Best Food Truck In Portland

Brent Mccoy
• Wednesday, 20 January, 2021
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In all corners of the metro, inventive chefs are crafting delicious bites in very small spaces, all for us to enjoy! For this edition, we’ve based our results only on reviews from the past year, allowing for some exciting new inclusions.

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Heavy on saffron, sumac, and numeric, the menu has surprising twists on dishes such as chicken kebab and fish & barberry rice. For those feeling less soupy, meal boxes offer everything from garage to fried oysters to shrimp cutlets.

With a menu that is “Southwest inspired, Portland made,” their weekend dinners could be a mac and cheese wrap, could be a MF salad bar! Sure they serve the standards like Kahlua pig and spam Mesabi, but Helpers in the know say to try the guava chicken and pastel stew.

If you’re feeling sweet, finish your meal with the Brandon’s Nana Judd’n, which features fresh caramel dredged bananas. Jumbo Gumbo Methodology: This is a list of 2020s best food carts in the greater Portland area according to Yelp.

Looking for place to lease food cart or truck for an outdoor event Festival. Trent Sullivan: Everything is good, and there are fire pits to stay cozy.

Nick Bianchi: The 'Cheese steak Nirvana' cart has one of the few REAL Philly Cheese steaks in this entire city! Shauna Mendel ow: Southern Fried Chicken Sandwich and Tojo's are The.

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Terri Wiley: The Broadway Bowl is incredible, healthy and super filling! Local OTA tofu and a demolish housemate Ginger-peanut sauce.

House-brewed peach iced tea is the bomb with vanilla syrup added! Chad Adams: Great and diverse set of carts... Vegan friendly.

Andrew C: I hope I'm not jumping the gun writing these 5 days from opening, but their food is legit. Alongside the normal Mexican cart staples are two specialties from Oaxaca.

Other than getting a 3-minute spiel on a policy change on how OJ is now being served in a cup (I couldn't care less)… it was a good choice Colby Ala: Great spot to grab some food and sit in the square.

Todd S: Ask for a Mousse, it’s off menu with pastrami, chicken, fried onions, Muenster cheese, spices mayo, peppers, served on a toasted onion roll. Andrew C: Super sweet owners who make delicious pastrami sandwiches, dogs, and burgers.

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Jim Jeffery: Their seasonal flavor is always worth a shot! I had their cola when I was there, and it had this amazing light and aromatic cinnamon aftertaste.

Photograph: Courtesy Gracie's Pizza In Portland, Oregon there is literally any type of food truck to choose from because the city has well over 500 different food trucks and carts.

Portland food trucks cover every possible meal and offer almost every type of cuisine imaginable. Been Need has taken the hot dog concept and turned it into a gourmet experience with their one of a kind sausage creations.

They have options like shredded coconut, almonds, crushed pineapple, bean sprouts, celery, cheddar cheese, tomatoes, and many more. Now, these types of combinations might seem a bit odd to mix together, but the end result is always the same, satisfying.

Meagan's expert tip : Be bold and order unique toppings. Thai Mango is one of the best food carts in Portland and is found at the popular food truck pod, Cortland.

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Which ever dish you decide to consume you will want one of their Thai ice teas to wash it down. The regular size comes with 8 0z of rice and either one whole breast or the quarter leg of the chicken and a bowl of soup.

Long's Khan Man Gas does accept credit cards. Meagan's expert tip : Some selections come with peanuts, so be sure and mention an allergy to make sure you order peanut-free.

Been Need Gourmet Sausages is the top hot dog food cart in Portland, Oregon. Here you will find choices like Alaskan reindeer sausages, German bratwurst, Polish dogs, and even vegan hot dogs.

All for $6 or less and served in a perfectly toasted bun with grilled jalapeños and caramelized onions. They offer an array of toppings including chipotle ketchup, apple sauerkraut, assorted mustard, and hot sauces.

Check their website on the weekend to see where street cart will be serving their hot dogs. Meagan's expert tip : If you do not want to drive all the way downtown, keep an eye on their Instagram page to see if they are at a local event near you.

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Other protein options available are steak, veggies, tofu, pork belly, and care Masada. You can customize your bowl with your choice of protein and options like rice, black beans, cheese, spring mix, tomatoes, Criollo onions, YMCA, plantains, white sauce, cilantro, and more.

Char is located at the Happy Valley Station, so even on a cold rainy day you can enjoy your meal inside. Meagan's expert tip : Make sure to get white sauce and plantains on the side or in your bowl, they are the perfect compliment.

Why is there a school bus parked permanently in a lot along NE Alberta St? If you dare, go for the Cheeses, a hamburger between two grilled-cheese sandwiches The Grill has dessert covered too, with sandwich options like the Elvis (grilled banana and peanut butter) and the Fat Elvis (add bacon).

The seats have been replaced by booths with tables covered in old yearbook photos, and the ceiling decorated with a psychedelic mural. All ramen bowls are made with bamboo shoots, spinach, seaweed, half an egg, and green onions.

If you are unsure what to order try “The Whole Shebang”, it comes with brisket, pork, 1 rib, 1 sausage, coleslaw, potato salad & pinto beans. Recommended for Food Trucks because : Matt's BBQ keeps it simple and delicious with his smoked meats and killer sides.

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In fact, one visit here may change the way you view food carts forever. The combination of the cheese, fried candied shallots, breadcrumbs, chili oil, and sesame seeds woven throughout the pasta is outstanding and the presentation is divine.

To see spontaneous seasonal dishes of the day like pizzas, sandwiches, desserts, and more keep an eye on their Facebook page. Meagan's expert tip : Do not wait too late in the day to visit, they tend to sell out on a regular basis.

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