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Christina Perez
• Saturday, 26 December, 2020
• 9 min read

I am not a big fan of Buffets but when it comes to this GoldenCorral here in Fort Pierce I look forward to dining here once a week. The Owners Management and staff work extremely hard.

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Always FRESH HOT TASTY food. We all know that this covd-19 has taken a big hit on restaurants, but I have to give the owners a lot of credit plugging along, staying safe, all the staff do an outstanding job.

They are working on a small crew so if a lot of people show up they work as fast as they can to keep up with an unexpected crowd of diners. The servers are super friendly and always there to fill your drinks and give you extra plates.

Stopped in with a friend on way back north from the Honda Classic Golf Tournament. The chicken noodle soup was delicious.

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We stopped at the exit for this restaurant to spend the night at an area hotel and decided to eat at the GoldenCorral. Food was plentiful and pretty good for a dinner buffet.

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I do wish that parents would be more in control of their kids when they go to the buffet as we saw some kids playing with the food instead of using the tinsels to get food onto their plates. We'll take your feedback and make improvements so that you will come back and give us another try.

We always enjoyed the grilled chicken livers. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and much more.

I might say that CCI’s Pizza is the best buffet in the USA, but it’s GoldenCorral’s tagline, so I’ll go with it for the purpose of this blog entry. After being invited to a farewell lunch for our cousin, Nikki decided to see if their website had any dietary info.

All restaurants need menus like this! Something to keep in mind is that not all menu items are available daily and vary by location. Nikki got ribs (the picture of her food was inadvertently deleted, so just use your imagination).

When I checked out the website, I saw the announcement that GoldenCorral’s eggs are going cage free. This process has already been implemented, and they hope all 484 locations will be 100% cage free within the next decade.

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Lunch and dinner includes our all-you-can-eat soup and salad bar, signature yeast rolls, and homemade desserts, along with soft-serve ice cream and our famous carrot cake. Our great value for a good price makes GoldenCorral a favorite family restaurant among adults and kids alike.

To easily find GoldenCorral just use sorting by states and look at the map to display all stores. You will learn following business information about GoldenCorral : location at the mall, other nearby locations by states, opening hours, map and GPS coordinates, directions, phones and contacts.

To Top We use cookies to personalize content and ads, to provide social media features and to analyze our traffic. Best Buffet Prices Southern Comfort Food In a Buffet Admin December 2018. Not everybody can cook like their beloved grandmother can cook Southern comfort food.

Fortunately, everybody’s welcome to enjoy the delicious flavors of Southern comfort food at a GoldenCorral buffet… Then chances are good that you’ve made a visit or two to GoldenCorral.

So if you’ve been looking up GoldenCorral menu prices today, here are some things you ought to know about this restaurant chain. Contact the restaurant directly to get the latest prices and updates.

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It becomes a habit, since you get to see many of your fellow town mates and the prices are eminently reasonable. It offers good food in great quantities, along with a nice friendly atmosphere in which you can lay back and relax.

Then it grew, as they set up budget steakhouses all over the South, in small cities from Texas to Virginia. In the middle of the 1980s, GoldenCorral heeded the requests of their patrons, so they transformed the brand.

They added the Buffet & Grill unit, which offers hot and cold items that numbered in the hundreds. In 2001, they made a new addition by expanding to include cooked to order sirloin steaks.

Now you can enjoy slow-cooked smoked pork barbecue and chicken for lunch and dinner at any day of the week. For daily dinners, you can also get smoked carved baby back ribs.

“Expensive” isn’t a word you tend to associate with GoldenCorral. After all, the highest price you’d pay is when you’re enjoying a weekend dinner, and that will only cost you approximately $14.99 per person for the food.

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But from Monday to Thursday, this price drops to just $13.99 per person for a meal past 4PM. It’s not all that easy to find similar prices in restaurants that let you eat as much as you can.

Sometimes you have to wonder how these franchises make money based on how little they charge and how much food they offer, but then that’s not really your problem. For your weeknight dinner from Monday to Thursday, you only pay about $13.49 per person after 4PM.

There’s also a Senior Early Bird Special from Monday to Friday, when you dine from 11AM to 4PM. On Saturday and Sunday your breakfast until 11AM will only cost about $9.39 per person, though beverages aren’t part of the price.

From Monday to Saturday, you only need to pay $8.79 per person and enjoy brunch and lunch until 4PM. Many seniors love to come here because it’s such a relaxed place to visit.

But many old-timers congregate to GoldenCorral during weekends, and their presence makes each visit really homey. A lot of restaurants these days are beginning to feel somewhat ambivalent about the presence of children.

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But for children from ages 9 to 12 years old, the cost is only $7.99 per person on weekends. It’s considered the “cornerstone of the GoldenCorral empire” and that it’s “slightly sweet, fluffy, and NOT TO BE UNDERESTIMATED”.

Burrito with egg and chorizo or sausage 6 types of cereal Various types of eggs including eggs Benedict Pancakes, including chocolate chip and blueberry varieties Breakfast pizza (yes, there’s such a thing) 4 types of Quiché Oatmeal Grits, which can be with cheese Hot dogs GoldenCorral takes away the uncertainty by featuring a complete set of nutritional info for each dish.

They show the number of calories and amounts of fat, cholesterol, sodium, carbs, dietary fiber, sugars, and protein. There are at least 20 options in the beef category alone, and that’s not surprising when you consider that Golden Corral started out as a steakhouse.

Your best low-calorie bet is to get the Salisbury steak beef, which contains only 70 calories per serving. Perhaps the most notable exception is the Crispy Battered Fish Tacos, with each serving giving you a whopping 360-calorie load.

If you’re on a diet, you may want to avoid the sweet corn pudding and its load of 340 calories. The ravioli breaded pasta also isn’t a good idea with 370.

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Diced sautéed onion also work great with diets since it only has 70 calories. The fruit salad is an excellent choice, as each serving is only 35 measly calories.

The Chicken Southern Style salad is only half a cup per serving, but it contains 280 calories. Golden Corral has a really long list of items in the dessert category, and many of them have very low total fat, cholesterol, and sodium levels.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t indulge your sweet tooth here, since some desserts aren’t too bad. Some people may have noticed that their local Golden Coral has been made over with a new look.

This new redesign still strives to keep its homey atmosphere, but it also aims to look more sophisticated. Its curb appeal should improve with its stacked stone towers, enormous windows, red awnings, and wood accents.

The new design also addressed the choke points in previous interiors, and they’ve changed the blueprint to make sure that patrons can enjoy a more seamless experience. This alters the original design of having the buffet area in the middle with diners all around it.

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The new design is meant to showcase more visually appealing items, with highlights such as the carvery, smoke house, and cake decorating areas. Some items like fryers aren’t things that diners want to see, so the new design keeps them out of sight in the kitchen.

Tables now have more spaces in between, and the larger windows keep people from feeling claustrophobic. These areas can feature local elements, such as the art work of neighborhood artists.

“Expensive” isn’t a word you tend to associate with GoldenCorral. After all, the highest price you’d pay is when you’re enjoying a weekend dinner, and that will only cost you approximately $14.99 per person for the food.

But from Monday to Thursday, this price drops to just $13.99 per person for a meal past 4PM. Perhaps the most notable exception is the Crispy Battered Fish Tacos, with each serving giving you a whopping 360-calorie load.

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