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Christina Perez
• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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The blaze of bright lights shaking you out of your slumber, the humming electric tubes replenishing all you’ve lost? My revival happened inside The Cosmopolitan hotel (as good of a place as any for a miracle, I’d say) and, to make a long story short, what saved me was the cult bakery Milk Bar and what it saved me from was the stomach flu.

I was in the city that truly never sleeps, where lust and greed collide in grotesque, euphoric ways solely for the most deadly of all the misdeeds: gluttony. On an earnest mission to eat as much as humanly possible from Vegas’s new(is) restaurants in a 48-hour period, you can see how the sudden onslaught of the stomach flu on my flight out rendered me desperate for that hot pink, shining cursive miracle.

Instead of diving into Milk Bar’s baked goods for breakfast, I chose to eat at Egg slut because people speak of its breakfast sandwiches the way I want George Clooney to speak of me, which is to say, with hearts in their eyes and honey on their tongues. It was my first time at an Early, which is a large Italian food hall of restaurants, retail and bars.

I could have eaten more than one silky, creamy ball of burrito, but I did a very UN- Vegas thing and practiced self-control, saving room for the excellent Neapolitan-style margherita pizza. David Chang and Christina Toss attend WSJ Magazine 2018 Innovator Awards at MoMA on Nov. 7 in New York City.

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(Lars Niki, Getty Images for WSJ Magazine Innovators Awards)There’s nothing new in me saying that it’s all warranted. But maybe there’s something new in saying that the mere sight of the restaurant and its adjacency to sister bakery-turned-breakout star Milk Bar acted as a magical elixir that restored my vim and replenished my hunger.

You may know its creator, Christina Toss, from her role as a “Master Chef” judge and subject of “Chef’s Table: Pastry.” Or you may know of Toss’s crack pie, naked-sided birthday cake, cereal milk soft serve ice cream and habit-forming compost cookies. Case in point: I left with $34 worth of birthday cake truffles and a $10 milkshake.

A Honolulu native, she was one of the many Hawaiians who jumped the Pacific to make Las Vegas her home. And then, seemingly as suddenly as the stomach flu struck on my way out to Vegas, it was time to go home.

It wasn’t neon, but I left the extra Long John Maria had given me on my Lyft driver’s front seat. This day we stay in Vegas comped most of the time, and we eat at buffets for free often.

For example the Flamingo resort, which (people say) used to love to attract middle-aged Vegas visitors (in particular women trying to have a good time in all aspects of this holiday) now it’s targeting young party crowds on a budget (so shouting, yelling, beer breath and plenty of smoke everywhere is the reality). On the other hand, during the week Flamingo is much more peaceful and soothing, with a nice variety of guests.

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Mirage is one of the best in our experience and, luckily, they have a lot to offer in terms of ‘freebies’ (shows, dolphin habitat and secret garden, great rooms, etc). Vegas is still a place where you can have a great time at a reasonable price, but (unlike in the ‘good old days’) you have to be really careful and … Experienced.

Don’t listen to one bell only; and remember: Vegas is always evolving and changing, and so are the resorts’ policies. There are ways you can enjoy the best Vegas shows without breaking the bank account, so to speak.

In the ‘good old days’ you would get so much ‘free stuff’ as a way to be lured in by all Vegas casinos, since they would do anything to get you into the door and gamble. Today things are very different; they don’t need to lure you in like before since Vegas has become a magnetic attraction per se and people are flocking no matter what.

We recommend our updated page on which Vegas resort gives you the Best Rewards for your Gambling. Hosting free or low-cost attractions is still a viable way for casinos to entice new crowds, so they will always try and offer something worth seeing.

A general Las Vegas fun book is found in the back seat area of cabs or taxis; these are not as useful in my opinion, but you will always find at least a couple of restaurant coupons you may want to use.

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