Best Fly Sheets For Draft Horses

Bob Roberts
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 10 min read

Because horses love to spend time outside the barns, they often get exposed to flies and other insects. Besides distracting them, these insects can also cause diseases and skin conditions like sweet itch.

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These will give your horses the protection they need while allowing them to roam and exercise in their environment. The fly sheet should fit your horse snugly because a loose one defeats the whole purpose.

A fly sheet that’s too big will only hang loose and cause discomfort for your horse; not to mention easily get destroyed. Measuring your horse is a good way to make sure the sheet fits.

There is a spectrum of fabric to choose from when getting a fly sheet for your horse. On the other side of the spectrum are sheets that are rigid and seem like they create a bubble of protection.

The thicker, bulkier alternatives are obviously more durable, but they trade comfort for longevity. The color of the fly sheet you buy can also give you an added bonus when it comes to protection from the sun.

Lighter colors reflect sun rays away from your horse in addition to keeping flies away. Darker colors, on the other hand, absorb heat and may be more suited to cold weather.

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This sheet comes with three straps that hold it on the horse and these ensure a snugly tight fit, even if it’s not exactly the right size. If you put together the cost of the materials it takes to actually assemble a fly sheet this big, coupled with the benefits your horse will get, it’s a real bargain.

This fly sheet is created by a manufacturer of multiple horse accessories, from riding clothes to equestrian supplies. The best part is that it fits snugly Ono the body of most horses because of its adjustable straps.

However, its UV protection features more than makes up for this limited range of choices. They did so by throwing their picnic blanket over the beast, and their fly sheet brand was born.

The newer models of sheets have much more benefits than just protecting your horse from the rain, although that’s certainly part of it. What’s more, is that it offers a full range of protection, covering your horse all the way from the neck to the body.

The tougher sport mesh has a different kind of strap from the other fly sheet on this list. It’s also a blend of comfort and durability, which is surprising because lighter materials are usually more prone to damage.

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The company, professional’s choice, is responsible for manufacturing this premium fly sheet for horses. It has a soft inner lining that’s designed to interact well with your horse’s skin and give maximum comfort.

Speaking of summer use, the material is stain-resistant, which means that you have one less thing to worry about during cleaning. With minimalist straps, this fly sheet has a simple and easy to apply structure.

This fly sheet is incredibly comfortable to wear for horses, and it offers breathability and UV protection. It is made of high quality and durable material that’s both breathable and protective.

The high-quality means that you can forget about having any problems relating to tears or damage with this fly sheet. It has a plain design that might fool you into thinking it’s not capable of adequate fly protection.

It is made of incredibly durable material that will last for a long time, regardless of how active your horse is. The amigo evolution fly sheet is also very breathable, which is counterintuitive if you consider that it covers the whole body.

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If the right size is obtained, it fits well over the horse, and you can use the straps to secure it in place. The gray and coral colors make sure that it reflects heat away, keeping your horse cool.

This fly sheet trades usability for aesthetics because it doesn’t have much in the way of visual appeal. Even though it’s not as expensive as the others, the zebra print makes it look like a top-quality premium grade sheet.

The only problem you might have with these boots is that they only come in pairs, so you’ll have to buy two to get full protection for your horse. Every item on this list will get you what you need in terms of basic protection from pesky flying insects.

Prices and images pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: A flysheet is a protective covering that prevents bugs from landing on and biting your horse.

If your horse is pretty crazy in the paddock, you might be interested in a heavier, more durable sheet. A crucial part to remember when purchasing a fly sheet for your horse is to get the correct size.

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The largest factors to consider when investing in a fly sheet is material and durability. Luckily, there are plenty of items you can find to help protect the rest of your horse.

Because this sheet is lightweight, it could potentially tear if your horse gets rowdy in the paddock. I would recommend this fly sheet for a horse that is careful in the pasture but also needs extra protection.

The Kensington Platinum Refit Fly Sheet offers so much in a cute package! This sheet also has UV protection, which is great to prevent sun bleaching and sunburns.

It comes with a neck cover and has extra fabric to protect your horse’s belly. The mesh on this sheet is fairly thin and could tear in a short period of time.

Has UV protection, will help prevent sunburn and bleaching Extra coverage in belly area Neck cover included Breathable and lightweight The lightweight, fine mesh with high tensile strength makes it suitable for turnout in the spring and summer.

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The Weatherbeeta Comfits Rip shield Flysheet is great if you are willing to pay a hefty price. This fly sheet is incredibly durable, however, it might cause your horse to sweat if you reside in a hot climate.

This sheet also offers no UV protection, so it is not suggested if you worry about the sun on your horse. I would recommend this sheet to someone who is purely focused on preventing flies and is not super concerned about the sun.

Prices pulled from the Amazon Product Advertising API on: The Saxon Mesh Fly Sheet is a cute and comfortable option for your horse.

No UV protection Not breathable, may cause sweating Somewhat expensive compared to similar sheets It has every important factor included such as UV protection, neck, tail, and belly cover, and water-resistant all in a colorful package.

This fly is extra durable, however, due to the thick fabric, it is not incredibly breathable. I would recommend this sheet to someone who is focused on the utmost protection of their horse.

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Error: Unknown Link Type This sheet is breathable and lightweight with strong mesh to ensure durability. View On Amazon Though there are many options that are great to consider when investing in a fly sheet.

If you choose a reliable fly sheet then it should keep the bugs of your horse! If you are concerned about your horse’s temperature I would recommend a lightweight, lightly colored fly sheet.

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