care.

Carrera de Granollers a Mataró 2 (Comarca 1415 km 14) | La Rock del Valley, Barcelona, 08028 Linkmen PA Travparken i Bergen BLE started av veterinær A K Mile OG her en men hesteklinikk.

The depth of expertise found at the Lloyd Medical Center cannot be matched elsewhere in the state. My goal is to bring the highest level of veterinary specialty care, with dedication to the horse and owner, in order to optimize the outcome of each individual case.

Our mission is to offer a lifetime of thorough, compassionate care while furthering the enjoyment of all equine enthusiasts alike. Brock Veterinary Clinic is a mixed animal practice in Lames, TX.

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We treat animals of all shapes and sizes and a wide variety of both medical and surgical cases, with our greatest passion being equine medicine. Chine House is a large, mixed practice in Silent, Leicester shire which was established in 1952.

Whole Horse Veterinary Services is mobile clinic located in the Jackson MI area. Dr. Alessio Buena is a native of Brazil, and he received his Veterinary Degree (MV) in 1992 from Unrest University.

Following his internship, Dr. Buena completed a Master’s of Science (MS) degree at LSU in 1998. Additionally, he completed one year Large Animal Fellowship at Oregon State University (OSU) in 1999, and immediately after his fellowship Dr. Buena completed a three-year Equine Surgery Residency Program at University of California (UC-Davis) in 2002.

The hospital provides specialist care for all horses whether they are primary or referred cases. We offer advanced diagnostic and surgical techniques in excellent facilities and are staffed with specialists in equine surgery, internal medicine, anesthesia and ophthalmology.

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In die Link reforged Überweisungen our weitergehenden Diagnostic UND Rehandling. Weiterführende Diagnose UND Therapies zahlreicher Erkrankungen warden Dutch klinische Untersuchung, bildgebende Diagnostic, Labor Bowie Medizintechnik in her Link Moloch.

We are a purpose-built facility that offers in-house as well as ambulatory services for all companion animals. Twin Oaks has been serving the veterinary medical needs of Santa Clarita horses and large animals since 2012.

The College sustains a vibrant, diverse faculty by encouraging advancement through personal and professional development and research, creating an academic community of competent, caring, ethical professionals, where cooperative learning, public service, and scholarship can flourish. Northside Veterinary Clinic offers a unique combination of well-respected doctors that can serve your large and small animal needs.

Whether your horse is an athlete or pet, Brisbane Veterinary Services in Smithville offers comprehensive equine care and diagnostics. Our nine vet equine team is passionate about providing a wide range of top quality care for your horse.

Our expertise and extensive modern equipment enables us to provide digital radiography, gastrostomy, endoscopy, ultrasonography, advanced dentistry, surgery and much more. Of Pennsylvania School Of Veterinary Medicine (1986), and completed an internship at the Delaware Equine Center, Cochranville, PA (1988).

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The mission of the College of Veterinary Medicine is to enhance the career and life success of students, staff, faculty, and veterinary professionals through initiatives in curriculum and lifelong learning, development of leadership and entrepreneurial skills, and partnerships with the community. College programs in animal health and wellness improve animal and human health and well-being, and contribute to the economy of North Carolina and beyond through education, research (medical discovery), service, extension and engagement.

Our goal is to provide the highest quality equine medical care, and to ensure that your horses, ponies, and donkeys are well-maintained, happy, and performing at their best. In addition to this we also offer alternative therapies including acupuncture in conjunction with western medicine.

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La Clinique equine DE Live propose UN service d'actual en continue, 24h/24 ET 7j/7. Note philosophies est d'adopter LES callers protocols Clinique days l'investigation ET LE treatment DES pathologies Du coeval.

Advanced diagnostic imaging combined with innovative therapeutic treatments as Class IV laser, focused shock wave therapy, Stem cell technology, PRP, IRAQ. Marten Maeterlinck graduated from Ghent University in 2004 and has gained extensive experience in equine orthopedics and surgery at the busy department of surgery and anesthesiology of the faculty of veterinary medicine of Ghent University.

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Combining clinical work with research, Marten earned his PhD on the use of pressure plate analysis for the objective evaluation of equine locomotion in 2011... Based in the small village of Albury in Hertfordshire (near Amesbury, Bucks) we are a sole equine and completely ambulatory practice devoted to providing a transparent veterinary service, with preventative medicine at our core.

The following veterinarian has completed Equinoxes Q Basic Training: Rick Far, B.Sc.(Hons), B.V. Sc, MR CVS Dr. David Miller is an equine veterinarian practicing general wellness care, sports-medicine, diagnosis and treatment of lameness and performance-limiting issues, acupuncture and osteopathy (spinal and limb manipulative therapy).

Providing the Best Medical Care, with Cutting Edge Lameness Diagnostics, and World Leading Soundness Therapeutics to Great Patients in Central Alberta. NAE His located in the heart of North Alabama exclusively treating equine patients.

Our convenient location allows easy access for clients in North Alabama and Southern Tennessee. In addition to our hospital facility, our ambulatory vehicles provide on site farm care.

Utilizing innovative veterinary services, our goal is to keep your horse healthy and happy while extending their performance career. Established in 1995 as Surgical Center for Horses, Brandon Equine Medical Center is the only practice of its kind serving the divinities of Florida counties: Hillsborough, Pasco, Pinellas, Hernando, Sumter, Citrus, Sarasota, Charlotte and Manatee.

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The experienced and friendly team at the Companion Animal Hospital provides top-quality veterinary care for all types of small pets. Maclaren Hästklinik AB is one of Sweden's leading horse clinics in orthopedics, surgery and medicine.

Our ambition is to provide every horse and owner with the best quality care at all levels. The Equine Practice work throughout Hertfordshire and neighboring counties, aiming to care for your horse, as far as possible, in their home environment, carrying out most of our services during visits to your yard and stables.

Founded in 2000, Summit Equine Hospital strives to provide your horse with the most caring and professional treatment 24/7. We’re located in the heart of Apex and aim to provide great quality service at a fair price.

We provide a range of holistic and traditional treatment options, all individually tailored to your companion’s needs. For over 30 years, Bur wash Equine Services Ltd. has devoted its veterinary practice exclusively to “the horse”.

Dr. Dana Bridges Westerman has spent her entire life devoted to helping animals. A native of Portland, Oregon, she decided at the age of ten to become a veterinarian when her horse was diagnosed with cancer.

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From that point forward she pursued her goal with determination, culminating in her graduation from Purdue University School of Veterinary Medicine in 1991. We have board certified Veterinary Specialists in Internal Medicine, Surgery, and Theriogenology (reproduction).

We collaborate with skilled workers, physiotherapists, rehabilitation centers to find a full-time solution for you and your horse. We are located in Xenia, OH, and offer veterinary care in a comfortable and unique environment.

Based on the attitudes of the Old West, we provide top quality care in a quiet, relaxed and peaceful setting. Tufts Ambulatory Service is a ten doctor large animal clinic and three of our veterinarians are board-certified in various specialties.

We practice on all large animal species including dairy herds, cattle, equine, small ruminants, came lids and pigs. Sundas Veterinary Hospital was originally started by Dr Terry Headstone in 1976 as one of the earliest small animal practices in the area, the first building was opposite Ryanair station.

The Equine Hospital at the University of Tennessee Veterinary Medical Center (UT VMC) provides both hospital-based and on-farm patient care and client services. The hospital offers primary care to local clientele and serves as the referral center for veterinarians throughout Tennessee and the surrounding region of the United States for complex medical, surgical, and lameness problems as well as patient rehabilitation.

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Hospitalized patients receive around-the-clock monitoring and care by a team of board-certified specialists, experienced residents, licensed technicians, and 4th-year veterinary students. If you live in Omaha, Lincoln, Council Bluffs, or surrounding areas in Nebraska or Iowa, then you have picked the perfect site to find a veterinarian for your horse.

Mike Black, Kim Con over, and Michael Thomas sen are licensed veterinarians, specializing in equine medicine. Your animal's health and well-being is very important to us, and we will take every step to give your horse, donkey, or mule the best possible care.

ETT av DE classism Svenja stuterierna med MER an 60 as framgångsrik verksamhet. We pride ourselves on providing a professional, caring and supportive veterinary service for our clients and their horses.

Furlong & Associates strives to provide a multi-dimensional approach to equine veterinary medicine in order to satisfy every client. Our veterinarians and staff provide these services in a professional and ethical manner, working as a team to ensure that the specialties and strengths of each vet are utilized and maximized.

Dr. Furlong and the rest of the staff are always looking towards new and progressive advances in veterinary medicine that will allow the practice to continue offering these world-class levels of services to every client and patient. Stores 2 smådyrshospitaler i Inner OG Hammer her indebted, SA DE Kan vantage be handling AF DE fleet livelier hos hand OG Kat.

Vi lægger vægt PA story aligned, seriøsitet OG oms org, horror efteruddannelse hos save dyrlæger some sygeplejersker priorities hit. Our team of dedicated and experienced equine only veterinary surgeons provide 24-hour care for horses, ponies and donkeys in Northumberland and beyond.

We strive for excellence in clinical practice, use state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment, and are committed to the ongoing education of vets, nurses, reception staff, students and clients. Ragland, Franklin and Broken DVD's, Inc. is dedicated solely to the care and treatment of the thoroughbred racehorse.

Serving the racing community since 1946, TFB Equine now offers our professional services in Florida, the Mid-Atlantic region, New York, and Kentucky. From top-level performance horses to the biggest of family pets, we offer the highest level veterinary services.

A referral center for horses requiring specialist medical and surgical care- the clinic facility offers a wide range of services including surgery, internal medicine, advanced diagnostic imaging, lameness diagnostics and farrier consultation. Referrals are seen from all around South Africa and neighboring countries as well as consulting internationally.

We are a full service ambulatory practice serving Vancouver's Lower Mainland. Damascus Equine Associates offers a wide range of both ambulatory and in-clinic veterinary services in central Maryland.

We are dedicated to providing high quality comprehensive care, with the long-term health and well-being of your horse as our primary mission. Gerund ALS Frankenstein fur die Olympischen Spiel in Munches, warden in her Link sat 1972 jewels social newest ALS such beware Untersuchungs- UND Behandlungsmethoden eingesetzt.

Fuller Equine Veterinary Practice, based in Braintree, Essex, United Kingdom, specializes in ambulatory practice, offering a 24-hour emergency service and can provide an extensive range of medical treatments. Horses hauling into the clinic have the advantage of being evaluated on a variety of surfaces and utilizing an indoor arena and aisle in inclement weather.

The field of Equine lameness and podiatry is exciting and constantly evolving at an extremely fast pace. Currently, there are less than ten practitioners in the world who are both a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine and a Certified Journeyman Farrier.

An equine practice requires a veterinarian to listen carefully to clients and address patients as unique individuals. The information and concerns provided by our clients is taken to heart in our approach to equine healthcare.

Our practice will always put forth our best in treating our patients and assisting clients in making educated decisions about current diagnostics and therapies. Jose Manuel Romero DVD is a challenge-enthusiast, equine practitioner with more than 25 years of experience on poor performance evaluations, imaging and lameness diagnosis and treatment on sport horses.

Fully mobile, all examinations can be performed on your own premises, including lameness workups, minor surgery, and treatments. Dr. Ansoleaga graduated from University Austral de Chile (2009, with honors), completed an equine internship and spent two years in private practice in Concepción racecourse in Chile, and then completed an extended surgery internship at Haggard Equine Medical Center (Lexington, KY).

Since 2014, he is a Assistant Professor of equine surgery at his alma mater, and runs a private practice in Chile. Dr Jonathan Allen was born in Massachusetts and attended the University of the Philippines College of Veterinary Medicine and complex his junior clinical rotations at the University of Melbourne College of Veterinary Medicine and his senior clinical rotations at the University of Sydney College of Veterinary Medicine.

The University of Florida College of Veterinary Medicine is respected nationally and internationally for its ongoing and well established commitment to animal, human and environmental health. Harshly Hestepraksis her en AF Dan marks state specialiserede veterinærklinikker index for hestesygdomme.

The market's most modern equipment, 24/7 service at regular prices, flexible opening hours, consultation every second Saturday morning and an outdated horse clinic with the latest new equipment in the digital rifle, ultrasound and airway endoscopy are some benefits of customers at Cavity Equestrian benefits from. At, Southern California Equine Hospital, we understand that the relationship between a person and their horse is extremely special.

At Local Equine Hospital, we understand that, and offer a full surgical and medical facility that provides cutting edge and progressive technologies for diagnosis and treatment in any situation. Performance Equine Vets is a full service Veterinary Hospital located in beautiful Aiken, South Carolina.

Founded by Dr. Sabrina Jacobs in 2004, the clinic has grown rapidly and now encompasses over 50 acres. Mill brook Equine Veterinary Clinic is committed to providing personalized care and accessible service to horses and their owners in the Hudson Valley and surrounding region.

Our exclusively equine practice includes five doctors with varying interests and areas of expertise. We promote research at the molecular, cellular, organismal, and population levels to better inform the practice of medicine, public health, and policy.

We offer digital radiography, reproductive services, dentistry, internal medicine, surgery and after hours emergencies. Our Equine Center comprises our local, friendly Equine Practice visiting our local livery yards, studs and individual owners and our state-of-the-art Referral Hospital providing specialist care for horses from all over the South West.

Husky Hästklinik drive av earn hästveterinärer some tillsammans heir over 60 as erfarenhet. Tillsammans med vary duties veterinärassistenter SER vi till ATT din hast far pasta Molina hard.

We are a progressive, full service equine veterinary practice serving Knoxville, Tandridge, White Pine, Jefferson City, Centerville, Morristown, Rutledge, Newport, and surrounding counties (more detailed area description at bottom of page). Bridle wood Equine was founded by the 2 present partners and veterinarians, Dr. Jon Noella and Dr. Wesley Johnson in 1995 here in Tandridge Tennessee.

Our goal is to prevent injuries in our equine partners through regular monitoring using the latest technologies, routine examinations by skilled veterinarians and integrative modalities to improve comfort and physical fitness. We are the elite mobile horse veterinarians servicing the greater Raleigh Durham Triangle area including Apex, Cary, Chapel Hill, Clayton, Fuqua-Varina, Holly Springs, Pittsburgh, Sanford, Smithfield, Wake Forest, and more.

We cover all aspects of equine health from routine vaccinations to emergency services. We are long-established and have a dedicated team of veterinary surgeons, nurses and support staff who provide quality professional care for all your animals.

The Charles Start University Equine Center is an outstanding facility for horse-loving students and members of the regional community. Min beys AR Orange, Finns even tillgänglig PA Djurkliniken i Attack are tors dag och Iranian manage same PA Balsa rids kola 1 × i managed for at ta emit NASTAR.

All tidsbokning skier via telephone/SMS, mail elder kontaktformuläret had PA Sudan. Our practice is located in Oberlin (BL), only a few kilometers from Basel and the border with Germany and France.

A special feature of the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine is the service sector in the clinics and para clinical institutes, which are an important basis for the practical training of the students and young academics. In addition to a comprehensive first opinion service, we have a fully equipped surgical facility for all levels of referrals.

Palmetto Equine Clinic is a full service equine lameness and diagnostic imaging facility that has been serving the veterinary medical needs of Camden horses for over 14 years. Colts Neck Equine Associates is a five doctor ambulatory practice catering to the needs of our clients in Monmouth, Ocean and Middlesex Counties.

Established in 1978 the practice was taken over in 2008 by Ben Chillers and Duncan Harrison, and now comprises a team of four dedicated equine veterinary surgeons. We have a team of highly experienced and knowledgeable equine vets at Kenny, and we offer a wide variety of services for equine clients as well as a 24-hour emergency service, with one of the practice’s vets, 365 days a year.

Steve is originally from Sydney, a small town in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. After PRE- vet studies at the Nova Scotia Agricultural College in Tour, he attended the Atlantic Veterinary College in Charlottetown, graduating with Honors in 1995, and has since been working in large animal veterinary practice in Abbotsford, British Columbia.

As co-founder of Ag west Veterinary Group Ltd. in 2004, he has overseen expansion of sports medicine services while the practice has grown from 2 vets to 7 veterinarians in 2 locations. Lecturing, guest speaking, and continuing education balance out clinical practice life and family outdoor activities that beautiful BC provides.

Located in the foothills of the Sierra Nevada in Peter, Pacific Crest is a progressive equine veterinary practice serving California’s Central San Joaquin Valley. Our PCE Field Services offers clients the highest available care in the region at the convenience of their home or ranch with reduced farm call days to the Tulane, Kings and Fresno counties.

Veterinary Medicine: It is one of the real places in our society that you can take art and beauty and biomechanics and functionality and hard science and make it work better. It's a neat “seam” of all those things put together...and that is what makes working on horses such an interesting and enjoyable profession.

We have clients as diverse as racing yards, top level dressage riders, riding schools and family ponies. Modern purpose built equine breeding and veterinary center located at Quirinal on the Liverpool Plains in New South Wales.

Quickly is in the center of the largest equine region in Australia, bordered by Tamworth to the North and Scone to the South. Comprehensive horse care practice, located in Clarke County, just outside Perryville at 1236 Nimble Rd., one mile off Rt.

We are available to serve the entire northern Shenandoah Valley region and the outlying areas of Washington, DC. Located on the beautiful Central Coast of California in San Luis Obispo County at 4850 Davenport Creek Road, San Luis Obispo, CA 93401; The Equine Center has been helping the Horse Community since 1985.

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We are a community of scholars committed to graduating highly skilled primary care veterinarians; to leading the nation in basic and applied biomedical research; and to providing the best veterinary services to our clients. We employ over 25 members of staff enabling us to provide full orthopedic, soft tissue, gastrointestinal and medicine consultations.

Established in 2000 and situated in rural North Hertfordshire, Terrell Equine Clinic has grown to provide first opinion and referral veterinary care for horses in Hertfordshire, Cambridge shire, Bedfordshire, West Essex and Suffolk. Ever since Mark Case was a little boy, he and his family have had a love of racing and training horses.

Our clients range from many individual leisure horse owners and pony club members, through to serious competition riders, racing stables and international renown studs. 2004-ben result megalapításra Avon CEL Everest érdekében, holy Carteret biztosítson AZ Észak-magyarországi Region Slovakia kapcsolatos állategészségügyi, innovation ES kutatás-fejlesztési tevékenységekhez, a gyógyító tevékenység gyakorlásában a legmagasabb színvonalat nuts, a legions Sakai tapasztalatot megszerezze.

The practice was only ambulatory at the start, but soon grew to need premises and our purpose built clinic was opened in June 2007. The practice has grown to employ over 12 people in a mixture of part-time and full-time roles and provides a valuable and unique service to horse owners and the equestrian community of the Highlands.

CLAH is an Equine Surgery, Sports Medicine (LAMENESS), Rehabilitation & Podiatry Center that also provides General Healthcare and Emergency Services. Our state-of-the-art facility in Ravenna, Ohio is available Monday-Saturday for patients to haul-in by appointment to see one of our veterinarians.

We provide quality care in a clinic atmosphere to assess your horse and can give treatment on the spot. UPI offers a wide range of programs and degrees to more than 4,300 undergraduate, graduate and doctoral students from around the world.

Hos HS Hestepraksis far Du rad, recleaning OG be handling, given AF earned hestedyrlæger med story interest for Hesse, riding OG opdræt. Det her din tryghedsgaranti, for at dine Dr far den best be handling.

North Rand Animal Clinic provides both an inpatient and equine ambulatory service. At Sonoma Equine, we have invested in some of the most current, high-tech, and portable lameness diagnostic and treatment devices.

We provide you sophisticated advice and treatment to achieve the ultimate health, well-being and performance from your animal. It has grown from offering ambulatory services to our equine community to becoming a state-of-the-art, full-service medical, reproductive and surgical referral center for western Canada.

The following veterinarian(s) have completed Equinoxes Q Basic Training: Ryan Shoemaker, MVE TSC., DIPLOMAT ACTS (SURGERY) The hospital was completed in 2012 at 130 Hughes Road in Whiteboard, Texas, and the facilities were expanded in 2016 to include a state of the art sports medicine center.

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