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Phone: (714) 357-2714 Email: Ryan.P.F@hotmail.com Website: RyanPedigoHanoverians.org Pedigree: Registration #:Katie Smartphone: Email: katiehoefs@yahoo.com Website: Pedigree: Registration #: Barbara A. Schmidt, DVD Frederick J. Abbott Bridle wood Farm 11698 U.S. Highway 42 Union, KY 41091Owner of Record: Leather dale Farms 519-271-5322 519-801-2000 (text cell) 519-271-4021 (fax) Email: office@charlotfarm.com Website: www.charlotfarm.com (Cancara-HRB Century/James) Registration #: DE441416041414Susan Martin 421 Moore Rd.

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Email: conteros96@yahoo.com Pedigree: Registration #:Mary & Lester Buckley 1183 Logan Station Road Shelbyville, KY 40065Phone: Email: lesterbuckley@gmail.com Website: (Davignon-Carry/Caption) Registration #: 31316783196Barbara A. Schmidt, DVD Bridle wood Farm 11698 U.S. Highway 42 Union, KY 41091Owners of Record: Barbara A. Schmidt, DVD & Frederick J. Abbott Phone: (859) 485-6000 Fax: (859) 485-4567 Email: bschmidtdvm@fuse.net Facebook: Bridle wood Farm Hanoverian's(Don Churro (old.

(Escudo I-Laura/Laurie's Crusader xx) Registration #: 312313099Karen Holweck-Mulreany Silver Medallion Farm, Inc. 12461 Auto Drive Clarksville, MD 21029 Owner of Record: Karen Holweck-Mulreany Phone: (410) 531-6023 Fax: (410) 531-3725 Email: smf@silvermedalionfarm.com Website: www.silvermedalionfarm.com Pedigree Registration #:Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd.

Color, MD 21917Phone: (410) 658-9898 Fax: (410) 658-9228 Email: breeding@hilltopfarminc.com Website: www.hilltopfarminc.com Photo Credit: Caitlin Jones Photography Phone: (859) 485-6000 Fax: (859) 485-4567 Email: bschmidtdvm@fuse.net Website: www.leatherdalefarms.com Pedigree: Registration #:Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd.

Phone: (410) 658-9898 Fax: (410) 658-9228 Email: breeding@hilltopfarminc.com Website: www.hilltopfarminc.com Pedigree: Registration #:Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd. Color, MD 21917Phone: (410) 658-9898 Fax: (410) 658-9228 Email: breeding@hilltopfarminc.com Website: www.hilltopfarminc.com Pedigree: Registration #:Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd.

Phone: (540) 672-2777 Fax: (434) 962-3226 Email: Thmdoyle@cs.com Website: WillowHillEquestrian.com Photo credit: © Karen Pritchard Color, MD 21917Phone: (410) 658-9898 Fax: (410) 658-9228 Email: breeding@hilltopfarminc.com Website: www.hilltopfarminc.com Pedigree: Registration #:Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd.

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Phone: (410) 708-3098 Fax: (410) 778-6767 Email: barilar@aol.com Website: www.hphanoverians.com Pedigree: Registration #:Iron Spring Farm, Inc. Phone: (610) 383-4717 Fax: (610) 857-9106 Email: info@ironspringfarm.com Website: www.ironspringfarm.com Pedigree: Registration #:Jessica Mathewson: Fax: Email: jesssica@peridotequestrian.com Website: (Solomon de Hus-EM Rhapsody GDF/Rescaling) Registration #: 840023039668310Brittany Callahan Hilltop Farm, Inc. 1089 Despite Rd.

Phone: (410) 658-9898 Fax: (410) 658-9228 Email: breeding@hilltopfarminc.com Website: www.hilltopfarminc.com Photo Credit: Jo's Letterhead ‘16 (Now Or Never-Larinka/Bolivar) Registration #: 404046060400Kathy St. Martin 33575 E. County Road 1650 Wynnewood, OK 73098Owners of Record: Sheila Armstrong and Avalon Equine.

Phone: (720) 272-5998 Fax: (405) 665-1063 Email: office@avalon-equine.com Website: www.avalon-equine.com Pedigree: Registration #:Iron Spring Farm, Inc. Phone: (610) 383-4717 Fax: (610) 857-9106 Email: info@ironspringfarm.com Website: www.ironspringfarm.com (Jacomar-Pherna/Salvador) Registration #: 01.03263Edgar Shuttle Eur equine, LLC P. O.

Phone: (916) 203-2247 Email: edgar@eurequine.com Website: Eurequine.com Pedigree: Registration #: David Burke Pangaea Farms 534 Beaver Creek Road Marmara, Ontario Canada K0K 2M0Phone: (613) 847-5275 (cell) Fax: (613) 472-6333 Email: pangaea@kos.net Website: www.pangaeafarm.com Pedigree: Registration #:Phone: Email: Website: (Wolkentanz-EM Balloon/Bolero) Registration #: 034030700Marsha Anderson Hedgerow Farms 21740 County Road 88 Winters, CA 95694Owner of Record: Marsha Anderson Cell: (513) 673-3950 Fax: (812) 926-4295 Email: oakwoodfarms@yahoo.com Website: www.oakwoodhanoverian.com (Wallenstein II-SPS Silva/Match x) Registration #: 314607997Edgar Shuttle Require, LLC P.O.

Box 3271 Cuba City, CA 95992Owners of Record: Require, LLC, 90%; Rainbow Equus Meadows, 10% Their breeders are rewarded with a valuable painting and a well-remunerated check, supported by R+V/VTV-Versicherung.

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The Westphalia stallion Zoom and the Baden Württemberg bred Secret is the best represented sires with the most offspring, 5 each, preselected for the 2020 HanoverianStallion Licensing in Verde in October. Zoom Impresses The highly popular breeding stallion Secret (by Sean x St Moritz) had no less than 31 offspring from his first crop registered for the pre-selection, but the committee only accepted five of them to the licensing.

From a statistical point of view, the Westphalia Zoom (by Zack x Don Churro) did the best business at the preselection with 9 sons entered and 5 of them getting picked for the licensing! Baron (DK) First Romancer Dream of Glory Belissimo M Sir Donner hall I River man Benicia Diamond Hit Brendan II Benicia Sumeria Laurie's Crusader xx Benicia Don Frederic Flores tan Bob Marley Alvarado IATOS Rosalind Hotline Donnerschlag Rosalind Danone I Rubin-Royal On Four First Ypenburg Michael On Four DiMaggio Laurie's Crusader xx Bonds L' Despair Flores tan I Dancier First Romancer Sunlight xx D'avid Desperado Brendan II Diamond Hit Laurie's Crusader xx Lemon Tree Desperado Benetton Dream Sir Bed Desperado Sandro Hit Brendan II De Beau Lord Oxley Goldschmidt De Niro Sandro Hit Holstein De Niro Gold Laurent Charon Dancer Florescent De Niro Johnny Florescent Voltmeter Don Martial Sandro Hit George Bush Don Martial Laurie's Crusader xx Raphael Fahrenheit Royal Classic De Niro Farrell Liaison Castaño Finnegan Belissimo M Luciano Flan ell Laurie's Crusader xx De Niro Flores Prince Laurie's Crusader xx Maurice For Dance Don Diamond Glister Foundation Londonderry Brendan II Foundation Competent Amerigo Vespucci xx Liaison Florescent Fisherman Friend Millennium/T.

ABCDEFGH I J K LIN O PQR ST U V W × Y Z If you would like to read more about history of the Hanoverian breed bloodlines click here. Ansatz endowed his foals with light, free action, superb conformation and an unparalleled disposition, which made them extremely easy to train.

Agent II was regarded as one of the best producers of ride ability in modern day horse breeding. Argent an: Ansatz /Worms (Woman), born in 1967, died in 1996,16.1 h; Bay HanoverianStallion. Argentan was one of the most important founding sires of the modern Hanoverian.

Argent an was Reserve Champion of his stallion licensing in 1969, and the following year, was 4th out of 15 candidates in the performance test. In 1994, he was crowned Hanoverian Stallion of the Year as a result of his extraordinary success as a sire.

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He was the sire of 19 stallion sons, including Airport, Al Capone and most famed of all, Argentines and 119 States Premium Mares. Augustus xx was a top producer of dressage and jumping horses and is known for high ride ability.

30 day test scores: Temperament 8.13; Trot: 8.31; Canter 8.69; Walk 7.75; Ride ability 9; Benedetto was a Premium stallion at his licensing in Germany and imported to the USA he continues his success under saddle. Brendan's progeny have an overwhelming dressage weighting, yet he also produces an excellent show jumper.

Damage' sire, Darling, won the honor of DLG Champion Stallion in 1976. Hidden Acres' Elite Mare Heiress is from the Damage stallion line.

Dam sire Fancier is by the venerable Laurie's Crusader xx, HanoverianStallion of the Year 2006, a rare honor for a Thoroughbred stallion. 1997 : De Niro was the Reserve Champion of the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf with an overall 141.93 and was the winner in dressage with a score of 145.41.

De Niro passes on his excellent ride ability and fantastic movements as well as type and expression to his progeny. 2001: De Niro wins at the German Championships for Professional Riders under Dolphin. Keller 2002: International wins in the Grand Prix and Grand Prix Special in Seymour and Berlin 2003 : De Niro wins the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg 2004: After having already produced two reserve champions, De Niro's son Dancer becomes the Hanoverian Licensing Champion in Verde.

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2007: De Niro's son, Devereaux is the World Champion of the 6-year-old Dressage Horses. 2009: De Niro has two offspring in the European Championships, and with Dab lino the most successful developing Grand Prix horse.

2010: De Niro is placed 5th on the World Breeding Federation for Sport horses' list with 10 successful offspring competing internationally at Grand Prix. His son, Dab lino ridden by Anabel Bakeshop, wins team bronze at the World Equestrian Games in Kentucky.

De Niro's son, Desperado ridden by Fall Rosenbaum wins the German Dressage Derby in Hamburg. In his career as a sire, De Niro has produced over 70 licensed sons, and his offspring are successful in the dressage arenas worldwide.

He passed his 30-day test in Schlieckau with the highest scores (including a 9.5 for his canter and a 9.0 from the guest riders). Numerous victories in tests for young riding horses, including the 2004 Hanoverian Championships in Verde, and bronze twice at the Bundeschampionat in Waldorf in 2004 and 2005 are on record.

He became a multi-millionaire via his progeny's performance producing 24 approved stallions, 43 state premium mares and 467 competition horses. Don Frederico won the 1999 Hanoverian stallion approval in Verde and came second in the stallion performance test in Adelheidsdorf.

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Don Frederico was the top dressage producing stallion in 2005, 2006 and 2007, 2008, 2009 with a current breeding index of 148. Don Primer has been the world's leading dressage sire for four consecutive years, and earned an incredible 194 indexes in 2003.

In 2005, Don Primer received a Breeding Value Index of 157 points, with an assurance of 98% heritability, from the German Equestrian Federation. Don President: Dauphin/ SPS Florida Tosca (Fabiano); 2005; 16.1 (166 cm); Dark Chestnut HanoverianStallion.

Donner hall gave his offspring train ability and strength to handle more collected work. Donnerschlag: 33-06663-87; Donner hall /Parole (Pick König); 1987; 16.2h; Dark Chestnut Oldenburg Stallion.

Don Churro: 33-22439-93; Donner hall /Fiesta (Pick Tube); 1993; (172 cm); Dark Chestnut Oldenburg Stallion. Don Churro has been victorious up to PRI St. George and Intermediate I Level at international tournaments.

He is considered one of Hanover's best jumper producers and had been listed as #2 living stallion in production of winning dressage and jumping show horses. 4th place winner of performance test in Adelheidsdorf, overall score of 113.66 and awarded best stallion of the age group.

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Mares, 7 licensed stallions, also/including 19 offspring sold at Verde Elite Auction, and the dams of many top horses. Empire, ridden by Dr. Martina Fine has won over 85,000 DM in dressage at Grand Prix level.

Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna has this stallion in his pedigree. Grand Dam sire of Hidden Acres Farm's Savannah L. Areas Return to Top Areas (Florencio/Senior) 2006, 16.2 1/2 HH Hanoverian Licensed Stallion Reg.# DE 431 310057706) was Dressage Reserve Champion of his Adelheidsdorf 70 day performance test in 2009 with a result of 134.27 points.

Areas has produced numerous Champions at inspections and shows in Germany, Great Britain, Canada and the U.S. Areas has two licensed sons and a number of St. Pr mares in Germany which underlines this stallion’s impressive breeding quality.

He was also awarded high marks for ride ability at test, demonstrating a pleasing and uncomplicated temperament. Fabulous : 31-6000197; Fabiano/ States Premium August (Augustus XX); 1997; 16.3H; Dark Brown HanoverianStallion ; SPT Adelheidsdorf 1999; Overall score: 121.94 6(37); Dressage: 130.45 (5); Jumping: 98.14 (21).

Finer Stern; 31-0071583 ; Fraser/Goldblum(Gold stern); 1983; 17H; Bay HanoverianStallion ; SPT Adelheidsdorf 1986; Overall score: 126.49 7(53); Dressage: 127.87 (5); Jumping: 110.29 (15). Finer Stern received the score of 9's in trot, canter, ride ability and ability to work.

hanoverian stallion
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Ferdinand and his offspring were famous for jumping and dressage successfully competing in many championships including the Olympic Games. Champion of the 1988 Rhinelander stallion licensing and was immediately bought by the Landgestut Waldorf.

He won his Stallion Performance Test in Waldorf with a total index of 129,02 points and was winner of the dressage and show jumping division. Flores tan became a true foundation stallion stamping his offspring and creating a breeding line of his own.

Ninety sons are licensed for breeding and 222 daughters were proclaimed State Premium mares. At the 100-day Performance test at Dusseldorf he was awarded a perfect 10 for character and a 9 for temperament.

First Romancer stood out from the crowd with his movements swinging through his entire body, developing the highest degree of impulsion and elasticity. Top finish at 2008 Stallion Performance Testing, Adelheisdorf; Overall Score 127.76; Dressage 137.88; Jumping 95.55; Earned 9.0 for ride ability and 8.0's or higher for temperament, trot, and canter.

The Hanoverian G-line is known for its huge neck, round body style, and wonderful temperament, train ability and talent for both jumping and dressage. Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna has this stallion in his pedigree.

stallion hanoverian
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Under Dutch team rider Edward Gal, Garibaldi has become an internationally Grand Prix dressage stallion. Garibaldi is the sire of Any van Drunken's Painted Black and Moorland's Totals.

Totals has dominated the internation dressage world winning all his competition with unprecedented scores and movements. Elegance, ease, dynamic movements and highest willingness to work marks him as desired sire.

SPT Adelheidsdorf 1981 : Overall 127.92 (4/33) Nathan is the leading Hanoverian sire in Germany for producing both dressage and jumper performance horses. Nathan sires versatile, elegant, modern, large-framed horses of lovely type and with wonderful temperaments.

Laurie's Crusader improves the frame of the horse with long legs and big shoulders, ride ability and the thoroughbred mind for cooperation and collection. Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna is from this stallion line.

Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna is by this stallion. Lugano I, a successful jumper, typifies the contribution to jumping performance of Her Loewe xx in the Hanoverian breed.

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Matador ; Bay; Takeover Stallion ; Matador, is by the legendary Donating, sire of many top level dressage and breeding horses, including Dr Racer Like's Fabian and Olympic Gold Medalist Abdullah. Elite Mare Heiress 2012 foal Royal Dancer is from this stallion line.

Noble ROI; Windsurf I/Again (Chief);1982; 170 cm; Bay Thoroughbred Stallion. Hidden Acre's Elite Mare Fauna is from the Noble ROI stallion line.

Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna has this stallion in his pedigree. Scores for the Bundeschampionat: Trot; 9.5; Canter: 10; walk 7.5; Conformation: 9.5 Overall Impression: 9.5; Overall 8.88; Dressage: 9.14; Jumping: 8.43.

Rescaling was Champion of the 2004 Adelheidsdorf 70-Day Performance Test overall score 149.29 with a 9.34 in ride ability, 9.84 in trot, and 9 in canter. After having dominated the young horse championships at the age of 4, 5 and 6 Romanov made his “small tour” debut in 2007 at the international show in Linen where he came second in St. Georges and fourth in Intermediate I.

Dam sire Grandstand II is known for passing on sport talents for dressage as well as jumping and his offspring has competed at both the WEG and the Olympics. Agent II is known as a great dam sire of many stallions and marking his offspring with superb type and rid ability.

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Genius movement together with a natural ability to collect and convincing ride ability values make this black stallion a very interesting prospect for demanding dressage breeders. Rosario has won the Olden burger County Championship three times in a row, finished third in the final qualification at the young horse world championships behind Florencio and Lord Oxley and has now successfully established himself at S level dressage competitor.

Elite Mare Heiress filly Royal Duchess and colt is also from the Rubinstein stallion line. Rosenkavalier, was a stallion performance test winner is considered to be one of the most significant Westphalia sires today.

San Demo (Sandro Hit / Donner hall) 2001; black; 17h Oldenburg stallion ; 151.03; ten grades between 9.0 and 10.00 stand in his report card; 9 for trot, 10 for canter, 9.5 for walk and 9.5 for ride ability. San Demo was reserve champion of the 2006 World Championships for Young Dressage Horses.

Sandro Hit has started a new dynasty in the world dressage scene and is rewriting sporting and breeding history. As many as ten licensed sons have issued from his first foaling year and his daughter Poetic 2 was winner of the 3-year-old mare and gelding section at the German Federal Championships in 2000.

Sir Donner hall (Sandro Hit /Donner hall); 2001; Dark Bay; 17h Oldenburg Stallion was distinguished with a 1c premium and at his 30-day test where he won in all three gaits with top scores between 9.0 and 10.0. The 'foreign' riders awarded him 9.5 for ride ability. He won his 70-day test in Adelheidsdorf with a sensational result.

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Totals with Edward Gal, set and then broke his own Grand Prix Our world record three times in 2009, they scored 92.3% at the London International Horse Show at Olympia. His final result was projected up to 119,20 points Warrant was the winner of the licensing of the Hunsrück stallions.

He was one of the stars of the Cell stallion parades because of his excellent basic gaits and his expressive trot. Le Hot Shot, 2010 colt by Elite Mare Fauna has this stallion in his pedigree.

Weltruhm absolved his stallion performance test at the head of his age class. Weltruhm's daughter Vienna, belongs to the highest priced Verde auction horses of all time at the sum of DM 460,000.

EM Heiress's a 2010 filly Ryleigh Princess and 2011 colt Royal William are also offspring of Voltmeter Wanderers is regarded as one of the most influential stallions of the past few decades and is well known as a producer of riding horses with excellent train ability.

Wild Dance ; 31-4607997; (Wallenstein II/SPS Silva (Match AA) 1997; 16.2 h Chestnut HanoverianStallion, Winner of the 100-day stallion testing in Germany; Over 147 points in dressage/rid ability. Wild Dance and rider Hubert us Schmidt had the highest qualifying scores, routinely scoring above 75%; 2001 Bundeschampionat, 4th place; German Riders Leoni Bra mall and Hubert us Schmidt both publicly stated that Wild Dance has an exceptional temperament and willingness to work.

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Hermann when licensed in 1973 became a new standard for type, frame and movement- his elastic, rhythmic and elevated trot was unseen before. Wolkentanz I : 31-49123-91; (Voltmeter/SPS Lovely (Dübendorf); 1991; 16.1H, (165. cm); Chestnut HanoverianStallion ; SPT Adelheidsdorf 1994: Overall: 133.78 (1/37); Dressage: 140.53(2); Jumping: 109.56 (9).

EM Heiress's 2010 filly Ryleigh Princess and 2011 colt Royal William are also offspring of Voltmeter He fulfills the highest of requirements in regard to shape, dynamics of movement, charisma and riding attributes.

This is substantiated by his outstanding stallion performance test, which he absolved as vice-champion with a score of 133 points. He was a sovereign winner of the partial dressage index in which he gained 143 points and moreover was awarded the dream score of 10,0 for ride ability twice.

EM Heiress's 2010 filly Ryleigh Princess and 2011 colt Royal William are also offspring of Voltmeter Hidden Acres Farm does not own these stallions and is not responsible for any errors in this website.

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