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David Lawrence
• Thursday, 12 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Monday morning found me searching in vain across the internet and through U.S. So, I invented the Best Handrail and submitted my design with the necessary patent forms and received notication of patent-pending within a couple of weeks.

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The Best Handrail will help you and your loved ones navigate entry steps and other recessed or elevated living spaces, inside and outside your home. I know members of your family will benet from the stability provided by the Best Handrail, just as my wife does.

The Best Handrail could be the best solution for navigation, entry and improved mobility in your home. With our overnight shipping option, you can enjoy the benets of your Best Handrail tomorrow.

The BEST HANDRAIL will be your stabilizing support as you go up or down your entryway steps. The BEST HANDRAIL can improve you mobility by allowing easier access to areas previously avoided due to steps that were too difficult or unsafe for you or your loved ones to use.

The Smallest handrail extends a little more than 12 inches from the wall. The Standard of Middle sizes handrail extends a little more than 15 inches from the wall.

The Large handrail extends a little more than 22 inches from the wall. This will allow you to select the color and size handrail you prefer.

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A cart listing will appear on the right side of your screen allowing you to view all the items you have selected. You will then review the items you wish to purchase and click the “CHECKOUT” option at the bottom.

Handrails come in different sizes and fit on hot tubs that correspond to their height. You should look for a handrail made of a strong and durable material that resists both rust and breakage.

Handrails that are mounted to the side of the deck require specialized hardware to create a robust and stable foundation. Availability, duration, and terms of the warranty Sometimes you may end up buying a faulty product unknowingly or breaking it soon after purchasing it.

When purchasing a handrail, it is essential that you look for one with a warranty that not only lasts long but has favorable terms. This handrail has an excellent design that utilizes the weight of your hot tub to improve stability using its under-spa base.

This handrail is excellent for aging adults for entering and exiting the hot tub. It is made of stainless steel hardware; hence it is resistant to rust and corrosion that occurs due to long term use.

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It is easy to assemble and install Made of heavy-duty stainless steel for enhanced durability Comes with a significant-lock knob Its compact design allows easy installation, and the handle comes with an added advantage because it can also serve as a towel bar.

Can serve as both a handrail and towel bar Quite easy to assemble and install Very strong and durable It is powder-coated to resist rust Comes with all necessary hardware It is pretty easy to use and convenient too as its adjustable top bracket, and a long time allows you to install it anywhere you please according to your needs and preferences.

This handrail is suitable for recessed spas and offers added safety and convenience. Its excellent design, coupled with its stability and durability, makes it a unique accessory for in-ground spas and hot tubs.

We, however, recommend replacing the locking bolt with a pull-pin-locking mechanism to allow it to be raised or lowered to accommodate the spa cover. Its design also makes it quite easy to install on in-ground spas and hot tubs because it does not require any support or digging to mount it.

It is made from a durable non-metallic material Its material is resistant to rust and corrosion Its temperature is not affected by the weather hence it is suitable for both hot and cold conditions The lift turn feature enables it to swerve 180 degrees It is compatible with in-ground hot tubs and spas With its under-slide mounting mechanism and 360 degrees rotation for the handle, it’s competitive to other products on the market.

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It is compatible with above ground hot tubs and spas with heights ranging 40 inches. It is 30 inches tall to provide easy entry and exit from your hot tub.

Its ability to turn 360 degrees is also a big plus because that means that getting in and out of your hot tub will be seamless. Another reason for taking it as our top pick is its durability and simplistic design that eases installation and utilization.

When it comes to safety in hot tubs and spas, one thing is for sure, handrails are essential. They provide the necessary support, so you don't slip and also add the appeal of your hot tub.

When choosing one, always focus on its materials and critical features like LED lighting and the maximum angle it can turn. Handrails are essential in keeping you and the other people who use your hot tub or spa safe.

The support they offer minimizes the risk of slipping and also facilitates getting in and out of your hot tub easily. Answer : The mode of installation of handrails depends on the model and the type of spa it is intended for.

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Handrails for above ground saps are mainly mounted using the under-slide feature or screwed to the side of the spa or hot tub. On the other hand, handrails for in-ground spas are mostly installed by being screwed to the ground or the exposed part of the hot tub.

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