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Ava Flores
• Wednesday, 28 October, 2020
• 9 min read

Ensure your horse remains warm and dry during the coldest months of the year with our selection of some of the best heavyweight turnout rugs on the market Also, there is side gusset for natural movement, elasticated, adjustable and removable leg straps for a secure and comfortable fit.

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With a rip stop outer layer, it fastens under the neck with strong double-sided touch and close straps. This warm turnout represents excellent value, with a robust 1200 denier waterproof and breathable rip stop outer, nylon anti-rub lining and 350g insulation layer.

Features include shoulder pleats for freedom of movement, adjustable quick release front fastenings, low cross surcingles, adjustable leg straps, reflective piping and a pleated tail flap to keep out the winter chills. This popular turnout has a smart, Teflon-coated, 1200 denier rip stop polyester outer shell, plus a warm 350g insulation layer and an anti-rub nylon lining.

Waterproof and breathable, the rug gives total protection from the elements even when grazing thanks to the extra long integral neck cover, which is gusseted at the wither for freedom of movement. Other design features include shoulder pleats, cross surcingles, removable leg straps, quick release adjustable front fastenings, a generous pleated tail flap with reflective strip and reflective piping on the binding.

This rug is ideal for the colder weather and comes complete with a removable shaped neck cover for superb warmth and comfort with a 340g filling. The Lucas power turnout has a ballistic nylon outer, is waterproof, breathable and has a heat reflective inner aluminum coating.

The elasticated cross surcingles create an improved fit with V-Front closure system removing the pressure off the horses shoulder and chest area allowing for more comfort when grazing. Horseandhound.co.UK is the home of expert buyers guides covering all things equestrian, from clippers to rugs, riding boots to safety hats.

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Manufacturers are constantly innovating and introducing new features to their best lightweight turnout rugs, such as shaped padding to protect the withers and new designs of shoulder gusset to allow additional freedom of movement. Fastenings are important because there’s nothing more annoying that having to find a spare buckle or replace your leg straps with a fillet string made of baler twine.

It also has a number of technical features, including the strong 1680D outer and a shaped, detachable neck with fleece poll pad and storm flap. This Derby House rug scored 9/10 as part of our independent testing scheme, and it was awarded H&H Approved status.

This high-neck turnout is described as waterproof and breathable, and is made of tear-resistant 1260D ripstopmaterial in a classic checked look, with leather-look piping and embossed imitation leather badges. Bringing the best in technical soft shell materials to the Rambo range, this turnout offers a waterproof and breathable top section, polyester mesh sides and a 600D drip strip.

The waterproof and breathable soft shell top section is designed to prevent your horse from getting wet during summer showers, while the 100g liner keeps the chill off as temperatures drop overnight. It is designed to relieve wither pressure and the polyester mesh sides allow maximum breathability and airflow to keep your horse from overheating on hotter days, while elasticated cross surcingles offer improved fit and a V-front closure system to remove pressure from the shoulder and chest area.

It has a shoulder gusset allowing for freedom of movement as well as twin front fastenings, adjustable belly straps and fillet string. The detachable neck piece features a generous overlap, which prevents leaking and helps to maximize use indifferent weather conditions.

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The chest fastening is a twin D-ring attachment for convenience, with a handy Velcro flap to secure the rug in place. It also has a large pleated tail guard with reflective stripe, a fixed neck cover and strengthened surcingle guides.

Additional key features include 600D rip stop fabric, a waterproof and breathable outer with taped seams, and an integrated contour neck cover. This turnout is designed for the changeable weather, featuring a waterproof and breathable, 600D rip stop outer with taped seams, 50g filling and full lining.

One of our more basic options, the 300g filling just puts this rug in the heavyweight category, making it the ideal choice for a horse who is active throughout the winter but who needs something to keep him warm during the colder nights. With a similar price to the Shires Highlander model, this rug is particularly popular with horses kept outdoors all year long, as its 1000 denier outer material rating protects it against even the toughest of thorns, barbed wire fences, and scratches.

A waterproof nylon coating makes this rug easy to wash down and able to easily deflect adverse weather conditions, while the pleat around the neck and shoulders provides an extra touch to help prevent rubbing on the skin as your horse moves his head. Buyers tend to love the elasticated detachable leg straps which fit all shapes and help prevent this turnout rug from slipping out of place during use, and it is also worth noting that the front fastening comes with a double buckle for extra cover and a fixed neck.

This filling is generally made from a polyester fluff which is stuffed in small pockets of air to create a finish texture which is akin to a sleeping bag or a warm puffy jacket. The combination of fluff and air helps retain your horse’s body heat, keeping them snug even during the coldest nights.

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Here we round a selection up by taking into consideration value, quality, cost and fittings. Lucas Atlantic Heavyweight Turnout 400g fill rug with ballistic nylon outer.

The adjustable quick-release front closures are ideal for nervous horses, making it easy to take off quickly should the need occur. Reflective strips to the front with good sizes shoulder gussets.

Rug design has come a long way from the days of the simple canvas New Zealand, but this does mean that choosing an outdoor model from the many variations on the market can be little overwhelming. In simple terms, lightweight is sufficient for spring or autumn, while medium and heavyweight are more suited to the British winter and the colder months either side of it.

It’s also worth considering the quality of the materials and the overall design and construction of the rug, however, as it’s the complete package that counts where warmth is concerned. There’s no easy answer to this one, as his type, age, weight, workload and general health will all affect his ability to bear the cold.

Some rugs feature detachable layers or quilts as a solution to changing seasons and conditions, allowing you the flexibility to add or remove insulation as necessary. A turnout rug needs a tough outer shell, able to withstand not just the elements but also hazards ranging from other horses’ teeth to bramble bushes.

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Although a high denier count does not indicate a rug’s waterproof qualities, a tightly woven fabric does tend to repel water (and wind) more efficiently. The rug’s waterproof qualities come from the treatment of its outer material, so look for modern finishes and barrier technologies designed to keep the wet out.

Incessant rain may eventually penetrate even a quality rug, most probably through any seams and openings, so opt for a seamless model to minimize this or invest in a spare. Unless you want your horse to be wrapped in the equivalent of a sweaty plastic bag, pay attention to the rug’s ability to allow perspiration to evaporate.

Modern turnouts are designed to cocoon a horse in an envelope of warmth, with many offering a choice of shapes to cover the extremities. An added advantage of full neck cover is a cleaner horse, but downsides include the possibility of a rubbed mane and the fact that you can’t remove this extra insulation during a warm spell.

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