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• Saturday, 28 November, 2020
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Hats off to all the food joints and restaurants that serve us a heavenly meal or snack. And the latest buzz or spotlight is on the super creative yet lucrative restaurant on wheels, the food truck.

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Check out best of discounts on food at the Tomato deals page. Or the ones who don’t have enough time to prepare a sumptuous meal or rather can’t afford to shell as much, food trucks are here to your rescue.

If you live in Hyderabad or accidentally happen to be visiting the city, then you must check out the sensational food trucks of this place. It’s time to satisfy your hunger pangs and put an end to your hunt for great food trucks.

How about a plate full of Punjabi style home-cooked food at a pocket-friendly price? They have a variety of Maratha with stuffing in the form of also to chicken and mutton.

This Got inspired food van is all set to steal the show. The name that strikes when you think about hot and spicy Mexican food is Chipotle.

Located in Gachibowli and Hitch city, this food truck serves amazing Mexican and American cuisines. Just pick from their variety of burritos, tacos and chips, and salsa and complete your meal.

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And don’t forget to taste their Chicken Burritos, Chips, and Salsa. The most common yet delicious street food in Hyderabad is Dose.

Be it Chinese, mushroom, sweet corn cheese, American chop sea, you name it, they have it. Cinnamon rolls, BBQ chicken, to juicy burgers, this place is worth the visit.

It serves shawarmas with a combination of roasted chicken, spicy paneer and egg hajji wrapped in a rural ROTC with garlic flavored mayonnaise. Fat Cow Creamy serves you only deserts and ice creams.

Satisfy your dessert or ice cream cravings after a yummilicious dinner at a posh restaurant. Don’t forget to try their classic abstain, a blend of saffron and rosewater flavored ice cream.

Opening hours: 5 PM to 1 AM Location: Road Number 36, Jubilee Hills And the final spot goes the famous food trucks in Madcap.

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” The burger chefs” is the one and only food truck managed and operated by two chef brothers, serving people with their ultimate kick-ass burgers, and Italian style sandwiches and the best brownies. Excellent food quantity and quality to remember the place by, The Spitfire Barbecue Truck, is located behind Gandhi Hospital.

Mettuguda main road near railway degree college, Hyderabad Rice Bowls, Tea, Garlic Bread, Dragon Chicken, though the rest of the menu is equally delectable, interestingly named too.

From Chinese, mushroom, sweet corn cheese to Balkhash dose, this place has it all and that too at a price that will not a burn a hole in you pocket. Light on budget and high on quality this place is a hot spot if looking for a good burp post your meal.

Located in Mettuguda, it continues to serve the best barbecue and burgers as far as food trucks are concerned. We love the Chili Cheese Fries and often hit this place up for a combo meal.

Touted to be India's longest food truck, find Kitchen On Sixteen Wheels for a dose of Chinese, Continental, and Andhra cuisine too. Cain is sweetly decked with Polaroid pictures, and the fact that it has so many desserts compels you to stand right at the truck and eat them.

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Isn’t it relishing seeing a truck loaded with delicious and mouth-watering food when you are totally tired and exhausted after traveling for a long time? We bring to you some spicy flavored cuisines served these food trucks in India.

This food truck can be found in Sari ta Vicar, near Jason Metro Station and Wellington Estate 2, DLF Phase in Gurgaon. This American Fast food truck serves everything from amazing burgers to shakes in East Bengaluru, mainly in HER and Dollar.

This food truck was started by few students who did their hotel management from Christ University, Bengaluru. One of the famous food trucks of Mumbai where they are trying to sell some really exotic Hyderabad kebabs, grilled sandwiches and giving some desk take to omelettes, chicken along with mint rice.

It was started by 28-year-old Sugar Waffle in Aioli and then extended to Thane, Belarus Road, and Navi Mumbai. It was started by a U.S. return Kolkata person in order to bring American dream in Kolkata.

This truck is situated in front of Rowing Club’s Main gate (Beheld). The menu is quite good for morning breakfast as it serves fresh grilled sandwiches, ground coffee, watermelon juices and in the evening they serve memo’s, pasta, Maggie, tandoori chicken and everything delicious.

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Three members do the cooking while Rikki manages customers, and it is situated in Thiruvanmiyur Beach. It serves everything starting from burgers, pizzas, tacos, fries to beverages, which are all made following the safety and guidelines.

Credits: The Tree House Farm ChandigarhDesi Firing operates near the La lit IT Park at Chandigarh, and it was started by two friends who went to Cyprus to study hotel management. The food truck serves a number of lip-smacking items starting from different kinds of doses, Maggie and Frankie.

If you are a die-hard non-vegetarian, then you must surely pay a visit to this food truck situated near DLF Place and Amity in Noida. It is situated in Empire Complex in Lower Pearl with lush green lawns. You can find everything starting from memos, sandwiches, milkshakes and delicious desserts.

Credits: What’s up lifesaving one of the best food trucks in Hyderabad, Parathawalas and Grills serve Punjabi cuisine including chicken Angry kebabs, Maratha, Mufti rolls, sandwiches and what not! If you are craving for some delicious food to satisfy your tummy but are on a tight budget, then this place is your ultimate solution.

This truck operates near Film Nagar Temple Road and is surrounded by customers who are patiently waiting for their turn to buy the relishing food. Probably when you are in extreme budget and want to have some lip-smacking delicious fries, sandwiches and veggie subs, nothing can be better than this food truck where the average cost for two is just 300 bucks.

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Delighted to be serving at IBM Family Day for the second year in a row at St. John's Auditorium, Koramangala If you are in the garden city of India and are in a mood of having some sweet dishes, then Go Waffles is the best option in Bengaluru.

American food has become quite common in our daily lives but one of the most important ingredients is egg and the name is also after this component. Credits: Auto Expressed you love to eat saucy-juicy hot-dogs and this food truck in Madhavan, which is in turn in Hyderabad, serves best of hot dogs.

Mostly you can find this truck standing right before the Cipro office and serves till late night. Some special kind of Chinese food to make you happy after a tiring day at work and the name suggests that the main ingredient of the food truck is Gobi or cauliflower along with sizzling fiery man chow noodles or Manchurian chicken.

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