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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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Written by Katherine Blockader An English girth comes in many shapes, materials, and lengths. If you're standing in front of a large display, you can easily be left scratching your head trying to pick the one that is right for you and your horse.

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There are two fundamental styles of English girths to choose from, and these are designed to accommodate the length of the billet straps on your saddle. If you have a dressage saddle, you'll likely have very long billet straps that extend beyond the bottom of the flaps.

If you have a forward seat, all-purpose, close contact or almost any other variation of an English saddle, the billet straps are much shorter and likely don't extend beyond the bottom of the flaps. This will allow the girth to reach the short billet straps on these types of saddles.

Whether you need a dressage or regular length girth for your saddle, you'll find they come in a variety of materials as well. Deciding on the material your girth is made from is a matter of preference.

Functional quality leather girths are the most expensive, and with proper care can last a very long time. You'll also find girths made of cotton or synthetic string, neoprene, webbing and felt, and other high tech materials.

This elastic tends to wear out over time (it is replaceable on good quality girths), but can be more comfortable for the horse. Some may hold heat or irritate some horse's skin, but most are comfortable and easy to clean.

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Lump Images/Dario Seen Collection Mix: Subjects /Getty Images Also called 'chaffless,' these girths are shaped so that the width behind the horse's elbow is narrower.

The Atherton is a leather girth that is shaped similarly, but is all one piece, or may have a single strap to which a thicker, shaped and padded length of leather is sewn. They're also the priciest girths, simply because of the materials and construction.

The contoured design allows your horse freedom of movement in the shoulder and reduces pressure points. The high quality CPU outer shell is durable, easy to clean, and ventilated to keep your horse cool and comfortable.

The perforated neoprene liner prevents slipping, allows for airflow, and peels away from the outer shell for an easy clean. Stainless steel hardware is durable and will not rust, and double elastic on each end provides a comfortable fit.

Feature Deep Padded leather seatPadded Knee rollsGirth with Heavy Duty Buckles with rollers100% Premium Cow Hide Watercolor: Black Description This traditional style all-purpose saddle allows the rider to experience many English disciplines without spending a fortunate. This saddle is perfect for riders to work on equitation, and with the padded panels it is also comfortable for the horse.

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Top Material: 100% Cotton Spine 22", Drop 21" (Full Horse) This is a nice thick pad. Georgeous Diamond Quilted English Saddle Satisfaction Guaranteed Go to amazon.com. Feature They are composed by external CPU structure with differentiated thickness and its elements of Carbon Fiber make it lighter and more durable at the same time. The breathability is ensured by 6 air vents/intakes.

It is also equipped with a (removable) ring to which fasten carabiners. The front hook is protected by a central hull and ensures good connection of the girth. It is also equipped with a (removable) ring to which fasten carabiners. The size and absolutely ergonomic shape have been developed perfectly following the body of the horse structure.

Available in 3 different colors and in 9 different sizes (110-115-120-125-130-135-140-145-150 cm) ensures perfect positioning, avoiding any kind of stress. The inside cover in real lamb of Merinos Wool offers maximum comfort and, thanks to its anti-allergic properties and regulate temperature, is also ideal for sensitive scalps.

To do this the best stud girths must sit in the correct position, without catching the horse behind the elbow and should be made of soft material with padded sides. Another feature to look out for is elasticated straps to avoid over birthing and a robust martingale or breastplate attachment.

Manufactured in premium quality leather with a removable sheepskin lining, this luxurious girth features elasticated straps and three fixing points to attach training aids. The Easy girth with stud protector is made from soft Italian leather and bi-stretch material for comfort.

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Specially shaped to distribute pressure over a wider surface area to prevent overarching and includes durable stainless steel roller buckles. Made from high quality soft leather, the Viewport Stud Girth has extra padding for comfort and to prevent any rubbing.

The girth offers a large stud guard area, giving your horse the best protection when jumping fences. There are Velcro leather wraps to hide away the triple thick elasticated buckles neatly when in use.

Made from a combination of calfskin and rubber, this girth provides both protection and comfort for the horse. The soft materials and shape ensure that it fits easily and naturally, without hindering movement around the sensitive elbow area.

With the good size kicking plate, this product is designed for mono flap saddles. It is sculpted to allow extra shoulder room with two elasticated ends to reduce common birthing issues.

We post weekly buyers’ guides on a range of equestrian products so why not bookmark us or put horseandhound.co.UK as your homepage to ensure you don’t miss out. So make sure you stretch your horse's legs after you tighten the girth.

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I can't think of the name brand for mine, but make sure it has double elastics. Anyway, I think the type and name brand is a complete personal preference, but that's just my opinion.

Fuadteagan, I suggest you do your research before posting because there are most certainly jumping girths. Fuadteagan, I suggest you do your research before posting because there are most certainly jumping girths.

No but then i personally wouldn't jump my horse on grass barefoot, but yes you're right I've never had a pinching or rub issues with the neoprene, and they look quite nice.

This can also result in making a horse “girth” in the long run. Nelson had a pressure spot on that side, he would react with his ears pinned back and would bite the air if I touched that pressure spot.

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