Best Greyhound Sires In Australia

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• Tuesday, 29 December, 2020
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This site averages 4,000 hits per day, 460 page views and over 160 new visitors. Video streaming or audio clips of your sire's winning performances can be included on the page.

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If you offer a product or service related to greyhound breeding or racing, you can advertise on this page through either a banner ad or we can develop a web page with the address WWW/greyhoundsires.com.au/yourname with text and photos. Group 1 success evaded him due to a career ending injury in the Albion Park Final of the Coca-Cola CUP, after taking on the best sprinters in Australia in winning his heat in running sub 30 seconds again, winning by 4 lengths in 29.90.

HIS BRILLIANT PACE BROUGHT HIS COMBINED WINNING MARGINS TO AN INCREDIBLE 106 LENGTHS !! JUST THE BEST ’S sons and daughters are now making amends for their sire, his most recent Group winning son being ELITE STATE, Winner of The Australian NATIONAL SPRINTCHAMPIONSHIP at Angle Park taking on the top echelon of greyhounds from every state in Australia .JUST THE BEST’s ability to throw his pace into his stock was never more clearly evident.

CREDIBILITYWorth DoingBrother Fox Little BladePitstock ParkVersatile MissWaverly SupremeZimbabweNo LiabilityPretty ShortTangaloaPretty NewAnnerley AssetAnnerley FlyerSmooth NardaFLYING Amerigo Another Fox Little BladePitstock ParkPromises FreeTemleeTara SilkTenthill FlyerChariot SupremeWaverly SupremeMixed BlessingsNational QueenTangairnBay Road Queen Steward’s trialed at Sundown in 29.62, breaking Tent hill Doll’s track record, prior to running 29.80 in race conditions.

1923/24 Calais (GB) Cicero-Lily of the Valley; 8 29 28,379Arrowfield, NSWHeroic1924/25Valais (GB) Cicero-Lily of the Valley; 8 4738,876 Oakland Stud/Hidden Stud, Hidden, NSW Heroic 1925/26 Calais (GB)Cicero-Lily of the Valley; 8 57,368Oakleigh Stud/Hidden Stud, Hidden, NSW Manfred 1926/27Valais (GB)Cicero-Lily of the Valley; 8 43,455Oakleigh Stud/Hidden Stud, Hidden, NSW 1927/28Valais (GB)Cicero-Lily of the Valley; 8 36,166Oakleigh Stud/Hidden Stud, Hidden, NSW 1928/29Magpie (GB) Dark Ronald-Popinjay; 1 44,231Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1929/30Night Raid (GB) Radium-Sentiment; 1 48,359Seadown Stud, BIMARU, NZ Par Lap 1930/31Night Raid (GB)Radium-Sentiment; 1 27,449Seadown Stud, BIMARU, NZ Par Lap1931/32Limond (GB) Desmond-Lindal; 1 2624,332Koatanui Stud, Bangui, NZ Amman Ra 1932/33HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 94 25,468Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW hallmark 1933/34HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 32,851 Taiwan Park, Belong, NSW 1934/35HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 26,540Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW 1935/36HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 26,703Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW 1936/37HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 32,825Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW 1937/38HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 53,213Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW 1938/39HeroicValais-Chersonese; 1 35,496Tarwyn Park, Belong, NSW 1939/40 Beau Père (GB) Son-In-Law-Cinna; 3 31,295Westmere Stud, Kangaroo, NZ 1940/41 Beau Père (GB) Son-In-Law-Cinna; 3 41,710St. Au bins Stud, Scone, NSW 1941/42 Beau Père (GB)* Son-In-Law-Cinna; 3 23,410St.

Au bins Stud, Scone, NSW 1944/45Manitoba (GB) Manna-Berystede; 8 40,217St. 1949/50 The Buzzard (GB) Spin Kop-Valescure; 1 56,794Lyndhurst Stud, Warwick, Qld.1950/51Midstream (GB) Spin Kop-Valescure; 1 64,528Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1951/52Midstream (GB) Spin Kop-Valescure; 1 63,700Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1952/53Delville Wood (GB) Boys Russel- Everlasting; 2 59,090Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW1953/54Delville Wood (GB)Boys Russel- Everlasting; 2 94,974Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1954/55 Melville Wood (GB)Boys Russel- Everlasting; 2 64,829 Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1955/56Delville Wood (GB)Boys Russel- Everlasting; 2 59,364Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW1956/57Delville Wood (GB)Boys Russel- Everlasting; 2 72,709Kia Ora Stud, Scone, NSW 1957/58Khorassan (GB) Big Game-Naishapur; 3 54,437Trelawney Stud, NZ Tull och 1958/59-Star Kingdom (Ire) Stardust-Impromptu; 1 81,241Baramul Stud, Hidden, NSW 1959/60-Star Kingdom (Ire) Stardust-Impromptu; 1 38 77,515Baramul Stud, Hidden, NSW1960/61-Star Kingdom (Ire) Stardust-Impromptu; 1 81,862Baramul Stud, Hidden, NSW 1961/62-Star Kingdom (Ire) Stardust-Impromptu; 1 31 74,521Baramul Stud, Hidden, NSW Sky High 1962/63Wilkes (Fr) Court Martial-Sans Tares; 13 48 94,529Newhaven Park, Borrow, NSW1963/64Wilkes (Fr) Court Martial-Sans Tares; 13 44 110,244Newhaven Park, Borrow, NSWWenona Girl 1964/65-Star Kingdom (Ire) Stardust-Impromptu; 1 33105,138Baramul Stud, Hidden, NSW1965/66 Better Boy (Ire) My Babu-Better So; 2 $37176,220Range View Stud, Vic 1966/67Alcimedes (GB) Alycidon-Honey Hill; $13216,977Trelawney Stud, Cambridge, NZ 1967/68Agricola (GB) Precipitation-Aurora; $1212,776Te Parade, NZ/New haven Park Stud, NSW1968/69Wilkes (Fr) Court Martial-Sans Tares; $13312,148Newhaven Park, Borrow, NSW 1969/70Alcimedes (GB) Alycidon-Honey Hill; $13254,520Trelawney Stud, Cambridge, NZ 1970/71Better Boy (Ire) My Babu-Better So; $2285,236Range View Stud, Vice.

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Sires represent the best on offer from seed stock breeders of all beef cattle breeds around Australia and the world. Our stud and commercial membership levels provide the ability to submit bulls each year, and to receive a discount on all semen purchases.

The 2021 Magic Millions Yearling Sale at the Gold Coast ion January will provide the perfect showcase for the first offspring of three exciting young Cool more sires in Merchant Navy, Churchill and Caravaggio. Selecting an heir to a legendary sire like Fast net Rock represents a formidable challenge, but Merchant Navy chose himself with his perfect mix of Group I talent, pedigree and conformation.

Explosive gray sprinter Caravaggio only shuttled to Cool more for one season, but the dual Group I'm winning son of Scat Father was popular with Australian breeders who were bowled over by his stunning good looks. We have teamed up with some of our farmers to create the ABS Online Daughter Tour to share stories and showcase some of the best genetics in Australia.

You can join the tour at a time that suits you, from your computer chair, dining table, sofa, or even your milking shed! Leading greyhound trainer Robert Britton on the risk of feeding knacker meat and what to look for in a kibble.

Leading greyhound trainer Robert Britton on the types of bread and vegetables he feeds his race dogs and some potential hazards. Robert Britton on the importance of closely observing your greyhound’s actions the day after a race or trial.

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Robert Britton on the importance of trainers learning a basic ‘check’ for soreness and injury and when to see a vet. Peter Craig on why bringing a large team of greyhounds to a coursing meeting is not to your advantage.

Peter Craig explains why track stars don’t necessarily make top coursers. ‘You look at horse racing and (leading trainer) Darren Weir talks of using the big uphill straight at Ballarat.

Peter Craig on how trainers can use the coursing calendar to advantage, thus keeping their greyhounds competitive for longer. Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith on how applying the principles of breeding with dairy cattle has helped him produce winners on the racetrack.

Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith reveals the single most important quality to look for in a stud dog. Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith on the importance of bonding with pups and how disciplining them is detrimental to their racing prospects.

Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith on the housing of his pups and the role of exercise during the rearing period. Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith on teaching pups to walk on a lead and the use of squeakers and the bullring during the rearing phase.

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Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian greyhound breeder and career Barry Smith on selecting a pup among its littermates and how much to read into breaking-in times. Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian breeder and career Barry Smith on caring for brood matrons and young pups.

Multiple Group 1 winning Victorian breeder and career Barry Smith on the financial cost of breeding a litter. Respected greyhound vet, Dr. Chris Poem outlines the importance of immediately splinting an injury if there is any suspicion of it being a dislocation or fracture, prior to definitive diagnosis.

Socializing retired racing greyhounds with other dog breeds in a controlled environment can go a long way towards ensuring he or she is accepted into the Greyhound Adoption Program, and goes on to live a long and happy life as somebody’s pet. Recognizing and managing predatory behaviors is an important part of transitioning a greyhound from a kennel and racing life to retirement as a family pet in the community.

Get a notification when new genetic data is available for download Choose from nine language options Your genetic decision today becomes the calves, heifers, and milking cows of your future herd.

Decisions about both types of investments have a major impact on your life for years down the road. Your Alta advisor can help ensure that your investment creates genetic progress aligned with your farm’s situation and future goals.

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That means everything from setting the right customized genetic plan to selecting the right investment level to fit your long-term strategy. We know from countless examples of what we call ‘Proof in the Numbers’ that what you breed for today is directly correlated to the results you see in your future milking herd.

Just remember, the results these herds realize for production, fertility, and health stem from the genetic decisions they made more than 3 years ago. Work with your trusted Alta advisor to ensure your genetic investments and strategy align with your situation and future goals.

Among the new marketing lists, you’ll find an abundance of genetic options with the right profile to help your clients create more of those productive, trouble-free, Alta 4-EVENT COWS. Take a look for yourself, and you’ll find sires with elite production and optimal health traits (even with the rollback from the genetic base change).

These sires include a wide array of trait outliers and high index ranks to fit your genetic plan. When calving ease and high fertility are two of your main criteria, FUTURE STAR sires are some of your best bets.

Add excellent udders (+1.57 UDC) and sound feet and legs (+1.33 FLY), and you have the ability to create more of the Alta 4-EVENT COWS! If you want to more details on these changes, use these links, or find more info on the Alta website.

sires retired
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Alta Australia has again delivered world-class genetics for Australian Farmers. Allow (A2A2) is No.3 BPI at 415 and is just a sample of what the world’s leading breeding program delivers.

The Peak breeding program based in North America delivers world leading advancement in dairy genetics. Allow is an outstanding and rare example of production and health with a Combined Fat and Protein increase of 81 kg and health traits of 114 Fertility, 162 SCC and 112 Survival, plus the added peace of mind 104 calving ease, Allow is the perfect option for heifer joining.

With a different pedigree for Australia farmers being a Fascinated X AltaTOPSHOT, he displays the continuing improvement of Alta’s breeding program, and is available both conventionally and sexed (511). New release sire Altimeter, BPI 380 on the Australian index, provides outcross, (Bandages X Delta) with an outstanding AS of 201 combined with superior health 109, daughter fertility 165, SCC and 111 Survival and with improved feed efficiency, all makes Altimeter a bull for Australian breeders serious about improving their profitability.

Another bull with a different pedigree being an Altair X Main Event, Altamira offers farmers diversification in their breeding programs. Transmitting superior production High milk and combined F + P of 63 kg and 109 for daughter fertility, with outstanding calving ease of 103.

AltaHOTROD is an interesting sire, not only does he have outstanding protein improvement in his progeny (38 kg) but this is combined with Type scores of 113 and Mammary 110. For more information on any of our sire line up, go to Australia.altagenetics.com and download the latest ABV catalog or contact Tony Simpson on tony.simpson@altagenetics.com and ask how we can help you incorporate the right bulls to drive profit into your genetic plan.

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A genetic base change is an adjustment of predicted transmitting abilities (PTA's) for all animals in a given breed. This change resets the average PTA's for each trait within a new reference population back to zero.

With the April 2020 US genetic base change in mind, here are five key points to remember. It happens this frequently to ensure that the values for traits and indexes don’t grow to unrealistically high levels.

Dairy cattle genetics are continually improving, and the base change is the way to quantify the actual amount of progress that we’ve made for each trait within each breed. To account for this progress, the PTA Milk value for all Holsteins will automatically decrease by 492 pounds with April 2020 proofs.

Because of the downward adjustments, we’ll need to get used to new, generally lower reference levels for the traits and indexes that we affect our genetic selection decisions. Even though the base change will cause PTA values for bulls and cows to appear lower for most traits, it is the same adjustment for all animals.

Conversely, negative values mean the PTA for that trait will actually increase by that amount. Traits shown in red have made negative progress over the past five years.

It is times like the current COVID-19 situation where we are recommitting ourselves to our purpose, so we can continue to meet your genetic, reproductive, and animal performance product needs. This means eliminating high-touch interactions like handshakes and maintaining safe distances during conversation.

We are readying our domestic teams to maintain semen distribution, even in the event of any restrictions imposed by freight service providers. You can help by planning and communicating early about any service or supply needs that you anticipate for your farm.

Please communicate with your Alta representative any special delivery instructions that you would like to implement as part of your receiving protocol on farm. We understand the need to limit close contact during this time, and we’re willing to take practical steps to make that happen.

We remain dedicated to getting cows pregnant on your farm, and we have many convenient options to connect live remotely with your managers, so we can continue to monitor performance and share advice. We are passionately committed to the health and safety of our team, our animals, our clients, and our industry.

We are working on all fronts to support, and we will do our part to help contain the spread of the virus, including organizing our procedures in such a way to limit contact and maintain operations. A calf’s ability to absorb the immunity from colostrum declines at a rapid rate after birth.

You can see from the graph, that the ideal time to feed colostrum to a newborn calf is within the first 1-2 hours after birth. Recommendations say you should also offer a second feeding of colostrum within the next eight hours to ensure that each calf receives the energy she needs to get the best start in life.

In an ideal world, every dam will produce the amount and quality of colostrum that her calf needs. In order for a calf to receive the total immunity and energy she needs, it’s critical to feed her enough colostrum.

Find Holstein and Jersey versions of A2A2, polled, robot-suited and kappa casein sires, as well as a printable proof sheet. Alta ADVANTAGE sires offer diverse trait specialties and elite rankings on many customized genetic plans.

When a bull is first old enough to be collected, he simply won’t produce enough semen to be readily available to all farms around the globe. So while we work to build semen inventory, we give our committed Alta ADVANTAGE partner herds priority access to these elite, new sires that best fit their customized genetic plans.

Among these sires are a wide array of trait outliers, and high-ranking options to fit your genetic plan. About a year after a bull is first released, we have actual, proven results for both sire fertility and calving ease.

FUTURE STARS are the way to go if you want the benefits of elite genomics but prefer the added peace of mind of proven sire fertility and calving ease. You may give up some production and health as compared to the available G-STAR or ADVANTAGE only sires.

But you can rest assured, knowing that you’re upping your chances for a both a pregnancy and a live calf from an easier calving. Once there has been adequate time to collect milk test information from those daughters and/or analyze their actual conformation, the data is compiled by the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDC) and Holstein Association USA.

PROVEN STAR sires are for those people who only prefer the highest reliability genetic options. Now that you know the difference between each sire designation, and understand the progression a bull could make as he matures, compare the average genetic level of each group in the table below.

With that in mind, have confidence that using a team of sires from the Alta ADVANTAGE, G-STAR or FUTURE STAR lists will help you meet your goals. And if you prefer the peace of mind from higher-reliability proven sires, you’ll certainly find the right bulls to fit your needs among that list.

That is the key for you to drive progress to match your current situation and future goals. August 2019 ABV release once again confirms Alta’s ability to provide high profitable animals for any management type.

In this latest release, Alvarado confirms his place as an elite transmitter under Australian conditions. Alvarado ranks as the highest survival bull in the GBG Australian proven list.

Excelling for Production, Type, Health and workability traits, Alvarado is an easy-to-use bull. Excelling for production, SCS, workability and of course Daughter Fertility; it is no wonder Alterable is the #1 Survival bull in the breed and one of our most popular sires.

We expect more daughters to be added through the Spring to provide the required herd numbers to be fully reliable on ABV in December. Newly proven international sires have also performed well with an Alta favorite AltaTOPSHOT rocketing up the BPI(i) list.

Bulls that continue to maintain their great BPI status are Altaba 348 (Charley x Silver) A2A2, Altamira 345 (Altair x Main Event), AltaAROLDIS 342 (AltaROBSON x Oder) A2A2, AltaNIXIE 338 (AltaROBSON x Oder) A2A2 Alfalfa 331 (Quantum x Altering) A2A2 and Alone 322 (Superhero x Silver) A2A2. They join this the FUTURE STAR ranks after gaining calving ease observations to pair with their high fertility CONCEPT PLUS ratings.

The familiar names in this elite group include Clarendon, AltaBUGGY, AltaALTUVE, Altair, AltaWILLIE, AltaGILMORE. What makes this even more exciting is that we have numerous AltaTOPSHOT sons at Alta, who gained traction on various rankings to fit your strategic genetic objectives. Other new release sires include popular sire of sons 11HO11778 AltaROBSON, as well as AltaTURNKEY, Altaba, and AltaAMULET.

You can have confidence in the future stability of a bull’s DR, CCR and HER values. A new calculation update from CDC means that previous fluctuations for these female fertility traits should now be a thing of the past.

CONCEPT PLUS high fertility sires will help you create more pregnancies with conventional semen. So if creating more pregnancies is a main goal of yours, be sure to focus on fertility as part of your customized genetic plan.

Definite udder improve with high, wide rear udders with strong attachments Deep, strong cows to thrive in progressive environments High quality milk producers with a low SCS of 2.51 More than 250 guests from 21 different countries gathered together in Sioux Falls, South Dakota June 25-28, 2019.

We thank the following farms that opened their operations to share their progressive approaches to herd management throughout the three-day tour: Evenings included great conversation and friendly competitions for guests to meet and mingle with fellow dairy producers from around the world.

20 Alta ADVANTAGE Showcase Tours 13 years More than 5000 total guests 150 farms visited ~400,000 cows represented at these host farms 765 total Showcase Tour stations discussing a diverse array of management topics They’re not on your radar because they simply go about their business, producing high-quality milk with no troubles to you or your team of employees.

While genetics makes up only a small part of the full equation, it’s a real and measurable aspect of what’s in a healthy cow. In April 2018, the Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDC) released a new set of health traits.

These traits are based on the database of recorded cases of common, costly health problems in dairy cattle. These six new traits measure the resistance that animals will have to each respective health and metabolic issue and are in place to help dairy producers breed a next generation of healthier cows.

They include mastitis, labeled as MAST, ketosis (VETO), retained placenta (REP), merits (MET), displaced aromas (DA), and milk fever (MeV). Taking advantage of the new health traits in your genetic plan offers a great opportunity to create healthier cows.

For more than two decades, PL has told us how many more, or fewer, months a cow is expected to produce within any given herd. In the following example, we analyzed the well-managed, 2400-cow dairy that does a great job at accurately recording health events.

We looked specifically at cases of mastitis, ketosis, retained placentas, merits, displaced aromas, and milk fever. As expected, Table 1 shows that the cows in the High PL group had far fewer cases for each health event.

Environment, cow comfort and management practices all play a leading role in the health of your herd. Generation Count and a EX prefix have been added to full names to signify a hole in the pedigree or unknown dairy ancestry.

Breed Base Representation (BBR) is now displayed on all animals recorded with the ACA to represent the amount of Jersey blood within the pedigree. In addition to the number within the brackets, a EX prefix is also found on the majority of the pedigrees that contain a generation count.

The EX prefix indicates that there is unknown dairy (most commonly Holstein) parentage in the pedigree. The GC then tells us how far back in the pedigree the unknown dairy breed can be found.

If you see a bull with a GC but no EX prefix, that means that the missing part in the pedigree is an unidentified Jersey. BBR is a genomic trait that compares the DNA of a genotype animal to a Jersey reference group and all other breeds.

The Council on Dairy Cattle Breeding (CDC) policy is to report BBR values of 94 or greater than 100 due to standard deviations. It explains where to find generation count, the EX prefix and breed base representation.

The EX prefix in his full, registered name, means that the missing link in his pedigree, 3 generations back, is not a Jersey. C. Shows AltaBAYNES’ BBR to be 98, meaning he has 98% of his genes in common with the reference Jersey population.

The EX prefix in his full, registered name, means that the missing link in his pedigree, 6 generations back, is not a Jersey. C. Shows Altamira’s BBR to be 100, meaning his genes are all in common with the reference Jersey population.

Because there is no non-Jersey ancestry within the first 6 generations of Archive’s pedigree, he also does not have a EX prefix in his full, registered name. In order to fulfill this promise, we offer a diversified Jersey product lineup focusing on the traits that are most profitable to your bottom line.

We have the highest level of confidence in the genetic and genomic predictions of BBR 100 bulls. December 2018 global proof run continues to confirm Alta’s leadership in both hemispheres.

Alterable is clearly the #1 choice for Yield, Health and Type in the top lists. Not only does he offer high production, and an amazing equal #1 Mammary and 113 Daughter Fertility, he also is breed leader for workability data.

Alvarado is a genuine production yield improve with outstanding workability (including #1 Likability), breed leading Mammary 112 and great health including the #1 Speed rating for the top 20 SCS bulls. Alvarado, like Alterable has had a steady climb up the BPI ladder rating more than 100 points less a year ago with a handful of daughters.

Now with close to 300 Australian milking daughters, Alvarado is an easy “go to” choice for improved profit. With female conception rates at around 5 standard deviations above the mean in the US, I still expect his Daughter Fertility ABV to end up closer to 120 than 110, leaving a lot of room for improvement on BPI.

He is an A2A2 sire and offers high component production yields and great health. AltaANCHOR offers a different pedigree, Chichi x Oder and has a high quality transmitting ability including high component production (0.33%F and 0.19%P with 388lts Milk), great Health (112 Survival, 104 Residual Survival and 113 Daughter Fertility) and an exceptional Mammary rating for a genomic sire.

A Charley son, AltaSTAFFORD has the transmitting pattern of the modern commercial cow. His Type rating offers plenty of Dairy Strength, sloped pins and strongly attached fore udders with great height and width at the rear.

We hire and extensively train only those who share a commitment and passion to your herd’s reproductive success. Our scientists on staff are always looking for the best ways to enhance semen quality through extender research, potency trials, and more.

We implement the same, strict semen handling processes and quality control checks at each of our AI centers located in six different countries around the world. CONCEPT PLUS is based on pregnancy check results from Dream data in our large, progressive partner dairies.

Twenty years ago, we challenged traditional fertility evaluations to align with the real needs of progressive herds: creating efficient pregnancies. CONCEPT PLUS goes above and beyond today’s industry evaluations to bring you the most trusted, accurate, and proven designation in sire fertility.

This, paired with the fact that researchers could find no causative mutation on these two haplotypes, means they will no longer be reported. PEAK Geneticist, Doug Sjaelland, compares the improved accuracy of haplotypes to locating a house on a map.

The previous way of recognizing haplotypes essentially showed us which street a house is located on. Now, because of gene test advancements for causative mutations to determine haplotypes, we know exactly where on that street a house is located.

Because the haplotype updates will be accounted for within the Alta GPS program, you can have confidence that potential carriers of two bulls will not be mated together. That means your clients are protected from any potential fertility losses that could result in mating two carriers of any given haplotype.

While the curiosity around A2 milk grows, it’s important to evaluate whether this is just another fad in genetic selection, or a real future of the industry. So a person who has been clinically diagnosed with lactose intolerance will see no benefits from drinking A2 milk.

This means that the discomfort some people experience after drinking milk could actually be linked to an A1 aversion rather than to lactose intolerance. A less extreme option for large, multi-site dairies is to genomic test all females, and sort any animals verified as A2A2 all to one site.

But since those aren’t realistic options for most farms, another approach is to limit your sire selection to only bulls confirmed as A2A2. This also means that less than half of the bulls out there are A2A2, so you will miss out on some sire choices by implementing this as part of your breeding program.

However, chasing that bonus, if it isn’t guaranteed will mean you limit your genetic options. Regardless of your selection decision around A2 sires, make sure it aligns with your dairy’s customized genetic plan.

Emphasize the production, health and conformation traits that match your farm’s current situation and future goals. This will help maximize future profitability and genetic progress in the direction of your goals.

The new development around sexed semen fertility just gives you a more precise way to know which bulls best fit your genetic plan and strategy. IT’S COMPLETE CONCEPT PLUS accounts for the effect a technician or breeding code can play on a sire’s fertility within a given herd.

Coupon Holding BV and Cooperative Resources International (CRY) announced their intent to merge last December. Now, following due diligence and votes by each organization’s board of directors as well as the member delegates of CRY, the business combination is complete.

The formation of URLs, with its size and scale, makes possible a significant increase in investment towards products and services that will benefit producers across the globe. “The companies of URLs will be leaders in new developments for the cattle industry,” states Hartman's.

Hartman's adds, “Together, we can focus on producing high-quality and healthy food while contributing to a sustainable, productive and profitable global dairy and beef industry.” It’s also fueled by a worldwide team of professionals dedicated to providing dairy and beef producers with genetic and farm management information solutions that improve herd quality and productivity.

For more information contact Sees Hartman's, CEO at cees.hartmans@urus.org or Keith Hakes, COO at keith.heikes@urus.org You’ve had the option to include dairy genomics in your genetic tool belt for nearly ten years now.

Yet, we don’t blame you if you wonder whether genomic-proven bulls are your best option, when many daughter-proven sires still offer a great genetic package. With that in mind, we look for answers in the real proof data on bulls across the entire AI industry.

The blue line on top charts the average GTI by initial genomic release date. The orange line shows the average August 2018 daughter proven TPI for those same bulls.

The space between the two lines represents the average TPI change from initial genomic release to daughter proof. As you can see on the left side of the graph, the bulls first released in January 2010 changed 177 TPI points from their genomic debut to their August 2018 daughter proof.

This means the stability in GTI from genomic release until daughter proofs has improved by more than 70 TPI points! She uses this age group because those bulls released in 2014 now have a daughter proof for production, health and conformation traits.

Graph 4 shows the average NMR change and standard deviation of the same 1,073 industry bulls. Take a look at the top 10 daughter-proven TPI sires available from Alta today.

Yet, we see less change from genomic to daughter-proven TPI and NMR over time because of model adjustments made along the way. Select a group of genomic-proven sires based on your farm’s customized genetic plan.

Emphasize only on the production, health or conformation traits that matter most to you to boost your farm’s future progress and profitability. Alta Genetics Bulls continue to perform under Australian Dairying conditions.

With Daughter proven favorites improving greatly on BPI and new Genomic Superstars emerging, Alta Genetics have had an extremely strong ABV run. Our high genomic bulls from the April run, AltaANCHOR, Alone and AltaGILMORE made slight gains for BPI to 354, 340 and 331 respectively whilst newcomers AltaAROLDIS 356 and AltaSTAFFORD 330 blasted to the top filling number 4 (the highest Type bull in the top 5) and =22nd.

Full brothers Alterable and Alvarado maid great gains to 252 and 242 BPI improving for all production traits. Altering added global daughters and has cemented himself as true transmitter of elite progeny under any conditions.

With early Australian daughters now milking, reports of impressive udders, moderate, open dairy frames and high production are starting to be the norm. With an increasing BPI of 238, Altering improved for all production traits and now rates at 26 kg Protein, 30Kg Fat and over 850ltrs Milk good for an AS of 148.

Alfalfa, the outcross Top 10 TPI sire also made great improvements on ABV with 30 Australian daughters now milking. With precision fertility management, we are helping you turn data into dollars by creating more pregnancies.

We’ve compiled millions of pregnancy check data and delivered it through innovate tools to accurately and efficiently create pregnant cows. If you’ve used sexed semen on your dairy, you already know what millions of pregnancy check results confirm.

An orange CONCEPT PLUS icon or logo designates the bulls with the best fertility on conventional semen. The purple 511 CONCEPT PLUS logo shows you which sires offer the best fertility on breeding to Alta511 SexedULTRA.

The orange CONCEPT PLUS designation will continue to help you recognize which bulls create the most conventional semen pregnancies. We know differences exist in sire fertility, even over shorter periods of time, so to take advantage of the most accurate and current information, we now release new CONCEPT PLUS and 511 CONCEPT PLUS ratings six times per year.

Alta 511 CONCEPT PLUS sexed sires will give you the confidence to create more heifers and more pregnancies. CONCEPT PLUS is COMPLETE It accounts for the effect a technician or breeding code can play on a sire’s fertility within a given herd.

CONCEPT PLUS is CURRENT Our team is always collecting data Dream in our partner herds. When you want to create more pregnancies, take a precision approach to maximizing your herd’s fertility by using the right tools for the job.

Work with your trusted Alta advisor to define your dairy’s customized genetic plan and create pregnancies with a precision approach to fertility management.

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