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• Thursday, 31 December, 2020
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In 1973, the first GoldenCorral restaurant opened in Fayetteville, North Carolina and the mission of the restaurant was to offer guests real, wholesome foods in a family-friendly atmosphere at a great value. GoldenCorral's legendary endless buffet serves up breakfast, brunch, lunch, and dinner where diners can choose from over 150 items to load up on their plates.

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If you're craving some steak, opt for this sirloin cut which is leaner choice. Avoid topping it with any buttery sauces though, which will just add artery-clogging saturated fat.

Skip this roast beef stacker which contains 23-percent of the daily recommended maximum of artery-clogging saturated fat and 42-percent of the recommended daily maximum of sodium. You can see the saturated fat is 50 percent of the recommended daily dose in a 3-ounce portion.

A flatbread is well…flat, so you are getting a reasonable portion, flavor from the basil and Parmesan, and fewer calories than most of the other bread options. Another good choice is this mini roll with only 80 calories, which is equivalent to 1 slice of store-bought bread.

Although the muffin may seem healthy because it contains blueberries, it's actually one of the worst choices. The 54 grams of carbs it provides is equivalent to eating about 3 1/2 slices of store-bought bread.

Skip the sticky roll which contains lots of calories, fat, and especially added sugar. Oats provide soluble fiber, which has been shown to help lower cholesterol and keep you feeling satisfied after a meal.

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If you're looking for the healthiest choice at breakfast, grabbing this high fiber cereal is the way to go. Pair it with skim or low fat milk and sprinkle with a small handful of nuts, and you've got a nicely balanced meal.

This breakfast pizza provides close to 55 percent of the recommended daily saturated fat and 35 percent of the recommended daily maximum for sodium. It contains close to 32 percent of the daily recommended amount of saturated fat, 33 percent of the daily recommended maximum of sodium, and practically no fiber.

Sausage is high-fat meat that provides not only calories but way too much artery-clogging saturated fat for one dish (here it's 36 percent of the daily recommended max). Chicken that isn't fried is typically a good choice on the menu.

Surprisingly, this pulled chicken with gravy weighs is at a very reasonable 80 calories and practically no saturated fat. These non-fried strips are another good choice on the buffet table and provide 11 grams of protein for a very reasonable portion of 3-ounces.

Another no-no on the buffet table is fried food, especially chicken thighs. These babies are typically served with the skin on which means that you'll be getting more saturated fat than you bargained for.

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The sodium is also out of control with close to 73 percent of the daily recommended maximum in only one piece. Again, thighs are rather high in saturated fat due to the fact that it is a dark piece of meat and that it is served with the skin on.

You will find that salmon does provide fat, but it's the healthy type that has been shown to support heart, brain, and eye health. You will find a small amount of sodium and added sugar from the sauce, but overall it's a top pick.

Another smart choice from the fish options, salmon provides this EPA and DHA omega-3s, which have been shown to be the most protective of the heart. One taco provides more carbs than 2 slices of bread and over 52 percent of the daily recommended amount of sodium.

The buffalo flavoring on this shrimp option jack up the calories, sodium, and carbs. The sodium, calories, and even saturated fat are within reasonable limits.

Ham is a nice lean option, but the glaze does come with some sodium and added sugar. If you don't want the added sugar of the glazed ham, then choose the sliced version.

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It also has an absurd amount of sodium for a 3-ounce portion at 48 percent of the recommended daily maximum. Steer clear of the sausage, which is a high-fat meat choice and has close to 64 percent the recommended daily amount of saturated fat in this 3-ounce portion.

Another extremely high fat pork choices are these spare ribs with 22 percent the recommended daily maximum of sodium and lots of unnecessary calories. Many of the vegetables on the buffet table have added oil or butter.

However, this stew is a nice combination of okra and tomatoes and provides only 60 calories and lots of good-for-you nutrients. Another rather low-calorie choice on the buffet table is sautéed onions and peppers which taste great over steak, fish, or pork.

This corn pudding is made with butter or heavy cream, which is what increases the calories and saturated fat. These are not foods you want to indulge in regularly, and your best bet is to skip it especially if you dine at GoldenCorral often.

Top it with a splash of balsamic vinaigrette for a lovely side dish. Instead, choose a more colorful side dish filled with fruit or vegetables.

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This spicy chicken soup is a nice choice if you're trying to keep your calories and carbs low. One cup of this soup has 18 percent the recommended daily maximum of saturated fat and only 1 gram of fiber.

As 85 percent of Americans don't get the recommended amount of fruit, do pile up on nature's candy for dessert. If you're trying to watch your waistline and want the fruit with the fewest calories, then watermelon is the lowest on the menu.

Bananas are certainly a healthy fruit with lots of potassium but if you're looking to cut back on calories either split a banana with a friend or take it for later as an afternoon or evening snack. And by the time we wolf that down, we can head back and order a sirloin steak from that same grill.

We are here working hard, trying as much of the food that we can at the popular new all-you-can-eat buffet just off Erie Boulevard East in Syracuse. Our goal is to give you a guide of what to consume when you decide to brave the long line that forms outside daily.

GoldenCorral told us the average patron spends around 45 minutes in the restaurant. The local GoldenCorral opened at 115 Simon Drive on March 11.

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So Robert, the guy grilling all the beef, grabbed a fresh (not frozen) patty, sprinkled on some seasoning and tossed it on the heat. The burgers are served on warm yeast rolls (also available on their own at a different buffet station), which taste good, but aren't the most structurally-sound.

We suggest you wait until a fresh batch arrives, because they cool down quickly. The burger bar debuted earlier this year, and for the most part, it's a winner.

We visited our old friend Robert around 4:15, just in time for one of the first sirloin steaks of the day. GoldenCorral boasts that these steaks are marinated, but the only marinade we noticed was an obvious salty brine that accomplished several things--some good, some bad.

But save for a ring of well-done meat on the outside, the steak was cooked to our desired medium-rare. Our fine server Serena suggested we go back for clean dishes regularly.

In this picture, you'll see that both of us made the mistake of getting a slice of pizza. One plain cheese and the other topped with finely chopped bacon, this pizza tasted as if you bought a Little Caesar's pizza, stuck it in the freezer and then warmed it up.

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Snuggled next to the pizza on the far plate is a slice of “MMM meatloaf.” It's not bad, but it has too much bread and other binders mixed it, making the texture a bit mushy.

The brown gravy on top didn't work wonders this time. The smoked pit ham was carved to order, which helped prevent the meat from drying out under the heat lamps.

The ham was right near the grill, so we visited our friend Robert again. While the shrimp were the size of a nickel, they made the whole buffet feel fancier.

Last, but not least for this round, was a slice of the 24-Karat Carrot Cake, which GoldenCorral told us was one of their most popular desserts. With a tender crumb crust, large shreds of carrot and a cream cheese frosting that wasn't overly sweet, we can see why.

But for reasons we can't fathom, only every other slice is decorated with a frosting carrot. Shrimp scampi: More of a topping than an entrée, but it's worth getting.

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It's saucier and not as “stick-to-your-ribs” as other chilies we've had, but considering how much food we were eating, that wasn't a bad thing. On the other side of the plate we have scalloped potatoes, sautéed mushrooms and BBQ pork.

When we visited on opening day, the restaurant was serving pulled pork that was actually smoked over hardwood-- and it looked like it. Pulled pork: Not bad, but you can find so much more meat elsewhere.

You can dip fruit, cookies, marshmallows, cake and other treats. Here we have a rice crispy treat, sugar cookie and a strawberry that got a dip underneath the chocolate waterfall.

While we were camping out at the Corral, a Twitter follower suggested we put some chocolate on the fried chicken. The chicken does need more seasoning, but when it's fresh from the fryer, it's exceptional.

You remember the Krispy Kreme hot light that would alert passers-by when doughnuts were fresh off the line? GoldenCorral should install something similar for fresh fried chicken.

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It's far from exceptional, but it's an ideal pairing with the fried chicken. Of all the meats served at GoldenCorral, the various forms of chicken were consistently the best.

The thigh was golden roasted” and the leg was BBQ, but based on the taste, you'd think those labels were switched. The supposedly roasted chicken thigh was smoky, with a thin, but pink smoke ring around the exterior.

The meat was pull-apart tender, with a few delectably crispy bits of skin. Like the fried fish, the carved salmon, pictured between a cheddar garlic biscuit and tortilla chips, was probably better when it was first put out.

The beef taco meat was surprisingly decent, thanks to a varied texture of large and small chunks. Completing this world tour was baked penne pasta, which suffered from a tomato sauce that was too chunky without enough body to help it cling to the noodles.

The result was nearly naked pasta mixed with ground beef and chopped tomatoes. Cheddar garlic biscuit: Fine, but the yeast rolls are better.

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We hit the dessert bar right when they put out a new apple cobbler and a fresh pan of bread pudding. In fact, a server was swirling icing on the pudding as we approached.

Along with the carrot cake, the bread pudding was our favorite dessert. The apple cobbler was much better than the pie largely because it was served warm.

The banana pudding isn't pretty, but with real chunks of banana and a not-too-sweet pudding base with a cookie crumb top, it was quite good. We appreciate the effort of offering desserts for people with varying dietary restrictions and tastes.

But the sugar-free vanilla cake, with an unpleasant artificial aftertaste, gives the term 'vanilla' a bad name. You can't leave the Corral without a bag of freshly spun cotton candy.

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