Best Guard Rails For Toddlers

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• Saturday, 19 December, 2020
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Designed to be safer and more comfortable for your child, these bumpers by Kickapoo feature a non-slip silicone top and bottom to keep them in place. Made from responsibly manufactured CertiPUR-US® foam, you can have peace of mind knowing your little one should be safe from harmful chemicals.

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This bumper was invented at Stanford University based on the principle of “passive-safety protection,” designed to subconsciously alert your child when they are close to danger. Bed rails are a good alternative to bumpers when you don’t want to take up any extra sleeping space.

This swing down guardrail guard by Regal features a reinforced anchor system for safety and security. This exclusive swing down feature allows the rail to pivot down and out of the way, which should make it easier to get in and out of bed or for removing sheets.

The full steel frame is designed to provide a strong barrier to protect your toddler from accidental falls. Regal’s patented “Gap Guard system was created to hold the rail tightly against the opposite side of the mattress using two braces.

This guardrail has been certified by the American Testing Society (ATS) and the Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association (JMA). There are no tools required for assembly, and Regal has provided instructional videos to make installation quick and easy.

If you have a little person who likes to practice acrobatics in their sleep or require a rail for an older adult, this longer guardrail could make a good option. This product features a durable mesh nylon fabric designed to enclose around the steel frame for a softer touch.

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This toddler rail guard by ComfyBumpy is a universal model, designed to fit all mattress sizes from crib through king. The flat metal bars were designed to prevent uncomfortable bumps under the mattress that are common with many similar products.

The extra-tall sides and sturdy design should provide peace of mind that your child will be sleeping safe and sound in their big kid bed. The high-hinge and curved frame is a unique feature that is designed to easily swing down over the base, unlike other rails that stick out and pose a safety hazard.

Measuring 33 × 10 × 15 inches in dimensions, this smaller rail could make a great option for a younger child or for taking with you on your travels. Unwanted gaps should be prevented by the built-in brace that holds the guardrail firmly against the opposite side of the mattress.

When you need dual-sided guardrails to protect your tiny sleeper on either side of the bed, this double safety option made by Summer Infant is worth considering. Transitioning from a crib to a toddler or regular bed is a big step for little ones who are used to the security of their enclosed sleeping space.

Bed rails help to prevent accidental falls in the night and provide reassurance and familiarity for recent crib graduates. The sudden absence of crib bars can be scary, but having a side rail could help ease this transition and provide a sense of security to toddlers.

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Knowing that your child is sleeping safe and sound in their new bed means that everyone should be able to get a good night’s rest. A side guard on their big kid bed can help to provide a familiar sense of containment.

Consider whether your child moves around a lot in their sleep, whether one side of their bed will be up against a wall, and if you will require portable bumpers for traveling. If your child is still getting used to a big kid bed and may want to snuggle with mom and dad some nights, portable bumpers would be an ideal choice.

Fixed guardrails are installed underneath the mattress and extend to various lengths along the bed depending on the brand. Fixed sides may not fold down, but generally, leave some space that would allow a toddler to climb out of bed if they are brave enough.

While they are generally smaller and make a good solution to replace the sides of a crib when using it as a toddler bed, they can often be stretched once your little one moves into a standard mattress size. Height adjustments are designed to allow parents to select the amount of security required based on their child’s age and size.

Being able to fold the sides down should also make tucking kids in easier and provide access for changing their sheets. Larger size options are nice to have for families who co-sleep with their infant or toddler, or for younger sleepers who need extra containment.

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For children with special needs or older adults who may be prone to falls, large size guardrails are required for safety. Accommodating bigger kids or adults can be hard with smaller products, but these extended options can help to keep sleepers of any size secure.

These bumpers are designed to fit underneath sheets and can be a convenient option for visits to Grandma’s house. For families who like to travel or little ones who sleep in multiple rooms at night, having a portable option can come in handy.

If your toddler has decided that their big kid status means it’s time for potty training too, being able to quickly get them in and out of bed at night will be important. It may seem like a nuisance to have to measure before making your purchase, but this extra step could prevent you from having to go through the dreadful return process.

While a higher guardrail may seem like a good idea, it could hit the floor when folded down if your furniture is on the shorter side. Some manufacturers offer certifications to show that their product is free from harmful toxins, and other brands have taken care to prevent sharp or pokey edges.

If you’re worried about matching their new big kid decor, some products come in a variety of colors or fun prints. Now that you’ve finally gotten past the complicated assembly of baby furniture, that last thing you want is another product to install.

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Fitting your security sides should be simple and many companies have installation guides and videos to walk you through the process step-by-step. Ensuring your toddler is comfortable, cozy, and safe from falls is an important task and requires some planning, especially for active infants who move around at night.

Solid structure to hold in place 180 degree folds down for story time Lifetime guarantee Passes federal safety regulations Having peace of mind that your child is safe in bed during toddlerhood is an important factor for new and experienced parents.

Unless you’re planning on using it for another child or handing it down, then you probably won’t get a ton of use and could spend your money on something more reasonably priced. The height of the base can be adjusted from 0 to 9 inches to increase the adaptability and installing on different types of beds.

When you need to sit by the bed for a long time, our guardrail can be completely put down to the bedside to avoid discomfort. SURPLUS has brought to market a well-thought-out design for a special needs bed suitable for kids and toddlers.

Unlike the more common special needs bed tents for kids, this one doesn’t cover the top, which provides more space and a feeling of freedom for your little one. The second practical benefit is that the walls are both high and easily adjustable to drop so you can sit on the bed and play with your child.

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With just one click of a button, you’re able to lower the wall and hold your beautiful toddler with ease. Rest assured, the high walls also mean that as a parent or carer, you can relax knowing that your toddler won’t roll or be able to climb out of bed.

Peace of mind will help you sleep better at night, knowing your child isn’t falling out of the bed or banging into hard walls. The protective walled components also provide a feeling of security for toddlers to relax while falling asleep.

“Super easy, portable, low cost child bed bumpers” Safe Sleep Systems Rating: Comes with travel bag for protection and easy portability for packing in your suitcase, popping into your car or in carry-on for plane trip.

Assures even the most active sleeper a safe night’s slumber while you rest nearby with peace of mind. Simple and easy to put together, blow the child bed bumpers up, which takes 30 seconds, and place them underneath your bedsheets.

Once deflated, these child bed bumpers are not much bigger than a 500ml soda bottle, which is handy for any vacations, overnight trips to friends or family where you still want to keep your toddler happy and secure while they sleep. One of the most difficult parts of finding the best toddler bed rail is ensuring that it’s a perfect fit for your little one’s sleeping environment at home.

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As a parent, your sole responsibility is to ensure the safety and comfort of your young child. There may be other alternatives, but a bed guard that holds your toddler in place during nighttime activity can prevent future difficulties in sleeping, especially if your child is easily susceptible to trauma, which a nighttime fall can cause.

Without a doubt, a snug and silently sleeping toddler means parents or carers are also sound asleep. A guard rail that resembles the cot and provides the same protection can help ease their mind.

Each type will serve a slightly different purpose depending on your child’s size, habits, and nighttime routine. They provide a small walled barrier between your sleeping beauty and a possible fall at night.

We’ve found the best option for most would be the Kickapoo toddler guard rail from our testing. When your child has learned the ability to move in and out of bed without difficulty, it is time to remove the toddler guardrails.

Guardrails for toddlers are also built for babies all the way up to older adults, so they are very versatile and practical. If you have followed all the safety steps that we’ve discussed and what your purchased product’s information and guidelines illustrate, then your young child should be completely safe during sleep.

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Toddler guardrails are necessary to ensure both the child and parent or carer has peace of mind during nighttimes. Active toddlers or those suffering from complex special needs may need extra protection from falls, especially if the bed is higher up than usual.

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