Best Food Truck In Queens

James Smith
• Friday, 22 January, 2021
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Even better is that they give you some free falafel to snack on while you wait for your food. Sung Kim: Tacos, militias and consommé are all amazing.

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Time Out New York: Try the Care Masada taco at this cart, available daily from 6pm-6am. Dmitri Kara gas: All the meats are great, especially like the pork and lamb.

Abel Lens: Look for the smokey street meat cart. Step up and get the best chicken you've ever eaten, with a piece of fresh Italian bread on the end of the stick.

Lila: The pork tacos are pretty damn good. Brad Graham: “Located under the L on Roosevelt Avenue, Maria Pie dad Can makes sublime legendary Colombian-style areas.

Flat cornmeal cakes stuffed or topped with meat or cheese and fried to perfect goodness.” Serious Eats: Heavenly riddled areas topped with cheese from an icon of New York's street food world.

Check her Twitter for updates on when she'll be out, usually after dark during warmer months. As recommended by Travel Channel host, Anthony Bourdieu.

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Get the Bulgari burrito with all the vegetables and extra hot sauce. Efrain Santiago: The rib eye is great with the kitchen rice and Smokey mayo.

Brian C.: The lamb kebabs (drizzled with chili powder and cumin) are succulent and flavorful!! Not sure what that last tip is talking about, but it's all about the lamb and spicy chicken here.

62nd St and Madison Ave, New York, NY “There are still so many sandwiches for me to try, but my fave is the chicken cutlet cleverly named the Big Paul !” In 20 reviews.

73RD St And Broadway, Jackson Heights, NY “This spot is different in so many ways from The Halal Guys, I don't think there is any reason to compare.” In 32 reviews.

NW Corner Of 34th Ave And Steinway St, Astoria, NY The food is SO much better than the now commercialized and way overhyped Halal Guys on 53rd and 6th.” In 9 reviews.

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“The tamales have a perfect ratio of filling to mass, and the chicken Tina ones were astoundingly flavorful.” In 6 reviews. “The program showed King Bourbaki in Astoria and the line was huge, people were ranting and raving about the food.” In 10 reviews.

79th St & Linden Blvd, Howard Beach, NY “They also sell Knish's and hot dogs, but the real winner here is the sausage with their peppers/onions.” In 11 reviews.

“I got the yellow rice base with beef ties and miser (spicy whole red lentil stew) with the Making sauce.” In 12 reviews. “I can't say Habitat B LB is my absolute favorite in terms of flavor, but it's definitely top 3 or 4 for me.” In 4 reviews.

“The Bourbaki (grilled skewers of lamb) is always so tender, juicy and char coaled to perfection.” In 19 reviews. “Located on 46th and 6th, right by the Citibank, there's a consistent long line of patrons waiting to purchase Falafel sandwiches.” In 12 reviews.

“My all-time favorite is the care Fritz (fried steak) with Moro (rice and beans mix together) and tostones.” In 11 reviews. “I got the Pablo, and it had prosciutto, chicken, ham, hot peppers, herded ricotta and some love!” In 9 reviews.

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“The chicken is made to order cooked over charcoal on metal skewers and deliciously seasoned.” In 6 reviews. “This place has awesome food, the 3 tacos for $9 is definitely a good deal for the variety of flavors you get.” In 100 reviews.

Every aspect of this endeavor is unmistakably made, inspired and supervised by one man. His discipline and personality are in every fresh and delicious bite.

The cart the truck and the restaurant are completely consistent with each other and Perfectly fresh every day. Fresh bright salty healthy and satisfying.

We also got the baklava and a huge free serving of hummus. The articles naming him King (newspapers) were...taped to the counter; they were great reading while waiting the short time for the food.

Reviewed November 20, 2018, via mobile Went for lunch today and while waiting, we were given samples of falafel .we loved it. I ordered chicken Sharma over basmati rice and paid $12.

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Reviewed September 19, 2017, The food is great but the service absolutely sucks. They seem to employ really rude and b×itchy women who are grade A morons to take orders.

Reviewed July 21, 2017, Stumbled upon this place on a work-related field trip to Astoria. Oval shaped with a juicy interior and crispy exterior, this falafel stood out above the competition.

Most other falafel suffers from being overly dry, but this one was moist inside with a crisp exterior. The basmati rice and salad were also both very fresh and delicious.

Reviewed June 14, 2017, via mobile You do not have to go to the Middle East for great. Reviewed May 12, 2017, via mobile I was walking by Astoria and happened to see this place.

.so I decide to try the food and of course the FALAFEL well they were so good I order some to go... food portion is big so if you are very hungry you should definitely...stop by.

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