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Earl Hamilton
• Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
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TAR ® Inspection Report: Taquería LA HACIENDA 254 East Buckeye Road, Phoenix, AZ 85004 Directions Here’s The Deal:” Taquería La Hacienda is a food truck that offers real, authentic, delicious Tacos and Burritos. TAR ® Inspection Report: Expert recommended Top 3 Food Trucks in Phoenix, Arizona.

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All of our food trucks actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. They’re dialed-in passion projects serving both niche eats (think barrio ramen) and tasty standbys (think bomb burgers).

“If the bun’s off, I don’t care what’s inside,” says former wide receiver Randall Gate wood, who traded in his pro football cleats for a food truck a year ago. Standouts include the double hatch, a meaty monstrosity topped with bacon, grilled onions, Pepper Jack, and hatch green chilies, and the Hawaiian, a combo ham, pineapple, Swiss cheeseburger topped with teriyaki sauce.

A popular spot at the Saturday Gilbert Farmers Market with a lineup to prove it, it also serves breakfast nachos with tater tots that make potato chips seem obsolete. The wok is hot and the flames are flying at Flipping’ Rice, a Filipino food truck gem with a twist.

Started by chef Carlo Gallon, who graduated from Le Cordon Blue and worked his way around Phoenix kitchens before getting back to his Filipino roots, Flipping's menu is Asian focused and full of flavor. The crispy adobe fried rice sizzles with braised pork belly and (obviously) fried rice, the bats pork impresses with a crispy cutlet over stir-fried Manitoba noodles, and the Bulgari beef pairs thinly sliced rib-eye with pickled jalapeño, kimchi, and an over-easy egg.

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Allison Young has written about food, nutrition, and travel for Sunset, Women’s Health, Oxygen, Clean Eating, Mindbodygreen, and Prevention. Her local jam is food writing, where she happily eats her way across the Valley to discover the best hidden gems, hole-in-the-walls, pizza joints, and the latest Phoenix food trends.

Comfortable and adaptable to small intimate settings or larger scale events, we take everything into account to ensure we deliver a fun, memorable and unique experience for everyone we serve. Glassware, Ice, Mixers, Staffing, Atmosphere, all those little(big) details that go into a great event are handled by The BAR Truck.

We’re a food truck manufacturer that was born in the kitchen and has a deep passion for helping others build their own business through the power of food on the move. Our 15 years of experience building kitchens for some of the industry’s top chefs has allowed us to transfer that knowledge to a mobile format and create a line of food trucks & trailers that is perfectly suited for you no matter where you are in your business journey.

Ideal for the experienced chef looking to enhance their restaurant or upgrade their existing mobile kitchen business. Built out with industry-leading, pro-level equipment, we can set up your professional food truck or trailer that will be able to handle high-volume production with our focus on quality.

Great solution for high volume franchise or restaurant brands that need a fleet of top of the line food trucks or trailers. I had a gorgeous ice cream trailer designed and built by the folks at One Fat Frog and let me tell you, I was completely satisfied with the result.

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Just because your food truck qualifies for a specific financing option doesn’t necessarily mean it’s a good move for your business’ financial future. Your credit score, as well as previous business financial history, can play an essential role in which food truck financing options you are eligible for.

The quality of the business plan can send a message to any potential investors or lending officers. Don’t be afraid to shop around, as interest rates and payment terms can vary significantly from one lender to another.

Credit score category: Excellent, good Soft credit pull to check rates: Not available Deposit time: As soon as the same day Origination fee: 0% Late fee: None Discounts: 0.50% interest rate reduction for enrolling in autopay Repayment terms: 24 – 144 months While the SBA doesn’t technically lend the money, it can help borrowers find appropriate lenders whose loans meet their strict guidelines.

Microlenders usually target underserved populations, like immigrants, minorities, and female entrepreneurs. Microlenders tend also to provide other guidance or community support to their borrowers to help their small business along.

Microloans might make a good option for food trucks on the lower end of the budget: under $50,000. They could be an especially good option if you are from an underserved population and don’t have access to more conventional funding.

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It works with low-income families and business owners who don’t have access to more traditional financing options. A business term loan can be a good option for food trucks that have a specific cost that needs financing.

Once you fill out the 15-minute online application, you’ll be able to choose between loans from over 300 leading lenders. Because the line of credit is provided on an ongoing basis, the bank wants to ensure you are in good financial standing.

With that said, if you can get approval for a business line of credit, it’s one option that can help you through the unpredictable ups and downs of running a food truck. A business line of credit is valuable as the short-term bridge between low and high cash flow.

They are typically under $50,000 and are not suitable for making large asset purchases or for managing long-term financial issues. Equipment loans for food trucks make perfect sense for startup operations.

Under the details of their Commercial Transportation Financing, Wells Fargo provides loans with set terms and seasonal payment structures, among many other options. Today, they are commonly sourced from peer-to-peer lending sites that connect businesses needing financing to a potential investor.

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These third-party companies screen members, service the loan, and make the process as smooth as possible for both parties. Food truck businesses could benefit from a peer-to-peer investment, especially if they seek investors within their region who understand the market.

Lending Club is a platform that connects investors to borrowers, providing a safety net to both parties. For food truck businesses just getting underway, the best bang for your buck is likely going through more conventional channels, including banks and credit unions.

Peer-to-peer lending might be a good option for food truck loans, or if you are a new business that is already up and running, some shorter-term solutions might make the most sense. Plan out your cash flow, budget for the foreseeable future, and explore which food truck loans make the most sense for your situation.

Bad and buns are highly portable, which is why you'll find a much food truck options on our nationwide roster. Bentonville's Dough Zone does up a preponderance of Asian-style street fare, including bad and a specialty steamed bun with Galibi beef that's topped with pickled veggies.

At San Diego's Hartman, “creative steamed buns” are an art form that goes beyond culinary to visual! Those who love ramen in Denver often cry, “Uncle,” but instead of giving up on the search, they're making a statement that they've found what they're looking for.

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Perhaps the crispy eggplant bun, with its roasted miss mayo, cabbage and me plum vinaigrette, has something to do with it. With three locations in the Constitution State (Fairfield, Norwalk, New Haven), Mecca Noodle Bar's menu meanders the Asian realm from Japanese ramen to Vietnamese for and describes its bad as Asian-American.

This Orlando truck has given rise to a phrase locals love to impart: “I'm craving Hot Asian Buns!” Indeed, the fare coming out of this four-wheeled kitchen is worthy of such statements with delicious fillings like citrus slow-roasted pork Masada and a vegan “chorizo” comprised of quinoa, lentils and tofu.

Atlanta's Frog Street Market has been lauded by renowned publications as the city's best food hall and this vendor's pork belly bad (with pickled red onions, pecan sugar and cilantro) was named one of “100 Plates Locals Love” by the Georgia Tourism Bureau. And for many regulars, the 2-fer order of the restaurant's steamed BBQ pork buns sits at the top of their must-order list.

They've got all kinds of gorgeous bad at this Chicago restaurant, but you'll only find this adorable piggy variety (with pork, carrots, Shooting and dried chili) at brunch, but it's not the only option on the menu. Indianapolis Rook classifies its menu as “street food -inspired contemporary Asian,” but with creative offerings like the avocado steamed buns with scallion mayo, pickled jalapeño and onion, jalapeño spam steamed buns with pimento “cheese” and even a lobster offering, it's likely folks would scarf it down no matter what they called it.

They now have three locations (Iowa City, Cedar Rapids and Des Moines) with fare inspired by this Midwestern couple's travels abroad. Bad offerings include cashew tempeh, green curry tofu, Bulgari beef and housing pork.

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In Portland's historic district, the upmarket vibe is a distinctive contrast to the rib-sticking Asian comfort food they sling. Dumplings are a specialty, of course, but special items like this spicy beef curry bun/slider complete with fried fermented mustard greens and creamy Napa wow the palate.

For example, the lamb bad topped with micro this, crispy prince mushrooms and fermented tofu aioli. It's also where you can hook yourself up with poke, rice bowls and a variety of Asian street fare at The Cove, steamed buns included.

Homemade pork buns are just one item on the vast menu at this Jackson restaurant, but you won't want to fill up because big bowls of aromatic soup (seaweed egg drop? The DIY Butcher's Board includes duck, Taiwanese sausage, accouterments and buns and serves two.

The bonus here: pork belly bad buns with cabbage slaw, pineapple BBQ sauce and cilantro. Try the Golden Pigs, fried, delicate steamed buns that are loaded down with Chinese barbecued pork and served with condensed milk, creating a creamy, fatty, sweet/savory amalgam that keep people coming back for more.

One such delight is the Vietnamese pork belly marinated with housing, pickled vegetables, scallions, cilantro (a chicken sub is available). Doubling down with two locations (Jersey City and Montclair), guests can pair some ramen by the number with a slew of creative, non-soup bites.

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On deck: King PAO chicken and crispy pork belly, slow-cooked beef and even a soy BBQ vegan version for the plant-based nosher. Korean, Vietnamese, Japanese, Chinese... Bismarck's Noodle zip brings pan-Asian influence to the Rough rider State.

And swanky, beautifully appointed Soda is happy to woo its patrons with pan-Asian delights like the pork and Shinto bun, seen here with scallion, crab salad, soft egg, herbs atop steamy, soul-warming noodles. Providence residents know that Asian and Latin fare pair beautifully, which is why they clamor after the Hugo food truck.

Its bad tell the story nicely with a rotating menu on which one might find Vietnamese pulled pork, chicken teriyaki or miso-glazed tofu. With standout offerings like the orchestra steamed buns with male sauce, Scarlett turnip, cabbage slaw and peanuts, it's not hard to discern why.

This family-owned restaurant has been fortifying Sioux Falls with Asian offerings discovered in places from Cambodia and Vietnam (where its owner/operators are from) as well as Laos and Thailand. Operators of this cleverly named Nashville food truck won't literally kill you, though too many orders of their duck fat tots could end up a contributor.

A locally lauded gem hidden inside the Ocean Mart in the town of Roy, Mother's Kitchen is where you go when shopping for Korean, Japanese, Filipino, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian food provisions, and you find yourself famished. Find fare that includes steamed sweet bean paste buns or an even “veggie” offering pictured here, jammed with kale, turnip greens, tofu and flax seed.

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A roller coaster enthusiast, A.D. readily admits there is fun amid the madness of the theme parks, but has found there is magic, as well, in the outer-lying reaches of Mickey’s long shadow.

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