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Follow the aromatic smell as you walk along Kuala Lumpur’s busy streets, and you will find scrumptious food sold from stalls and the back of trucks. With the surge of modern food trucks, you can now easily find good meals on four wheels around the city.

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You can find this popular food truck at the busy TAPAS Urban Street Dining, which is within walking distance of LCC. On the extensive menu, you can find pasta, burgers, steaks, Tandoori chicken, samosas, fried begun, char quay tow and Tolkien me.

Driven to fill people’s tummies with hearty food using simple and fresh ingredients, you will find their crispy honey chicken panini hitting all the right spots. You can have a pick of either a burrito or quesadilla and five fillings to choose from, including grilled chicken, black pepper beef, spicy lamb, Cajun shrimp and vegetable in eggs.

Having travelled from the southern tip to the northern tip of Malaysia, as well as the east coast, Curbside Canting has been serving their popular churros and tacos out of the back of a van in Tasman Tun Dr Ismail. Pastry lovers will enjoy the selection of sandwiches, bread loaves and dessert tarts baked from the back of the truck.

A product of two brothers with a love for food, it has quickly become a favorite among the locals in Tasman Megawatt. Drawing crowds with their aromatic Southern American food, this Texan truck serves up a feast in Tasman Tun Dr Ismail and Sub ang Jay.

The truck offers burgers, sandwiches and tacos that have been keeping customers loyal. Join the crowd and don’t miss out on their famous buttermilk fried chicken wings.

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French Onion beef sliders with beer on a wood background | © Natalia Arzamasova/Shutterstock Prices are kept low, starting at RM6 a plate for pasta, to make good food available to the public.

Set in Data ran Beings, these boys are making their way into locals’ hearts with delicious pastas, burgers and hot dogs. Serving till late night, the spot-hitting sloppy comfort food, which starts at RM5 per dish, will have you exploding with joy.

With a shared passion and love for food, the young entrepreneurs behind this popular food truck decided to start out on their own with this mobile pasta truck. Inspired by The Godfather, the Italian-influenced menu is sprinkled with references to this classic Mafia movie.

With prices starting at RM6 per dish and carefully-made pasta, it’s no wonder this food truck is popular among locals in Tasman Tun Dr Ismail. The food truck culture has really taken off in recent years, especially across the Slang Valley, It’s true that Malaysians have been selling food and groceries from trucks for decades.

However, these days, the contemporary food truck culture is usually dedicated to modern interpretations of traditional offerings and western cuisine. One of the largest ones is Tapas Urban Street Dining at Persia ran Hampshire opposite LCC.

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Ken’s Footrace can be found around the Iota Retuning area serving breakfast, lunch and dinner. They feature gourmet seafood as part of their appetizers, including coconut shrimp and calamari rings.

Their bestsellers are of course their fresh spring rolls that feature huge prawns and an authentic dipping sauce. Other specialities here include GOI Moi or mango salad, Bun Tom vermicelli in soup with shrimp and Band Geo or Vietnamese crêpe omelette.

My GOI Can operates every Saturday at Tapas Urban Street Dining at Am pang near LCC. They serve the juiciest beef burgers in the area, and artisanal brewed coffee by Khatulistiwah.

On the weekends, they sometimes make a stop at Tapas Urban Street Dining at Am pang, so check their Facebook for updates. Paper Turban, which literally translates to ‘Flying Kitchen’ is a food truck that serves Halal western food.

When translated, the name of this food truck sounds something like ‘Rocker Dude’s Turmeric Fried Chicken’ and that’s exactly what they serve. Their bestsellers are their Crispy Honey Chicken Panini, Fajita Wrap and Club Sandwich.

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If you fancy less carbohydrate in your meal, their honey grilled chicken comes in a salad bowl version too. They’ve got some great Burritos, Quesadillas, Nachos Bolognese and Homemade Burgers.

Their signature Burritos come with three types of filling choices, namely spicy lamb, black pepper beef and grilled chicken. They offer several types of mocktails and soda creations that are bright, sweet and light.

For example, there’s the Ocean Soda Herbs with preserved plums, lemon and lime wedges, as well as mint. Don’t forget to follow each of the truck’s Facebook pages to see where they’re at on a daily basis as they move around the Slang Valley.

The food truck craze in Kuala Lumpur has certainly amped up in the last couple of months, with so many new outfits with exciting, new and unique meals-on-wheels offerings. Most operate between a few places, largely due to uncertain permit allowances by city officials, but frequent and trustworthy social media updates help customers find them easily enough.

The best -of-the- best have strong Twitter, Instagram and Facebook followings, great diner reviews, original food ideas and reasonable prices. Read on to find out more about our selections of the city’s finest food truck fare, listed in alphabetical order.

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Other standouts on the short but sweet menu include the RM10 'emit' burger, a Mexican-style sandwich with juicy herb-and-spice-marinated chicken and avocado slices smothered with cheddar cheese, to create an altogether inimitable slider. This roving restaurant operates around the Slang Valley and you can find their exact location based on their dependably updated official web page.

Our favorite is the RM9.90 chili beef nachos; tender minced chunks of perfectly seasoned meat, mozzarella and sour cream, sitting on a bed of creamy white sauce, served with corn tortilla chips and sprinkled with jalapeños. Also, good is the hot chicken devil curry; an extra-spicy tomato and chili broth dish that stays true to its name and will leave you reaching for the ice bucket.

Topping the list of our personal favorites is the RM12 grilled dory fish on a bed Hollandaise sauce with a side serving of mashed potatoes, while the RM5 spaghetti Bolognese and RM5 carbonate chicken are also must-tries. Besides the food truck, which is regularly parked in SS15, Sub ang Jay (opposite Public Bank), you can also find Little Fat Duck at its small but permanent venue on the lower first floor of 1 Drama Shopping Center.

Opening Hours : 09:30 – 12:30 Monday – Saturday Address : Japan Lamasery, Pusan Band Mansard This sunshine-yellow mobile dining room was a sensation when it first spun its wheels in 2013 and has since developed a steady following, as well as a slew of copycat competitors.

Equipped with its very own wood-fired oven along with a shiny steel kitchen to match, Honcho bakes pizzas to a golden-brown perfection. Wood fired pizza in the Mockingjay also have a line of pasta which covers everything from carbonate to squid ink spaghetti.

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A crowd favorite would be their Lamb Marinara which will leave you craving for it till the end of the world. A food truck of guilty pleasures indeed, filled with cakes, cupcakes, brownies, cream puffs and the like.

Yes, you’ve read it right, My Bubo specialized in preparing dishes fit for classy restaurants without the burden of a hefty price tag. Grilled Lamb Chop, hungry yet? Beef Teppanyaki, better than your usual Subway.

Location: Truck 1: TDI Tun Mood Fund 3 (Opposite of ROB Bank) Truck 2: Japan Sri Hartman 1, Sri Hartman (Next to Petronas) Grilled sandwiches which BYC’s special homemade bread are truly delicious and certainly a bang for your buck.

Their sandwiches make the perfect fast food and a healthy alternative for those who are on the go. BYC’s Grilled Lamb Sandwich with its signature homemade bread It doesn’t end there.

Like most middle Middle-Eastern cuisines, their serving is big, and if you’ve not eaten for a week, this is the right meal for you. The sauces and gravy not only intensifies the flavors but also somehow drives your appetite crazy.

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