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“The heat level of “200 degrees” is about equivalent to Hattie B's Hot-- I don't dare try the 400 degrees spice level.” In 7 reviews. “It was really nice to just kick back on a warm sunny day in Ellington Park with my two no cones !” In 4 reviews.

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“We were worried about eating sushi from a food truck on Dickerson pike BUT. They were very clean, and great food for a decent price.” In 2 reviews. “I am starting to get fat with all the tacos I eat, but that just means I'll have to buy another Burritos La Min at-shirt.” In 5 reviews.

“Basically a giant Vietnamese sub sandwich filled with spiced chicken, pickled Diego, sliced carrots and other veggies with some cilantro on top.” In 2 reviews. “We were near Draper James, taking pictures with all the murals when we spotted this truck and thought it's be the prefect treat!” In 2 reviews.

“I don't eat meat as a rule, but I did have a bite of my friend's BBQ sandwich, so I could report barbequing fans, and it was very good.” In 4 reviews. “This is some of the best Thai -style food I've had in Nashville (and we've tried several places).” In 3 reviews.

900 Rosa L Parks Blvd, Nashville, TN “The only downside of The Peach Truck is your impending fear of Winter, as peach season will inevitably come to an end.” In 5 reviews.

5814 Noblesville Pike, Ste 106, Nashville, TN I ordered the Sherry and the part fries, and they were both amazing.” In 3 reviews.

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“Friendly service, and it's in the K IS parking lot so that means cooking adventure time. “The fries could have been a little better, but if you're looking for hot chicken, and don't just want to try it at Hattie B's, definitely give Red's a try.” In 6 reviews.

“My first visit to Nashville, and I ate a handful of hot chicken and BBQ here, and this was by far the best.” In 4 reviews. I love going to Noblesville Pike to get the best Mexican food in the city.” In 5 reviews.

“After an appropriate amount of time, I had my tacos and a wish from the owner that I enjoy them.” In 6 reviews. “My pasta was al dente, the chicken part was moist and well-seasoned and the sauce didn't overwhelm the dish.” In 2 reviews.

TAR ® Inspection Report Expert recommended Top 3 Food Trucks in Nashville, Tennessee. All of our food trucks face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence.

The Nashville food scene is moving fast these days, thanks in part to its exploding popularity and quality, and also due to the fact that some of its best restaurants literally have engines. Your favorite meal as a kid (or adult -- no shame in that) is the focus of one of Nashville’s best food trucks.

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Don’t be fooled though, these grilled cheese Sammie go far beyond the two pieces of white bread, butter, and Kraft Singles you grew up with, throwing in all manner of locally sourced ingredients, and prepping them with the help of a Cordon Pre-trained chef. Self-proclaimed “Thai with a twist”, Deg's menu actually stays pretty traditional, sticking with favorites like pad Thai, and red curry -- but the execution is anything but standard, and it has the awards to prove it.

That’s the premise behind Hos's’ Loaded Burgers, where the cheese is grilled directly inside the patty, delivering a pocket of cheddar or dill Havarti flavor in every bite. Stuffed with cheddar and polished with hickory smoke barbecue sauce, bacon, and onion crisper.

What you're getting: Yes, it’s a taco restaurant, but the chicken tortilla soup is probably its most well-known dish on the menu -- and for good reason. Get a few tacos, get the soup, and enjoy East Nashville culinary heaven.

Retro No is pretty much exactly what you might imagine it to be -- a snow cone truck serving a ridiculous assortment of both common and completely off-the-wall flavors. And unlike the snow cones you got as a kid, these are evenly flavored throughout and use actual cane sugar -- not high-fructose corn syrup.

Unlike many food trucks, Riffs Fine Street Food serves up a wide variety of dishes, from jerk chicken and mac & cheese to fish tacos and band MI. There aren’t many other choices when it comes to getting Korean BBQ in Nashville, but thankfully, Riffs absolutely does it justice.

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Delta Bound specializes in all things Southern comfort food. A menu “fan favorite”, these tacos feature fried catfish with cornmeal breading, creole slaw, and roasted sweet corn PICO and comeback sauce.

Hero gallery paused, press to play images slidesPlaying hero gallery, press to pause images slides BluIz60/Shutterstock Food trucks have gone gourmet, sparking a deliciously affordable culinary nationwide trend.

The trucks' lower expenses mean foodies can usually sample gourmet flavors with international influences for less than in a sit-down restaurant. But the foodies in these 19 cities are the luckiest, as they boast some of the most varied selections of gourmet food trucks found in our research.

Sean Alone/Shutterstock Los Angeles' sprawl and ample population has made it a haven for gourmet food trucks, with many operators sending out multiple vehicles in the city and suburbs. The best reflect the city's diversity, with cuisine culled from various international influences, including the Korean burritos at Yogi BBQ ($7) or the carnival fries at The Lime Truck ($8).

Holbox/Shutterstock Like the city itself, San Francisco's food truck scene is centralized, thanks in large part to a program called Off the Grid that organizes daily roundups of a dozen-plus trucks throughout the Bay Area. Don't miss out on the shawarma fries at Gonzo Falafel & Hummus ($8 for a half, $12 for a whole) or the Asian comfort food of Long's Khan Man Gas (chicken and rice starts at $9).

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Highlights include the Hawaiian-Korean fusion of Marination Mobile ($3 for each taco or slider) and the Asian-Fusion Cuisine of The Box ($2.75 for bad, $5 for a chop-chop salad). Morin Cola/Shutterstock Lunch wagons serving macaroni salad and fresh fish have long been a part of Honolulu's culinary landscape, but they've been joined by a more diverse selection of trucks.

The ones around Waikiki include seafood from Gilligan's Beach Shack (shrimp or steak bite plates for $12) or Portuguese doughnuts from Leonard's Bakery Malasadamobile ($1.15 each). Among the most acclaimed sellers are the Asian fusion truck I Wanna Wok, ($9 for three tacos), or Tostones, serving flaky empanadas ($2) and sandwiches using plantains as the bread ($9).

Laura Stone/Shutterstock Thanks to fair weather and hungry citizens, Orlando boasts the most food trucks by population of any major U.S. city. Override serves up Hawaiian and Filipino plates starting at $10, while the Treehouse Truck rolls out some dishes that must be tasted to be believed (the GC Luther, $12, is a bacon cheeseburger between two Krispy Kreme grilled cheese sandwiches).

Sean Alone/Shutterstock With their independent spirit and experimental takes on traditional cuisines, Austin's food trucks are a major part of keeping the city weird. Milen69/Shutterstock Food trucks of all persuasions turn up in Minneapolis and St. Paul during the warmer months, offering cheap and quick sustenance at farmers markets and breweries.

More than 100 trucks now serve up distinct foods such as the hearty South American specialties Che Milanese, ($2.50 for empanadas, or breaded meat fillet sandwiches called Milanese as low as $9, with fries) or the Chinese taco truck Box of Chaos (most $10, including tacos of kimchi and burger and seared AHI tuna). Sean Alone/Shutterstock Southern, Mexican, and Asian cuisine intersect boldly in Atlanta's growing food truck scene, including at the three-acre Atlanta Footrace Park, which hosts favorites such as the Mumbai taco truck (each for $3) and the Happy Belly, which focuses on healthy food ($9 for a chicken sandwich or beets over kale and quinoa).

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Mestizos Footrace serves up some of the city's tastiest offerings of Mexican cuisine (a toasted burrito for less than $9, three specialty tacos for $10), sometimes crossing paths with Pablo's Taste of Ukraine ($7 for a cabbage roll, $2 for steak fries). Some of the city's best is found at Smoke Et Al., notable for its brisket tacos ($8) and pork shoulder sliders ($6).

More eclectic cuisine can be found at Asian fusion trucks such as Funk Seoul Brother (small poke bowls starting at $7). Rephotograph/Shutterstock Thanks to the patronage of white-collar business workers and starving students alike, Boston has become New England's unquestioned hub for street food.

Look for the Fired Up Taco Truck (tacos and empanadas are $8 for two) or the Street Mobile Bistro (mac and cheese for $7, truck potato chips topped with pulled pork or shredded chicken and toppings for $8). F11photo/Shutterstock Locals and tourists flock to the gourmet food truck boom in Las Vegas, craving favorites such as Fukuburger, known for its Japanese burgers (around $10) or Dragon Grille specializes in Asian Fusion (small rice bowls for $8, sriracha mac and cheese for $6).

Alongside trucks serving authentic Polish street foods done kebabs are fresh concepts such as Pike Street Kitchen (with tacos, sliders, and bad starting at $3.25) and imported tastes such as the Cajun and Creole Boo Coo Roux (seafood gumbo for $5, a fried shrimp PO'boy for $12).

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