Best Golden Corral Near Me

Maria Garcia
• Monday, 11 January, 2021
• 7 min read

The sushi oysters were sweet, juicy, and just delightful. Andrea M. said “Met some friends here for my birthday on September 15th and I arrived before they did.

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I put in my name for a table, but I was a little annoyed when I was told to wait outside....” read more Ryan C. said “If you're looking for some good breakfast while in Bellevue, Chance's is your place.

Reviewed March 5, 2021 via mobile My family and I decided to go there on a WIM cause the last 1 we ate at disappointed us. The service was awful and the food wasn't as good.

Reviewed March 1, 2021 via mobile This is quite possibly the dirtiest, unfriendly, poor service Golden corral in the country. Most unfriendly people I've ever seen, no service at the table.

Would you let our customer care team know immediately, so that they can fix it and regain your trust? Mix things together at times to make it more than what it is,.some cheese into a chowder or something like that.

We got there at...lunch, 12 30 or so, so why where the burgers were hard as a rock? There were some good dishes like the pot roasts and mashed.

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Reviewed December 15, 2019, good discount for seniors 65 +. Even better deal for Sr. 2pm_4pm M-f. No complaints. Lots to choose from salads, fruits, meats & dessert.

Reviewed August 13, 2019, Extremely busy lunch crowd. We went through the cashier's line quickly and sat down immediately.

Reviewed August 2, 2019, via mobile I am surprised that this has four stars. I am not quite sure who finds this level of filth acceptable, but I wouldn’t want to eat at their house.

But the food was basically flavorless and everything, from the floor to the tables to the plates to the silverware was sticky, food crusted and dirty. I’m not sure how they re-opened after the health department shut them down, but they need another visit.

Reviewed December 16, 2018, Stopped for late lunch after traveling across the Everglades. Food was good and waitress, Laurie, was very nice.

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Wife had a minor medical emergency and all staff went out of their way to make her comfortable. Reviewed November 12, 2018, We were starved after heading out to the keys, now we were full by the end of the meal.

I was surprised to read some poor reviews, considering we've been going to this place for years. Of course, I have tried many Chinese Buffets and this place is on top of my list.

Reviewed May 28, 2019, via mobile Stopped in for quick meal and was very pleased with the food, large selection, fresh, hot and serving area very nice and clean. Reviewed May 24, 2019, Entered at 11AM, looks like grammar school graduation day and all the little brothers and sisters are dressed up and ready to eat.

One family brought in a switch to make sure every bite was consumed. The food you could find was OK, but you had to line up like a scavenger and watch it disappear.

The two waitresses in our area were completely overwhelmed, taking drink orders, pushing tables together, bussing tables and the manager never showed his/her face. Reviewed January 31, 2019, This was the best salad bar experience I have had here; it's certainly improving.

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My sweet tooth is never totally disappointed and the cookies were good. Generally I look forward to that but this was dried up almost and even hard to pry out of the serving container.

Reviewed March 20, 2018, Our family went for the crab leg special and there was a line out through the front porch. We moved only a few feet in about 30 minutes of waiting, then a gentleman that had been in the restaurant was leaving because he said he...had been in for an hour, and they served just a few crab legs at a time.

Reviewed March 5, 2018, There are daze i.e., Sunday for example when this place is jumping! The Latest visit on a Tuesday evening was slow, but the crew hung in and the last people through the line had plenty to choose...from.

Changes are continuously being made to keep this site viable, but an addition could help. Some of the most courteous people serve with pride and will go the extra mile to ensure your selection is satisfying.

Reviewed February 19, 2018, My wife and I make a trip to the Golden Corrals when we see one. Reviewed October 25, 2017, Good fried chicken and meat loaf.

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They have regular locals that eat there and a great seniors value 2 to 4 PM that includes a beverage. Desserts offer cake, pies, and ice cream.

Reviewed July 6, 2017, My son took me to the Golden Coral the other night, the food was either over done by sitting in the pans to long, (Mother;s Mashed Potatoes) that you can't get anything out of the pan, to the fried okra that was chewy...and nasty to the leaky ice cream machine that just had a wet floor sign in front of it with children trying to reach around to get ice cream with a puddle of water in the floor that no one bothered to clean up. We had no napkins they took them off the table leaving you to have to catch a waitress to get one.

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