Best Firefighter Turnout Gear

David Lawrence
• Saturday, 05 December, 2020
• 7 min read

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If you have an account with us please enter your username and password below, and we'll log you in! Ask any firefighter to empty the pockets on their turnoutgear, and it's likely you'll have enough inventory to stock a small hardware store.

Turnout gear (also known as bunker gear) is the durable, fire-resistant clothing worn by firefighters while responding to fires. It is arguably the most vital part of firefighting equipment, as turnout gear is the last barrier between a first responder and danger.

The goal of turnout gear is to allow mobility and comfort while protecting the wearer from moisture, chemicals, thermal extremes, and other dangerous hazards. This typically includes stocking various options and/or developing and manufacturing custom products to address the needs of certain protocols/procedures.

They will also provide connection points for equipment, ease of use features, and more to ensure firefighters have everything they need to do their job. They serve the USA, Europe, Asia, South America, and many more countries with turnout gear, coveralls, disposable suits, fabric, and more.

Tecate combines textiles with chemical process technology to produce functional materials and clothing for personal protection, defense, infrastructure, and sports/leisure applications. Their fabrics division provides first responder gear such as outer shells, thermal liners, station-wear, wildfire clothing, turnout gear, and much more.

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Honeywell First Responder Products is the first responder division of the acclaimed Honeywell brand and provides structural turnout gear, harness systems, proximity gear, EMS gear, helmets, boots, gloves, hoods, respirators, and more. Their turnout gear is designed to reduce heat stress, block particulate contamination, and remain comfortable in the hottest of situations, and is widely used throughout America and beyond.

Gore Associates, Inc of Elton, MD is a manufacturer of home, defense, fire, law enforcement, workwear, and other safety fabric products. They also own famous brands such as GORE-TEX, PAULINE, CHEM PAK, PARALLEL, and more, and sell their fabrics to numerous other manufacturers.

Pound-for-pound, PBI provides the highest level of heat resistance and does not compromise flexibility or weight, allowing it to be a front-runner in turnout gear technology. Along with their turnout gear selection, Quaker Safety also provides an extensive range of repair services for its products.

Lakeland Industries is a worldwide manufacturer of advanced protective clothing for disposable, chemical, fire, electrical, extreme heat, Rainier, clean room, high visibility, and general use applications. Their ergonomic Stealth turnout gear increases range of motion while still providing ample features, and they also make traditional and proximity outfits fit for extreme-heat applications.

They are known well for their arc resistant clothing, alongside high visibility, turnout gear, and other PPE products. Their turnout gear conforms to international standards and is used in 110+ countries to protect firefighters with over 3500 different models offered.

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Alongside turnout gear and rescue clothing, Protect supplies military, chemical, electrical, metallurgical, and manufacturing products to global partners. Personal protective equipment (PPE) is routinely inspected and serviced because proper care assures accurate performance, longevity, and most importantly the personnel’s safety.

When it comes to the Hook and Loop closures on turnout gear or PPE, frequent replacement repairs are due to failures from continuous use each and every day. Halo has worked closely over the years with the OEM’s (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and many verified ISP’s (Independent Service Providers) to develop an FR (Flame Retardant) Hook and Loop closure system that is robust enough to withstand the rigorous demands but also exhibit a much longer lifecycle.

Whether its turnout coats, pants, helmets, footwear, or gloves, Hook and Loop Fasteners continue to be a reliable solution for many reclosable applications. Firefighter Bunker Coat made by Globe Size: Labeled as a Small with 40 length This item complies with 1971 NFPA standards.

Fireman/ FirefighterTurnoutGear Set Included Pair Of Gloves”firefighter” Top of Hand Glove Side Inside Tag Marked: The Glove Corporation P.O. IN 46001 U.S.A.(800)346-4253 Model: ELK FF Size: L Bladder: PROTECT Date: 11/02 Lot# 103002 Pair of Boots Serves Fire breaker II Made In USA Men 8 1/2 Narrow Made with Rubber/Kevlar-Nomex Fleece Marked on Bottom Vibrant”GRID” written across the front Serial#S1483M007690 Helmet Inside Tag Marked: Lion Apparel Safety Equipment Institute Size: 6.5 to 8.75 Materials: Shell: Fiberglass composite Liner: Expanded Polypropylene Foam Handwritten on Tag: 10-22-01 LFH3710 R Under Back Lip of Helmet is a Small Taped Stripe of Paper that says”Saint Paul.

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