Best Healthy Treats For Horses

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• Tuesday, 22 December, 2020
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I'm a young horsewoman living in a tiny home on a horse farm in South Africa with three dogs, two pigs, a long suffering man, and God's grace. This is to compensate their untiring effort in giving you a wonderful ride as you strode down certain terrains.

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Either way, the bottom line and the main reason that we provide our pet with the best horse treats is because we love them. We want to share and show our affection by rewarding them with foods other than their normal or daily feeds.

Seeing the animal enjoying a butt-load of sweet and healthy treats gives you a warm feeling of happiness. It may contain other kinds of flowers that could be poisonous when eaten and could put your horse at risk.

It may be sweet, and they would possibly enjoy this but running medical check-ups and processing your horse’s papers would show a positive drug test results. There are a wide options in terms of a good equipment and food supplements such as horse treats.

A cubed hay, apple slices and bananas are pretty much tasty for horses too. There are even specially made commercial products that are accredited and approved by World Veterinary Association or WPA and Animal and Plant Health Inspection or APHID.

These are products are refined or nutrition boosted peppermints, sugar cubes, raisins, non-shelled sunflower seeds and more. This is a handmade product on a large bucket, all for a good and affordable price.

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It has boosted, flax seed and protein to ensure that they have a healthy diet as well as being enjoyable to a horse’s taste. We would like to share a video below that could add some information as we might have left out some details in our description.

It is a homemade horse treats that you could avail over so many pet stores or online for a cheap and affordable price. This is a 5 pound pack, but the manufacturer is selling the treat in other sizes as well.

It was chosen to be a number 1 horse treat and a product of the year, but we keep an open mind for you to judge. Just to show-off how known the product is in the horse-owner community, below is a short interview stating the history and the purpose of why this amazing homemade horse treats were created.

Mrs. Pastures cookies at start was made only to be fed to her retired racing horse. The delight was later manufactured as she wants other owner’s horses the experience the same kind of nutritious and tasty treat.

This is a Peppermint flavored horse treats from Aloe Advantage and distributed by Rooster Booster. If you have some experience and know your way in the kitchen then it really isn’t that hard for you to find out how to make horse treats.

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As for those who find it hard to operate a kitchen tool or equipment, then you can try out this tasteful apple treat for horse from Manna Pro. This product treats is made from the USA with around 700 pieces in a 20 pounds bag.

The tiny chunks of treats are easy to chew and are a great positive reinforcement on horse training. To show you how fun and exciting this horse treats recipes from Uncle Jimmy.

Here is a short video review distinguishing this Squeeze Buns from other common horse treat products. Other than the convenience of having a transparent container, the purpose of it is to provide more comfort to the horse owner.

Individual wrappings allow you to hold on to your horse treats until the animal finishes his course of training. Among all horse treats recipe you can have, the certain thing is that you still need to do some effort in baking/cooking and some kitchen tools.

That is why Equus Magnifies brings you their amazing and tasty German inspired horse treats. This is used best for rewarding horses in their long intensive training or in camouflaging medications or vitamins.

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You can easily slide in a capsule, tablet or two to each nugget as you feed your horse. It is made from natural ingredients, boosted and fortified with all the necessary vitamins that maintain a strong resistance against harmful elements.

This being affordable, is a practical investment as it is food that is highly easy to maintain and keep up every time you are treating or rewarding your horse for its hard work and effort-full endurance. The treat is an oven baked food made from a combination of ingredients: grains, oatmeal, flax seed and other natural substances.

It has a variety of flavors to choose from, orange, peppermint, vanilla and grain. People who are treating colic in horses usually have a hard time giving medications.

Not to mention that it is advised to refrain from feeding them food derived from grains, seeds and oats. The bite sized treat can also be used to cover the bitter flavors of medicines.

Purina Wagging Train brings to you one of their amazing horse treat recipes in a pack. The treat is made from combined ingredients of apple and oat and an added secret recipe which makes it irresistible for a horse.

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It is fully packed with all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals to complement an ordinary horse feed. In other animals, a good way to improve a pet’s health is providing them with tools or equipment that compensates their lack of fitness.

Horses on the other hand are work animals that maintain a good shape and have a long-lasting stamina. This is a flavorful treat fortified with protein and other nutrients they need to keep healthy and fit.

It keeps our pet horse’s digestive track regulated while providing a tasteful treat filled with nutrients, minerals, vitamins and beneficial or friendly bacteria. It is an apple flavored treat that comes in a neat zip lock packaging, weighing 1 pounds or around 454 grams.

The nutrition they get from a carrot are all baked into one bite sized treat fortified with the needed amount of vitamins, minerals and nutrients. This is a treat that not only serves to be tasty but also compensates with the nutrients lacking in an ordinary horse feed.

It is a treat baked with banana and other natural ingredients that adds entirely to the flavor. It also contains the appropriate nutritional needs of a horse to maintain a healthy and fitting body.

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Mars Horsecar brings you the lovely treats for horses from BUCKEYE NUTRITION. A carrot is a chosen main ingredient due to the horse’s love of the root vegetables.

It is a Gypsy Gold Luck treat containing love on every bite. The treat is a great source or protein and fiber that keep a well regulated and healthy digestive track.

You can use it as a normal treat with love or a reward food if they have finished a course of training. This bundle treats is best for compensating health and maintenance that lacks in an ordinary horse feeds.

It contains essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals and uses only natural ingredients. It is a flavorful treat that maintains a healthy and fit digestive tract.

This finger, bite-size treats are best for traveling, training, showing, medication or antibiotic therapy, digestive disorder or if you have a plan of deforming your pet. As homemade horse treats comes cheap and healthy, it is at the expense of your time and effort in baking, cooking and looking for the right ingredients.

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If saving is all you need, then Manna Pro has lots of affordable Flaxen for your beloved horses. It works both as a treat/reward and at the same time a supplement to compensate the lack of vitamins and minerals from ordinary feeds and hays.

It uses flax seeds as one of its main ingredients and contains fatty acids or omega-3. It is a refill pack of 3 with assorted flavors from banana, carrot and molasses.

It may be purchase to be a refill pack to supply your current food container. It also has an added food supplement that would fill up the vitamins and nutrients your horse lacks.

The omega-3, flax seed and anti-oxidant along with all the natural ingredients will maintain the health and performance of your horse. Just for fun and to prep you with more information about the product, below is a video review that tells you all the things you need to know about this horse treats and some of its benefits.

It is also used as a nourishment to compensate the lack of nutrition, normal feeds provides. Not only that it is tasteful, it also has been fortified with the right kind of nutrients, vitamins and minerals to keep your horse in a healthy and fitting shape.

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The treat is made with delectable ingredients for your horse and with minimum amount of sugar. It comes in a 2 pound plastic container with a handle on top for convenient transportation.

It uses natural and fresh ingredients, high quality food mixtures. This is a bit-size treat with a round shape for easy chewing and to avoid any choking.

That is why Pro bios continues to amaze people who own a horse with their delightful treats that aids in the development of health and wellness of our animal. This here is an apple flavored chew-able treats made with glucosamine and chondroitin that supports the joints as it is the part of our horse’s body that bears the most stress and pressure.

The last horse treat in our long list of briefly detailed products is from Uncle Jimmy’s. It is a large pack of molasses flavored treat that comes in a container that weighs 3.75 pounds or around 1.7 kilos.

This treat will knock out your horse out of boredom and would be excited to bond, play or train with you. It is ideally used as a positive reinforcement at every time your horse completes a course of training or has achieved something.

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