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On the menu, you’ll find regional specialties like fry bread (warm fluffy dough that’s been deep-fried and drizzled with anything from honey to maple butter to cinnamon sugar) and a modern take on autumn, often known as Eskimo ice cream. Go for the Mustache, a chewy pretzel drizzled with salted caramel and chopped nuts, and make sure you take a silly selfie worthy of one of these famous foodie Instagram accounts.

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Made with 10% butterfat for an extra creamy cone, you can order their soft-serve ice cream in a variety of unique flavors from sweet to salty to spicy. If you have a sweet tooth, sink it into the s’mores’with, a treat with marshmallow, Nutella, Bi scoff and chocolate syrup between two fluffy sourdough slices.

The humble sandwich is taken to a new level at Hey PBA where they make their own jams and nut butters. We’re craving the Boss Hog spread with pecan peanut butter and bacon jam and topped with pulled pork and crushed potato chips.

The hand-cut fries are served with your choice of unique sauces for dipping, from curry ketchup to “awesome sauce” (a blend of chipotle barbecue and mango mayonnaise). Tacoreho/Instagram Run by chef Billy Lucas who has cooked for celebs like Lady Gaga, the Red Hot Chili Peppers, Michael Bible and more, this Mexican food truck is home to some of the tastiest tacos you’ll ever eat.

Pair a taco stuffed with chipotle-braised chicken and quest fresco with a refreshing lime margarita. BEM BOM, which literally means “good.” The fiery piri-piri chicken PRESO sandwich or the Running Duck tacos (duck comfit, Thai basil, slaw and orange dust) should fill you up, but if you’re craving something sweet afterward, whip up this Portuguese dessert.

We’re impressed by everything from the classics like salmon and tuna to his signatures like the Caterpillar, which is full of eel, avocado, cucumber and cream cheese. Kellerandkellerlaw/Instagram With ingredients coming from 10 local farms and the owners’ own private garden, the eats you’ll enjoy at Duos definitely live up to their motto of “slow food fast.” Choose the balance bowl for a hearty, but healthy lunch filled with beans, rice and fresh veggies.

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The menu pays homage to the famous flick Top Gun with movie-inspired names, like the Danger Zone burger featuring quest fresco, jalapeños and Sriracha sauce. Build your own (choose from tons of toppings and glazes) or opt for one of the local favorites like the Kentucky Fried Buttermilk Chicken Donut or the Bourbon Caramel.

Bite Into Maine/Facebook Maine conjures up images of rocky shoreline, ocean breezes and, most of all, juicy lobster. Snag the state’s signature lobster roll from this Portland food truck where you’ll have the choice of the traditional Maine-style with mayonnaise and fresh chives or something more out-of-the-box.

Via @midnitecc/INSTAGRAM Midnight Confections Cupcake offers up 12 flavors of cupcakes and seven different cookie options daily, so you can your sweet fix. The truck offers up classics like carrot cake and salted caramel, but their After Hours flavors are some of the most tempting: Mojito, Fuzzy Navel, Irish Cream and plenty more.

Each item includes thick-cut slices of applewood bacon (what the owners call the single greatest food known to man) from Blackstone Street Smokehouse. Meaning you get a super tender pita sandwich experience topped with fresh veggies.

The menu boasts dishes worthy of a five-star restaurant, like grilled prime rib and filet Mignon with leek mashed potatoes. Guerrilla Street Food /Instagram Not only has this food truck received the stamp of approval from Guy Fair on Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives, it’s gotten numerous awards and national recognition for its flavorful Filipino fare.

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You’ll be tempted to try everything, but start with the famous Flying Pig, slow-roasted pork shoulder, fried egg, garlic and black sesame seeds atop a bed of fragrant jasmine rice. Inspired by the owners’ Costa Rican adventures, there are four flavors of tamales to pick from: seven-chile pork, pumpkin, chorizo or chicken mole.

Each one is wrapped in a corn husk and comes with a cilantro-lime sauce, Scotia cheese and homemade salsa fresco. If you’re feeling inspired to practice your own pit master skills, these 32 grilling recipes are a good place to start.

In case you didn’t know, an area is Latin bread made with cornmeal and often stuffed with delicious fillings. For area first-timers, your best bet is the Abelson, which is full of shredded beef, plantains, black beans and mozzarella with Riga sauce.

For example, order the Heart Attack burger, an eight ounce patty topped with bacon, four slices of pork roll and American cheese. IMO's Hawaiian BBQ/Facebook You don’t have to book a tropical getaway to get a taste of the Big Island.

Only Burger/Instagram Let’s put it this way: A juicy patty from this Carolina cruiser is the “only burger” you’re ever going to want (although if you follow these grilling tips, you can make some pretty delicious ones yourself). Their devoted followers swear by the fresh flavor of the Piedmont beef they use in all the burgers, including daily specials like The Texan, which is topped with pepper jack cheese, an onion ring, pickled jalapeños, housemate special sauce and Sriracha mayo.

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But when you dig into the crispy and juicy fried fish at this British “chippy”, you’ll understand why it tops the list. Ranked by Forbes Magazine as one of the coolest food trucks in the nation, they serve fresh flaky ROTC (an Indian flatbread) stuffed with punch-packing flavors like curried vegetables, red garlic hummus, kimchi and smoked pork.

Start with homemade spring rolls dipped in sweet and sour plum sauce, then move onto a heaping plate of pad Thai or one of their two types of curry. The revolving menu changes based on the season but always features strong brews from Tweed Coffee Roasters and everyone’s favorite B.E.C., a buttermilk biscuit piled with bacon, egg and pimento cheese.

Facebook / Captain Cookie and the Milk Man Chocolate chip, ginger molasses, confetti… you name it, the Cookie mobile has got it! Each truck is equipped with a full bakery, so the sweet treats are baked fresh every single day.

You’ll salivate over the unique sauce selection (there’s even garlic Alfredo and habanero mustard) and anyone brave enough can take the Double Dub’s Dozen Challenge. Whether you're visiting a new city or on the hunt for a new favorite lunch or snack spot in your hometown, sometimes the best freshly made offerings come from smaller, mobile kitchens known as food trucks.

From Korean tacos to mac and cheese sandwiches to bacon truffle fries, these trucks have something for everyone. Courtesy of DreamcakesWhen you're in search of a sweet treat, you won't be disappointed if you opt for a cupcake from Dream cakes in Birmingham.

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Their Southern-style flavors include Banana Foster, Old Fashioned Caramel, Pecan Pie, and Mississippi Mud, which is a chocolate cupcake with marshmallows and fudge frosting. Courtesy of Cypress KneeCourtesy of DeviliciousIf you can track down San Diego's Delicious truck, we don't know how you'll be able to choose between the sandwich choices.

With options like lobster grilled cheese and buffalo chicken melt, whatever you pick will be a delicious, finger-lickin' experience. Equipped with those game-changing ovens, Denver's Basic Kneads food truck is easily the city's one-stop-shop for artisan pizza.

Lobster craft/Yelp Those who say a cold Maine lobster roll isn't really their jam will likely fall in love with the warm, buttered Connecticut-style version served up by Lobster craft in Fairfield. Courtesy of Uncle John'sigh you find yourself in Delaware craving barbecue from the South, Uncle John's BBQ has you covered with both lunch and breakfast offerings like smoked brisket, pulled pork grilled cheese, and even a breakfast dish called the Hash Bowl.

Courtesy of Ms CheeziousAfter a night on the town in Miami, tracking down Ms. Cheerios for a fancy grilled cheese (anything from goat cheese and prosciutto to a short rib melt) will surely hit the spot. Courtesy of The BlaxicanAtlanta-based The Mexican serves up Mexican soul food, with offerings like shrimp and grits hostages, spicy mac and cheese, and a dish called the Asian, which is a taco filled with grilled salmon, house-made Asian Glaze, tomatoes, and feta cheese.

Courtesy of Dashboard Diner Indianapolis' Dashboard Diner is a local favorite that offers up diner classics like cheeseburgers, hot dogs, pulled pork, corn dogs, and onion rings. One such menu includes pork tacos, a marinated kale and avocado sandwich, and truffle fries.

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Courtesy of Bite Into MaineWhen in Maine, stop by Cape Elizabeth, Portland, and Scarborough for the best catch of lobster. Courtesy of Flash Crab cake Company when in Maryland, seek out some fresh crab.

Courtesy of On MeW hen you've got a hankering for classic Vietnamese Ban Mi sandwiches, Boston's On Me offers them freshly made, along with bowls of different noodles including ramen, soda, and Japan. Louis's Guerilla Street Food features Southeast Asian and Filipino cuisine, with authentic dishes, including a dish called Lucia Maria, which is cold spring rolls filled with crisp vegetables and peanuts, and Biol express, a rice dish with pork shoulder that has been braised in coconut milk with ginger and garlic.

New York City's Wafers & Hinges serves them up like small pastries with toppings like strawberries, white chocolate, and even ice cream, which make for an indulgent snack or dessert. They also have loaded cheese fries made with hickory-smoked bacon, pulled pork, and grilled jalapeños.

Courtesy of Shucking Truck If you're in Rhode Island, you know you have to get your hands on some fresh seafood. Point Judith's The Shucking' Truck offers classics including a lobster roll and fish tacos as well as fancier options such as a sea scallop roll and mango lobster tacos.

Salt Lake City's Matterhorn Footrace is famous for novelty versions of French toast in flavors like the Summit, which essentially emulates a caramel apple. Courtesy of Jamaican JewelzWhen in Vermont, track down Westminster's Jamaican Jewel and try a rice and pea dish with either chicken, seafood, pork, curried goat, or oxtail with a side of sweet fried plantains.

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Courtesy of Hash Brown and New GroundsCourtesy of TruckmeisterMilwaukee's Truckmeister dishes up anything from juicy cheeseburger offerings like the Steamfitter and lighter fare such as fish sandwiches, including the Mahi-Mahi-Meister. Courtesy of Double Dub'double Dub's is known as “Laramie's premier winger,” and you're sure to agree once you get your hands on its chicken wings and biscuit sandwiches.

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