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SKU: 592U Size 100 yd Type Transfer tape Download or Print Data Sheet One of the bumps in the vinyl graphics learning curve is figuring out what tape to use for your particular job.

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Once you’ve cut and weeded your graphics, they’re still lying there on the release liner, full of promise, yet somehow incomplete. Whether your graphics need to get to Banner Heights, Coloplast Corners, or Magnetic Manila, they can’t make the journey without transfer tape.

The tape is then laid down in a smooth flat covering over the cut and weeded letters. Then, as the tape is pulled away, it brings the vinyl along for the ride, transferring your letters and graphics to a happy productive life in Aluminum Acres.

Good quality application tape will tear clearly with no “stringier” of adhesive. Paper tape can be purchased in low, medium, or high tack variants.

The other major advantage of paper tape is the porous nature of the face film. Users who want to expand the margin of error when applying the pre-masked letters to the substrate can add a light coating of application fluid that lubricates the substrate, retarding the adhesive of the tape and vinyl just enough to allow them to move it into position.

This wet application process can trap fluid under the tape. Because of its paper face film, it’s not as useful for building multi-colored vinyl graphics that require precise registration of one layer upon another.

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And if you’re selling DIY graphics that your customer will install him or herself, the paper pre-made dilutes the visual appeal of your product. The need for more transparency or better presentation quality leads many people to choose clear tape.

The clear plastic construction provides the transparency some sign makers need. As noted above, it also makes the pre-market image more appealing for DIY customers because the underlying vinyl design is clearly visible.

Clear application tape makes registration of multi-color decals easier. It doesn’t work as well for wet applications because the fluid can’t pass through the face film.

Clear tapes also tend to have lower tack adhesives and are therefore not as effective in transferring certain kinds of vinyls. The plastic face film tends to generate a static charge, especially in arid environments.

The plastic face film tends to melt at the temperatures required for successful thermal transfers. There are heat-resistant clear tapes used for T-shirt transfers, but they’re special products not well suited to standard vinyl graphics applications.

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RACIAL 641and 651 are stiffer films that require higher tack tapes to get them off the liner. Using hightacktape to apply a graphic to a super smooth surface like glass or painted aluminum isn’t ideal.

These products also works very well for applying RACIAL 631 and EnduraMATTE to smooth painted walls for interior decor graphics. This is usually not a problem in the sign industry, but is fairly common for installers decorating interior walls with “knockdown” textured surfaces.

Our new EnduraMASK MET 130 medium- high tack paper tape excels in these applications. It features a medium tack adhesive engineered to work with matte vinyls used for interior wall decor.

Like Preview Plus, it strikes a balance between the tack levels and properties needed for release and transfer. Once you’ve decided to use paper or clear tape, and determined the right tack level for your vinyl graphics, you will have narrowed the field somewhat.

Tear quality: Tape is generally used in sections, torn off by the installer. Low quality tape tears unevenly in useless, ragged little pieces.

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Good quality tape tears cleanly and predictably, so you can pull off the size you want in one attempt. Besides being a nuisance, this stringing can make an uneven adhesive bond with the vinyl and degrade performance.

Proper application technique helps, but opting for a higher quality paper tape makes this work-stopping problem much less frequent. This benefit is primarily for those selling pre-market vinyl graphics to be installed by the end user or a third party.

Standard paper tapes will begin to curl away from the vinyl after a few hours. If your “DIY” customer comes in to pick up their decal and the edges of the tape are peeling upward with two days of collected dirt on them, it makes your product look cheap and grungy.

An application tape with superior lay flat properties preserves your professional quality presentation. R- Tape AT75 Clear Choice has an embossed face film that creates a grid pattern of air-egress micro-tunnels in the adhesive layer.

The smooth plastic surface of the face film can easily generate a static charge as the tape is unwound. One of the other benefits of the embossed liner on the R- Tape AT75 Clear Choice is the reduction of static.

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Because the face film isn’t as smooth as normal clear tapes, less friction is generated and therefore, less static electricity. You can reduce static by unrolling the tape more slowly, or by spraying the top of the face film with a very light mist of Rapid TAC.

Whatever your digital graphics application, it’s a good bet you’ll need transfer tape at some point to bridge the gap from design to installation. Choosing the best tape for the job can smooth out the various wrinkles in the vinyl graphics process.

Because of customer feedback and changes in the industry, we tested Main Tape’s Preview Plus GXF101 high tack transparent transfer tape against its medium tack variant, GXF100. Based on our testing, the GXF100 is a better option, not only for textured surfaces, but also for transferring vinyl to ultra-smooth substrates like glass.

1) Optical Clarity Preview Plus GXF100 is one of the few products in the sign industry that was specifically designed for interior walls. It addresses the needs of this challenging market in several ways, but the two most important are its clarity and adhesive properties.

It also looks better if you’re selling “do it yourself” graphics because the customer can clearly see what they purchased in full color without the dulling effect of paper tape. 2) Selective adhesion The greatest thing about GXF100 is that it strikes a perfect balance between release and transfer, especially on textured walls.

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This allows installers to remove the tape without automatically pulling the vinyl letters off the wall. With these challenging wall surfaces, even the best of tapes may require some technique to complete the transfer.

If you’re applying vinyl to rough walls, the low contact area between the substrate and adhesive may require you to work the tape off gradually, using your squeegee to press the vinyl to the wall as you remove the tape (Fig 1). When designing a graphic for porous surfaces, the bigger the contact area between vinyl and wall, the more secure the bond will be.

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