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• Wednesday, 30 December, 2020
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Food Trucks are now the newest trend among teenagers and also young adults in both Malaysia and Singaporeans today. This phenomenon had cause more and more food trucks to appear at the roadside and even the park, especially during the night.

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What makes food trucks so trendy to be followed Is due to its convenience. These food trucks usually zigzags around the JohorBahru cities in early evening to midnight.

They tend to offer delicious delicacies to the communities nearby with an affordable price too. It is a normal scene to see foodies buying their favorite food or drinks from the back or side of these well-decorated trucks.

The food truck which mainly serves the customers with avocado products, is located at Japan Austin Height every day, except Sunday. Another selling point of this Glacier Degree food truck is that environment friendly products are used when serves the lovely customers, such as the bamboo straw.

Additional Information: Address: 87 Japan Austin Height 3, 81199 Tehran, John. If you are craving for some nice western food in JohorBahru, try to look for a little food truck with red and white color theme, with a slogan on the cabin ‘Simply Gourmet Satisfy Your Craving’.

Withe generous amount of Spaghetti and equivalent portion of juicy, non-gammy lamb chop, this meal is sure to make you full throughout the day. Additional Information: Address: 17, Japan Linkman Daley, 80300 JohorBahru.

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Don’t miss out Deny food truck which located in Tasman Tan Sri Yak ob if you are a Korean food lover. If you are here, do not miss out the Hot Spicy Fried Chicken with super crunchy exterior and juicy interior.

On the other hand, the spicy Korea sauce is made with real Korea recipe and ingredients, offering every foodie with real Korean food taste. Additional Information: Address: No 3 Japan Wire 7, Tasman Tan Sri Yak ob, JohorBahru.

Visit HY Snacks food truck in JohorBahru to try out the best and unique grilled seafood in town! Among the seafood ready to grilled and served, oyster is the most popular among the foodies, and also the signature of the little food truck.

The owner serves the fresh and huge oyster in varieties of flavors, such as special, cheese sauce, garlic explosion, teriyaki wasabi and mental. However, the price for two pieces of scallop costs RM15, which is slightly expensive than the oyster.

If you are craving for delicious ramen and yakitori, you must pay a visit to She Ye Kitchen which is located in Studied John. Just as its name stated, She Ye Kitchen operates till late in the midnight.

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Therefore, it can be a great place for late night foodies who crave for some supper to enjoy their meal there. The clear soup has a strong flavor of pork bone marrow, creamy in every slurp and best paired with some sesame oil to offer it an additional fragrance.

The soup taste sweet during the first slurp, but the spicy kick will move up to the throat several seconds later. Grab yourself a bowl of springy ramen to warm and compensate your empty stomach.

You also should try with the yakitori which is served in varieties of meat, such as pork, chicken and lamb Additional Information: Address: Japan Bénard 20, 81300 Studied, John.

Pay a visit to Thai Wonton Noodles food truck at Mount Austin to satisfy your taste buds and your hungry stomach! Photo credits to: JohorBahruFood Trucks This is a little food truck that mainly serves the customers with wonton noodles.

Don’t forget to grab yourself a bottle of homemade soybean milk to refresh yourself after finishing your bowl of the springy wonton noodles. Additional Information: Address: Japan Mu tiara Eras 9/3, Tasman Mount Austin, 81100 JohorBahru, John.

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You should have a try with the Signature Seafood Pasta if you are here which will definitely trigger your taste buds and I believe you will come back again and again. Additional Information: Address: 18B, Japan Hartman Tatum, Tasman Bad, 80250 JohorBahru.

Katsunoya is a little food truck that serves the customers with Japanese street food. The texture of the upon noodle is smooth and slippery, which might just slip into your throat when eating it.

It is because the upon noodle will ‘carry’ this gravy on it, offering an additional flavor to it while be consumed by the foodie. Katsunoya also serves the customers with Japanese grilled food and also on-the-spot-made sushi too.

Go early if you would like to try some limited edition Dorian cheesecakes of 92MU Nice To Meet You. Additional Information: Address: Follow the Facebook page 92MU Nice to Meet You in order to catch the truck.

Pay a visit to Bubble Waffle Truck is you are craving for some snacks and fresh fruit juice! The ‘Kai Tan Chai’ is served with varieties of flavors which you can choose based on your preference upon ordering.

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This avocado milk is also suitable for the foodies who are in diet as it is low in calories. Additional Information: Address: In front of ROB Bank Mount Austin.

These food trucks offer not only convenience, but they have succulent and mouth-watering meals too! They move around the town a lot, but you can found them in major events and parks.

Address: Japan Kneeing 29/1, Band Indahpura, 81000 Kublai, John, Malaysia, Singapore 81000 Their food truck is usually parked in A win Food Center, offering meals made with fresh ingredients.

Their truck is painted in pink, and they are often parked in Angina Mall, Mount Austin, and other places. They offer Western and Mexican food such as pasta, sandwiches, and oysters.

If you want the goodness of seafood such as cheese baked prawns and oysters, skewed and oozing deliciousness, you can try this food truck. The 1991 food truck is parked the same row as Robot NASA Leak in Kublai diner.

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Address: Japan kneeing 29/1, Band indahpura, 81000 Kublai For all the Jordan and tourist in JohorBahru, it is so bad when you are trying your best to sleep but have to fighting against hunger at the same time in midnight.

No worries, follow Broader Doug Facebook page in order to track the well-known halal foodtruck’s exact location, and get yourself a super delicious supper to compensate your stomach! The little food truck, which is in yellow color and with a huge slogan on it ‘Diet is not on my list’, travel around JohorBahru every day to serves the foodies with the best saucy and cheesy hot dog in town.

The little food truck, which plenty of foodies want to know where it's going and grab a bite of the valuable and amazing hot dog, serves the customers with varieties of hot dog, chicken wraps and sandwiches with varieties of special sauce which could definitely satisfy your taste buds. Additional Information: Address: Follow the Facebook page Broader Doug in order to catch the food truck.

The fresh and well-baked crispy crust, topped with fresh button mushroom, sausage and tomatoes and so on, most important topped with a layer of thick cheese, the pizza that served by Soul Pizza could definitely stimulate your taste buds. Customers can choose the size of the pizza based on their preference and the price range is from RM20 to Rm40 only which is quite valuable and affordable.

Other than pizza, this little food truck also serves the customer with fried chicken, Malacca famous coconut shakes and bubble tea. Additional Information: Address: Follow the Facebook page Soul Pizza in order to catch the food truck.

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Pay a visit to Aunty Amy food truck, located outside the Subway outlet in Tasman Mount Austin. The food truck which mainly serves the customers with curry Lassa noodles, is crowded with foodies every night.

The most important is the curry Lassa soup is not heavily depends on chili oil and coconut milk, therefore you can truly have a deep taste of the curry Lassa instead of overwhelmed coconut milk or chili oil taste. Besides, you can also add some homemade chili taste into your soup to improve the tastiness of your bowl of noodles.

Diego Food truck mainly serves the customers with local snacks and also varieties of well-known Thailand tea. After the flavor of the tea is chosen, you will be required to choose the portion you prefer, which is in cup and bag.

The food truck, mainly serves the customers with their signature fried rice with different kinds of flavors and ingredients. Each of these fried rice are prepared with fresh ingredients and Dean Foodora usually serves a generous portion of them to their customers.

The Iran Baker of theirs is grilled in a banana leaf wrap, along with their spicy homemade samba which will keep every foodie mouth watering. This delicious dish is best served hot, with some lime juice squeezed to offer a dash of sour kick.

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The food truck which is parked at the same row with Robot NASA Leak, serves the customers with BBQ grilled food and also burger. If you are here, you are highly recommended with have a taste of the burger which is unique and amazing, which you cannot get over it and definitely come back again.

Additional Information: Address: Japan Kneeing 29/1, Band Indahpura, 81000 Kublai. Among all the flavors served, Cornflakes Chocolate Caramel is the most welcomed and popular among the foodies.

Fried into golden yellow, with crispy battered skin but retaining the soft texture of the banana, these fried bananas are then drizzled with chocolate sauce and caramel sauce for an additional sweetness. It is then topped with some cornflakes that provide it with a more crispy texture, which also helps to mild away the sweetness too.

Additional Information: Address: Follow the Facebook page B.L.O.C in order to catch the food truck. The F&F Salish Footrace is the best destination for all the hungry foodies to fill up their stomach in the night.

You should not miss out the Merged Taught, which is the deep-fried tofu filled with perfectly-marinated meat mixture. The crispy exterior and juicy interior of the tofu will definitely stimulate your taste buds to the max.

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Additional Information: Address: Japan Harmonium 24/1, Tasman Desk Tehran, 81100 JohorBahru. Additional Information: Address: Follow the Facebook page The Keep Kitchen in order to catch the food truck.

Just as its name suggested, this food truck offers every of their customers with a local delight that everyone approved with its taste. The fragrance rice of their NASA leak is strong with the aroma of coconut milk and panda leaves.

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