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James Smith
• Saturday, 14 November, 2020
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Before you put your hand in your pocket, count your pennies and buy a new heated towel rail, you need to be sure just how you intend to make use of it. Of course, the ‘usual’ place you think of when picturing a heated towel rail on the wall is the bathroom, but you aren’t limited to that space at all.

towel rail heated heat chrome curved 1200 eco 400mm rails
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Provided you take accurate measurements, it should allow you to do a straight old-to-new swap without much trouble, and this will help to save you a bit of cash too, as your plumber probably won’t have to move pipework around. And any additional changes to underfloor plumbing will require floorboards to be lifted, so keep that in mind if you have already laid new flooring, as costs could soon escalate and headaches could be on the menu.

If you’re heating the room, and it’s the main bathroom then you should invest in something that gives you the warmth you need for those cold January morning showers! As I alluded to above, if you have a small bathroom or ensuite, a heated towel rail should be sufficient to provide enough warmth for the room to stay comfortably heated.

Using our BTU Calculator will give you an idea of the heat output you need to go for and from there it’s just a case of finding an appliance that has enough room for the towels you’ll be using. A small bathroom, that’s frequented by a large family, might mean that you opt for a ladder-style towel rail with many horizontal bars.

So if you’re more inclined to look for something a little more outlandish than a standard towel rail design, going for an appliance like the Mazarin Grade could be an intelligent option. Though it doesn’t boast as impressive a heat output as some other towel warmers, it makes up for that with its unusual design and practical storage style.

They tend to hold less water than a steel design too, which can help to reduce fuel bills and minimize the impact your home’s heating has on the environment. The Milano Pass towel radiator (in the image above) offers up to around 25% more BTU's per hour than a steel towel rail of similar size and is also much lighter, making it great for internal stud walls that you perhaps thought would not be strong enough to support the weight of a heavy steel radiator.

rails heated towel slideshare
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A great alternative to chrome or mirrored towel radiator designs, a silver finish will add style and value to a space and become a talking point for family and visitors alike. With wall and floor mounted options available at BestHeating.com, whether you have plenty of space for an oversized design or are looking for something a little more minimalist, you’re sure to find something that adds to the heritage looks of your decor.

Flamboyant designs add value to a space and create a stylish focal point that is the envy of your friends and family, transforming the room instantly, while still retaining a practical element. Installing a heated towel rail need not be a difficult task, and if you have some basic DIY experience it should pretty simple.

If DIY really isn’t your thing, we strongly suggest that you avoid even thinking about installing a towel radiator. So, if you don’t have the necessary experience to get the job over the line, it’s just not worth the risk, and we would recommend that you seek the advice of a qualified engineer.

You may find that some professional tradespeople are qualified in both plumbing and electrics, but certainly not all of them, so, to get the best price, it is important to ensure you get the right person for the job. It’s very important that you do use a qualified sparky too, as quite a bit of paperwork will need to be completed to ensure that the work adheres to Building Regulations.

It’s also worth keeping in mind that the cost of the installation will vary depending on where you are in the UK, how busy the tradespeople are and if there is an emergency call-out to be paid too. John loves reading design blogs and bringing those ideas to the Advice Center in his own inimitable style.

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When he isn’t writing copy, you’ll find him reaching out to industry experts to get the latest on all the heating news. The perfect space-saving small heated towel rail choices for virtually any home heating system with several classy designs to choose from.

Having the capacity to hang up the bath towels and dry out before using once more is straightforward, however, an essential benefit. Present-day electric towel warmers can offer an attractive characteristic and utilize modest areas if you are seeking one that matches your style and space demands.

While small electric towel rails can successfully heat a compact bathroom, you will have to spot an extra radiator as your primary supply of warmth in a more substantial space. Steel panel heaters are a perfect option as they will have a superior heat output for moving around the shower area.

In case you are looking for something more fascinating compared to standard ladder bath towel radiators, there is a selection of curved towel rails available for a present-day perspective. Chrome is among the most widely used electric heated towel rail component as it is vibrant and cheap to operate.

Look for an electric towel rail heater with a timer, exceptional heat output and sturdy construct. These kinds of electric towel rails with thermostat permit you to establish a high temperature of your radiator to meet your requirements, or even preset the heat you need in the room flawlessly.

(Source: thedesignerradiatorcompany.co.uk)

An opulent electric powered stainless steel towel radiator with a reasonable price tag. This lavish heater includes higher heat energy production and denser rails compared to additional average towel bars you can buy.

This specific minimalist towel rail provides 23 rounded horizontal steps and offers a practical and classy centerpiece for just about any modern day bath environment. It's finished in refined steel, that not just provides it a contemporary and opulent look, but additionally causes it to be durable and incredibly simple to clean.

This bathroom towel rail may be attached to a central home heating system whenever equipped with a couple of appropriate valves. Enjoy a traditional look in your bathroom while maintaining it warm and comfortable, using the fashionable Flavia heated bathroom towel rail by Phoenix.

It's a flexible radiator with a stylish structure and good quality stainless steel finish. This particular towel rail incorporates a high temperature production of 712 BTU each hour, as well as 209 Watts.

10 Years Warranty Coming From Phoenix Comes With Anti Rust Thermal Liquid Heated Towel Rail Will Not Blemish, Rust High Temperature Productivity 209 Watts Pre-Filled Electric Power Bath Towel Rail Top Quality Manufacturing Components It will have to be plumbed directly in to your central heating organization, but this edition is a very fashionable item with a present-day style.

heated towel rails c4d turbosquid
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Pipe center on 58 cm essential to be plumbed directly in to central heating organization. Regular model comes with a fashionable styling tipped top rail, just right for towels.

Our selection of designer heated rails provide a myriad of choices to heat-up your bathroom and warm-up your dressing gowns.

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