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• Wednesday, 25 November, 2020
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For those with more clothes and accessories than space, the search for alternate solutions to traditional closets and furniture is an important one. Space and practicality intersect at garment racks, movable fixtures that deliver unique storage solutions in virtually any room.

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Thanks to the rise of American consumerism, both closets and additional storage options are in demand. Whether you’re feeling inspired by Marie Condo or want to dive into a big cleaning project, picking a garment rack for your room is a real space and time-saver.

They also allow garments to hang at full length as opposed to limiting their room with storage on the bottom. Children and adults have coats of all sizes, so a rack with the same level keeps everything tidy and easy to reach.

These are ideal options for storing cold weather outerwear like parkas and snow pants, especially since they tend to take up more space. These are well-suited for regular clothing and waist-length jackets, as many bi-level models don’t have space for longer items.

Even if you don’t plan to utilize the bottom shelf, the flat surface keeps pants, long dresses, and coats from hitting the floor. Some shelves are subdivided into smaller spaces, allowing for higher levels of organization.

If you expect to keep a seasonal wardrobe on your garment rack, you’ll be able to adjust chubby sizes and shelf heights to accommodate different items. While they’re sold directly to the public, boutiques and independent stores also opt for these models, as they’re prepared for heavy, frequent use.

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Heavyweight racks also support the greatest amount of weight, with some shouldering up to 400 pounds. Because these racks withstand more than everyday models, they double as effective storage of larger accessories.

That means loaded gym bags, tennis rackets, and other sports equipment are protected instead of staying on the floor when not in use. Covered garment racks enclose items to protect them from dust and dirt.

Both materials are prepared to withstand a lot of motion on different floor types, whether it’s carpet, wood, or linoleum. In addition to traditional hanging garment racks, there are options that integrate adjustable shelves for different-size cubbyholes.

Some garment racks come with extra accessories, like removable zippered coverings or collapsible fabric cubbyholes. They maximize storage, and depending on the price of the rack, they can be a cost-effective option if you consider buying them separately.

Products in this price range tend to be more specialized, either with dedicated cabbies or multiple color options. In addition to measuring the garment rack, take into consideration whether there is anything in the room that obstructs access to it.

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That way, when you browse the rack, clothes don’t catch on picture frames or artwork. Garment racks with at least one flat surface let you take advantage of bins, boxes, and baskets.

For shoes of the same size and heel height, make a long shelf spanning the length of the rack. Some linen closets lack shelving, and a garment rack is an ideal solution.

Adjustable garment racks featuring chubby space will accommodate linens of various sizes, whether they’re winter comforters or guest towels. Hang coordinating pillow and sheet sets, towels, or lighter blankets for easy access.

College dorms have stock furniture and occasional closets, and garment racks are one way to add more hanging space. Some guest rooms are smaller than other bedrooms, and their closets and drawers are already utilized for storage.

Garment racks allow your guests to keep their clothes hung and organized in one place. For genuine shoe aficionados, though, the Whitmer 16-Cubby Gray Garment Rack is a top option.

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The simple, sturdy design also has two locking wheels, so it doesn’t roll away while you pull items off it. If you need a children’s garment rack, the Milliard Dress Up Storage Kids Costume Organizer stands out with a mirror and extra hooks.

It’s gender-neutral in white, and it’s a fun addition to a room for children who do multiple activities with uniforms or costumes. If you find items on your garment rack are getting dusty, perhaps reconsider what you keep on there, and transition to more frequently used clothes and accessories.

Tighten and adjust fixtures that loosen or shift, which is a common occurrence from constant use. If you’re concerned about the rack rolling around, especially on wood or linoleum floors, stationary is a sure bet.

Q. I need a garment rack for seasonal clothing and accessories, but it seems like I don’t need as much space for spring and summer items. Winter clothes are naturally bulkier, whereas summer items like beach towels and bathing suits are compact.

The bars are of different heights, thus the rack is comfortable both for tall and short users. The top rails are bent outward on the sides, so you can hang clothes more compactly.

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If you are looking for a sturdy rack that can accommodate a lot of clothes and easily fit in your room or garage, this one is the best pick! The base has a Z-shape, which provides great stability and allows you to compactly store several of these racks together.

You can hang various accessories such as hats, umbrellas or bags on 4 side hooks. The shelves are sturdy and well-spaced, hence, you can put storage boxes or laundry baskets on them.

Made of natural bamboo, this classy rack will blend into any interior. It has convenient clips that can hold the top bar when the rack is collapsed.

It easily holds maxi dresses and other long clothes. The top and bottom shelves can be used for storage of shoes, hats, gloves, and other accessories.

Compact and durable, this model is a great buy for those who need a temporary storage for their clothes and accessories. This site is a free online resource that strives to offer helpful content and comparison features to its visitors.

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Except as expressly set forth in our Terms of Use, all representations and warranties regarding the information presented on this page are disclaimed. A Versatile Option The Deck Brothers rack is the number 1 bestseller in the USA.

The best part is that the double rails are of different heights, consequently, the rack will be comfortable to use both for short and tall people. The hanging rails can be expanded horizontally, making more room for your clothes.

The only thing to keep in mind is that expandable bars on each end are not very strong and might bend under heavy items like wet jeans or winter coats. The clothes rack is made of durable metal and can hold up to 250 pounds of weight.

Last updated price$54.97Stock In stock ASINB00DVFDLWU Deck Brothers Double Rail Garment Rolling Rack It can withstand up to 400 pounds worth of clothes, meaning it’s an excellent option for warehouses and showrooms.

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Therefore, you can get several racks and load them with plenty of trendy garments to display them for sale in your own clothes shop. Overall, this chrome-finished rack will be a great complement to any decor, be it a modern bedroom or exquisite boutique.

Mini Wardrobe This portable rack by Song mics will be an excellent addition to any entryway or bedroom. Case in point, it’s completely made of bamboo that blends seamlessly into your interior and adds a classy touch.

This triangular rack features two shelves at the bottom which work for storing bags, shoes and rain boots. The distance between them makes about 12-13", so you can even put a box or two on the lower shelf and plants on the upper one.

It’s also equipped with handy side hooks that allow you to neatly organize your purses, hats, scarves, ties, belts, umbrellas, and similar stuff. But if you need an elegant rack for some accessories and several jackets, this one will do the trick.

Expand its possibilities with a new hanger by Need a Rack company. Made of strong materials, it’s able to support enormous weights up to 250 pounds.

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At 48", the upper bar provides ample space for everything from your light T-shirts to maxi dresses and long overcoats. The rack is also adjustable; it offers 3 positions from 40” to 60”, which makes it an ideal solution for use in cloakrooms.

Moreover, if you’re going to store extremely long dresses, you can purchase an additional expander. It has handy top and bottom wire shelves for maximum storage.

With this wonderful rack, you will be able to hang your garments on the heavy-duty clothing bar, place your purses, hats, and gloves on the top shelf, and store your shoes on the bottom shelf. Given that it’s 35" long and 56" tall, we can recommend this rack for holding heavy coats and similar garments.

Being just 17.3” wide, it takes very little space and fits in narrow entryways perfectly. This model is also equipped with 4 small wheels (two of which can be blocked) for moving around the house.

A garment rack is a convenient place to store different items such as suits, jackets, dresses, shirts, coats, pants, and other clothes. It usually takes little space and can fit just anywhere, including a warehouse, showroom, mudroom, bedroom, office, and more.

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Typically, most models are collapsible or have caster wheels, so their storage and transportation won’t be a problem either. Garment racks are also perfect for neat organization of your shoes, bags, hats, scarves, and other accessories.

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