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Christina Perez
• Thursday, 19 November, 2020
• 3 min read

I LOVE eating at food trucks, but lately I've found myself going back to the same 3-4 trucks (Labor Venezuelan is definitely a staple). Boasting some of the city’s best tacos, sandwiches, and more, these trucks allow up-and-coming chefs to test out new dishes, get creative, and serve killer eats at popular haunts like Axel rad and Kirby Ice House.

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Home to literally dozens of food trucks boasting an endless array of cuisines from across the globe, which means that it can be hard to figure out a solid starting point for exploring the city’s mobile eatery scene. Start with these 13 trucks, slinging everything from Korean-Mexican dishes to doughnut ice cream cones and solid Cuban sandwiches.

The faded white and orange truck is a beacon to hungry Houstonian whether they’re going out, hanging at West Alabama Ice House next door, or fueling up for the day with breakfast tacos. What to order: Standouts include barbacoa, pastor, and league tacos served on corn tortillas with onions and cilantro.

The details: This Medical Center mainstay features a menu of Halal Mediterranean specialties like falafel sandwiches, lamb gyros, chicken over rice, and heaping combo platters topped with signature white sauce. A spicy chicken sandwich with pickles and slaw Rico’s Hot Chicken/Facebook The details: This stationary truck near Midtown may be one of the newest, but it’s setting the city ablaze.

What to order: Juicy Nashville hot chicken, house slaw, and crisp pickles pressed between a toasted bun. The details: A greasy and meaty respite after going out, this truck serves Columbian favorites like period (hot dogs), burgers, areas, and skewered meats to late night revelers on Washington Avenue.

Oh, My! Yogi!/Facebook The details: One of Houston’s most beloved food trucks now has storefronts inside H-Mart, Downtown’s Analog wiki bar, and Extra Credit: UH’s rooftop bar, while the mobile truck can be found at home base Rice Village or popping up everywhere from Actors games to Astroworld Festival. The basic waffle cone is replaced with cinnamon-dusted doughnut dough, then slathered with decadent fillings like Nutella or cookie butter before adding in scoops of ice cream.

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What to order: Burrito-sized Japanese hand rolls, actual burritos bulging with Korean Bulgari, crispy chicken garage, and sushi rice are all solid choices. The details: Houston Sauce Company serves home style plates of Southern cooking like gumbo, boudin balls, and PO’ boys with a major twist: everything on the menu is completely vegan.

What to order: Fried oyster mushrooms or cauliflower wings dripping with one of their handcrafted red or green sauces are crunchy and indulgent. Where to find it: Stop by the small storefront on Wayside Dr. for pre-packed plates or keep up with the truck which frequents Third Ward and the East End.

What to order: Ham, pulled pork, mustard, pickles, and Swiss cheese on a buttered and pressed Cuban bun is an iconic combination expertly executed here. Tacos styled after their origin in southern Mexico.

Tacos Terra Client is a good spot to grab a brown bag of tacos, torts, or quesadillas, and go across the street to the ice house and wash them down with a beer. Meat quality is average, but they do dip the tortillas in grease, which adds to the flavor/heart attack aspect.

Hours: Open 7 days, 6:30 p.m. until late night. Popular in this neighborhood for being here over 15 years, good food great prices.

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