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• Thursday, 21 January, 2021
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But between quality construction, size, and overall design, there's actually quite a bit to consider when you're looking for the best garment rack for your unique space and needs. These versatile racks will work well no matter how you've chosen to style your place.

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With a top rod and two spacious shelves made from high-quality, powder-coated metal, this multi-functional garment rack can meet all your storage demands and help you stay organized in the process. While the rack is sturdy, it's also compact enough to fit in all types of spaces, all at a super affordable price point of just $30.

This heavy-duty, commercial grade double-rod rack by Decorous is the best choice if you plan on hanging a lot of heavy garments (think: winter coats.) It also has wheels, making it easily portable, along with heavy casters, so you can still keep it stationary when needed.

Built with heavy-duty steel for ultimate stability, it also has a single rod that can extend horizontally for extra space and wheels for added convenience. The 43-inch black iron bar is super easy to mount and can transform the corner of any room into a mini closet.

Larger and heavier works can be hung safely on a picture hanging system if specified capacities are observed. Check Capacities Carefully Ensuring that a system can handle the weight of the artworks you plan to display (or ones that may come your way in the future) is a top priority, so pay close attention to the published specifications for each component’s weight-bearing capacity.

You’ll find systems that use cables, tape, monofilament plastic line, and rods. For most applications, cable systems offer a great balance of these qualities and last for many years even under heavy use, while tape or monofilament can be an economical alternative (typically with reduced weight-bearing capacity and durability).

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Rods, especially when made of metal and not plastic, can be quite strong and wear-resistant, and evoke the very earliest hanging systems” that date back hundreds of years. If you’re going to invest in and install a picture hanging system, you should see firsthand that it can handle frequent rearrangement and exhibit changeovers, and inspire confidence in its ability to securely support unique and valuable artworks.

Halogens are the traditional choice for galleries and museums, but in recent years LEDs have become increasingly popular due to greatly reduced heat output and energy consumption, as well as longer lifetimes. Depending on the type of system, you may need an electrician’s help installing the lighting.

Previous 16 gauge steel construction for strong wind resistance. For 2" galvanized steel doors that will not warp, crack, decay or swell.

Integrated steel bottom guide system for better door control. Works with optional weather stripping to seal outside edges of doors to jamb.

Browse ProductsNextPrevious Round rail with flat sides for increased stability for heavy doors. Rated for up to 600 lbs per hanger pair on single trolley doors.

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Galvanized steel is wear tested for extreme long life. Browse Products Torture tested to over 225,000 feet of travel while keeping an operating force of less than 5% of the weight of the door.

Available with Berlin® wheels with steel roller bearings for quiet, smooth operation. Available with hardened steel roller bearings for increased hanger longevity.

Multiple configurations for rigid & offset adjustable bolts, as well as door strap options. Whether you’re a sneaker head or a Anglo devotee, you’ve likely grappled with the question of how to store all of your precious shoes in a cramped city apartment.

Keeping them in their flimsy boxes just won’t do, and a jumble of mismatched pairs cluttering your entryway isn’t a great look, either. To help you choose from among the experts’ suggestions, we’ve organized the products based on their consensus but also on how easy they are to incorporate into any closet or shelf you may have.

So we’re starting with smaller solutions that can make a big difference in organizing an existing closet, then moving on to larger shoe-storage options like cabbies, over-the-door racks, and even furniture. “Clear, uniform shoeboxes let you see exactly what you have, maximize your space, and give you an aesthetic look in your closet that makes it impossible to mess up.” The boxes, which come in standard, large, and tall sizes (for heels), work for shoes that are worn regularly as well as ones that need to be stored for the off-season.

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Plus, they’re stackable, which helps “to mimic creating shelves in some way,” explains Amanda Wis's, the founder of Urban Clarity. This ivory-and-orange ceramic hanging planter lets you elevate your indoor garden so that a curious cat won't mess with it.

Hanging by the included jute twine, it keeps a natural, homespun look, adding zest to a kitchen or living room area. Add gorgeous adornment to a wrap-around porch by buying this hanging planter in multiples and affixing them around the perimeter.

This beaded ceramic hanging planter adds a softer decorative detail to the modern, high-tech home. These dark wicker-weave outdoor pots are perfect for planting pansies or petunias, so their colorful blooms bring vivaciousness to your entryway area.

The pot has an internal wicking system that gradually distributes water from a 1-quart reservoir, so your plants are always perfectly hydrated. This spherical outdoor hanging basket from Terrain is best lined with moss or coco fiber to allow for water drainage.

It's constructed of steel with a beautiful pre-weathered patina, and its cage-like silhouette allows vibrant petals and lush foliage to peek through. This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses.

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Hanging meat up to smoke increases your drum smoker's cooking capacity by replacing the grill grate with a rack which allows you to smoke multiple pieces of meat at a time. These thick galvanized steel bed rail brackets form a rigid knock-down connection between the bed rails, headboard and footboard, all with the ease and speed of surface mounted installation.

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