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Daniel Brown
• Friday, 11 December, 2020
• 7 min read

The ELO rating system originates from chess and variations are now used across many sports. “Our leading data guru at Equating, Sean Murray, has taken the ELO rating system and re-designed it for our sport,” explains Equating co-founder Diamond Byrne in an article on the company’s website.

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“As we have found over the past few years, eventing is pretty complex to code for. The full methodology behind the eventing ELO is complicated, but to summarize, horses enter the system with 1500 points.

“You don’t lose all your points in one go, but the changes occur gradually as you compete more,” explains Diamond. Winning some four-star shorts might entail beating a handful of first-timers, while winning Aachen, the same level of competition on paper, is likely to mean that a horse has beaten five-star winners and world medalists.

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We include the ad copy provided; click the links for videos, pricing and contact information. R Blue Moon is a superb choice for crossing on your Thoroughbred, Sport Horse and Pony Mares to produce for the Mid to Upper Level.

Art is a proven Sport Horse Sire, himself having competed successfully at 2* Eventing and 4th level dressage. Royal Palm Farm has numerous stallions available to produce your next eventing prospect.

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The Elite Takeover stallion Stiletto *Pg×E* who earned his elite status through performance (Grand Prix dressage, CCI** evener) and the performance of his offspring like CCI*** competitor Copycat Chloe. The Grand Prix show jumper Class 1 RID stallion Crystal Crest.

Performance Silver earning Takeover stallion Tatendrang *PS* as well as the intermediate level events Inamorata *Pb×, Uncannier, and Cardinal. Also standing the Performance Bronze earning stallion Apollo Sun *Pb* competing at fourth level dressage, Hi life and Heroic Measures.

Horses for sale from yearling prospects to upper level competitors in Eventing and Dressage. Listings included in this article are randomly selected and confirmed to be current and active before inclusion.

Sport Horse Nation features user-generated content and therefore cannot verify or make any warranty as to the validity or reliability of information. You may have seen my post So you want to breed your mare which explains what you should consider before choosing a stallion.

All the stallions I have chosen are based on my personal preferences and what I look for in an event horse. If you are thinking about breeding your mare, please consider what needs improving in her, rather than just choosing a ‘pretty’ stallion.

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Takeover/TB 16.2h Although he is an unproven stallion, (no offspring) he has a very good pedigree and his father, Grafenstolz, is a favorite of mine. Being a thoroughbred, he naturally has the speed and stamina required for eventing, but he also has the movement and scope for dressage and jumping.

He has produced offspring for BE, BD and BSA, many scoring first or higher first premiums at futurity. His sire produced Olympic events such as Opposition Buzz.

Southwest of Fort Worth, Texas between Benbrook and Cress on. Star T Ranch is a full care horse boarding facility that offers horse boarding, riding lessons, and training.

We offer both English and Western riding lessons, specializing in eventing, dressage, show jumping and natural horsemanship. Our goal is to provide the best quality, care and service for you and your horse with excellence in safety and education.

Hereabout UsBoardingLessons/Training SaleNewsTeam Star T ScheduleHorsesContact Testimonials Anyone feeling sick needs to stay home and cancel the lesson.

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He is perfect for me, he's got a lovely sense of humor and a great personality. The level of physical accomplishments he has attained is not exclusive to El Br ego de Oro.

There are many, many draft horses out there that can do the exact same work, with the same level of talent. Come on, the majority of “riding” draft horses are less than 1700 lbs.

Jumping a 1400 lb horse on 8" wide feet with 11" diameter canon bones, or jumping a 1300lb, 18h Westphalia on 5" wide feet with 9" canon bones. Remove the mention of “Draft Horse” and just talk about physics and things don't look so biased.

Yet, these same people are saying it is cruel to jump a draft horse! I can tell you my horse doesn't require hock injections at age 7....which is more than I can say for some of these warm bloods...

I can't believe her suspension and balance, at four she has a look that would make most sport horse breeders wet their pants. So the secret to my “success” is not buying a perfectly bred “sport” draft, it is really loving the horse I have and wanting him to be the best he can be, for his own longevity.

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If you bought it off the shelf, unless it is marketed for drafts or supervises, it will not fit. Poor saddle fit problems (see above), coupled with a rapidly growing, ungainly horse meant a lot of things didn't work like they should.

I think all horses should be screened once a year by a reputable chiropractor. They are big, easy keepers, so they get very little feed in general and of dubious quality, because, you know, they are just draft horses.

He works five days a week, and he needs calories to perform. Nutrient dense, quality feeds, in the appropriate amounts give him the energy he needs.

Knock on wood, but I have not missed a single riding day in 2+ years due to unsoundness. His big feet flatten out and absorb his weight on landing.

I know that some horses cannot go barefoot, but I believe that many types of shoeing have the side effect of keeping the hoof too rigid on impact, which can then cause problems. I have never put shoes on him to test this theory because he doesn't need them, but I believe it is a factor for the big guys.

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But he's just a gelding with a reputation for bucking I pulled out of someone's backyard for $1700 (back when the horse market was strong, those were meat prices!). I make a point of encouraging all draft owners to start a blog and promote the wonderful athleticism of these horses.

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