Best Golden Corral In Orlando

Ava Flores
• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
• 8 min read

There are 2 golden corrals on international drive this is the one further south near Westwood Blvd. This location is very well run-it's clean with excellent variety and very nice staff.

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They keep the tables clear and the buffet well stocked. My favorite dishes are the Teriyaki steak, the butterfly shrimp, the Prime rib and the pot roast.

Spacious. Food is fresh. Coffee is good. Service is friendly... Bacon crispy. Etc. For the money. Hard to beat... also buffet is ready... No time spent waiting.

Reviewed August 27, 2021 If you've got a big day ahead of you, coming to GoldenCorral for breakfast to fill up is a great idea. Reviewed April 11, 2021 We visited Golden Coral a few times.

Everyone had a great breakfast and probably lots of items that you would not normally eat!...but hey we are on holiday, so happy days, it kept us all going until the evening, More The salads, desserts and all sorts of entrées and sides are surprisingly good.

Reviewed March 20, 2021 via mobile For what it is, which is an all-you-can-eat buffet, it’s not bad. There’s a good selection and if its copious amounts of steak you’re after then this is the place to go.

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Thank you, Carlie, for the great review, we are happy you enjoyed your meal and look forward to serving you again! Reviewed March 6, 2021 via mobile This is definitely our favorite place to eat when I’m the US.

We always strive to delight our guests, and sincerely appreciate it when you choose to dine with us. Reviewed March 2, 2021 via mobile Looking for healthy options while traveling, found this great selection in a buffet.

Reviewed February 22, 2021 via mobile We took a group of 85 students there for dinner last Tuesday and what an outstanding customer service experience we had. The staff truly went above and beyond to ensure that our whole group had an amazing dining experience.

Worth a little drive past other locations as we have been to several over the years. After a horrendous experience at the other on drive near sand lake road we tried this one and got to admit the breakfast was outstanding.

The food was good quality and piping hot and the place was spotless. This restaurant was close to the Marriott Grand Vista that we stayed at.

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The restaurant was very clean and well run. They had an early bird special for dinner. They were open for breakfast lunch and dinner.

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A great example of how a well run restaurant can be. Try beating this chain for value for money, eat well, save your dollars to spend n other things.

We always use thus restaurant for breakfast when in Kissimmee. They have a great selection of breakfast items with a bar where you can get omelettes or eggs freshly prepared while you wait.

They also cook waffles and pancakes to order. Not quite as many items as there have been in previous years but still a very good choice.

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We were able to eat at the GoldenCorral two times while we were in Orlando. They have a large buffet with many choices.

The service is good, the food is hot, and they have several special recipes that are developed and quite delicious. They have a chocolate fountain for dessert, which the kids just loved.

They offer food for any food likes/dislikes: salad, fish, pot roast, pizza, tacos, fried rice, macaroni/cheese and a full dessert buffet. Usually have to try GoldenCorral once per vacation......just to get a reminder of how poor it is.

You could probably use the fried eggs to bounce off walls they were so rubbery. Run down, tired and the plates were dirty.

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