Best Heated Towel Rails Nz

James Smith
• Monday, 30 November, 2020
• 7 min read

Heated ladder towel rails have their place, but they take up a lot of wall room and are expensive. Vertical rails are also considerably less expensive to operate as the unit wattage is less than ladders.

chrome towel rail otto heated nz
(Source: www.abiinteriors.co.nz)


Description: Latest designed concealed wiring heated towel rail. This heatedtowelrails is manufactured 100% according to NZ standard and comes with 1-year warranty.

A small, cheap timer could save households $70 million a year on electricity bills, a study has revealed. An Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority study found this habit cost the average household around $175 a year.

Jane Migounoff said with three children, two of them with asthma, the family felt it was important to have dry towels. If every heated towel rail in New Zealand had a timer, EEA estimated households would save the equivalent yearly energy consumption of a city the size of New Plymouth.

My bathroom is small and stuffy, and with the coming winter my towels never dry out totally. You can also use one of this thin upright oil heaters. Some of them even have timmers.

You can also use one of this thin upright oil heaters Sure you can dry some socks and undies, but not large things like towels or linen.

(Source: www.abiinteriors.co.nz)

We found they actually work better when you fold the towel over a couple of times before putting it on the rack, i.e. it's heating through a thick layer and the heat seems to disperse more evenly. I have found that they make the towels smell, and feel damp...wasn't a fan at all.

Except on the coldest days, the towel rail would also take the nip off the air as well. The timer was not built into the towel rail but a plug in type.

Harvey Norman has some towel racks on special ATM. It was on timer, but I wasn't paying the elect bill so not sure what it costs to run.

Oh I just read your post... u want to actually get the towels dry. Not just warm them up. I have an IXL 75920 . Model is about 2 years oldie uses 73 – 80 watts according to the sticker...works well but still takes about 4 hours to dry a used towel . Hot to touch, but I reckon the low power consumption is worth a dry towel in the morning link here to the current model www.ixl.com.au/towrl_4bar_spec.html.

# On/off switch with indicator light# Heat-up time approx 5 min# Dries and warms clothes, towels and other textiles# Ideal for bathroom use# Sturdy, durable construction I lived in the UK and loved my Aldi store (and the similar Lidl).

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Wonder when the “rapid, nationwide expansion program” mentioned on their website will bring them to SA! I lived in the UK and loved my Aldi store (and the similar Lidl).

Wonder when the “rapid, nationwide expansion program” mentioned on their website will bring them to SA! We were on a holiday in Syd and came back to Melbourne, and I was really annoyed that they weren't in Vic.

In the meantime, you can get really frustrated by going to www.aldi.com.au on a weekly basis and looking at all the great bargains that you can't get! A warm toilet seat is disgusting, it feels like someone else has been there not so long ago that you will catch any germs.

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