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Mission Peak Regional Preserve Length: 7.3 mi • Est. This gradual route is a less-strenuous option for hiking to the top of the popular East Bay peak.

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It starts from the parking lot at Oh lone College along Mission Boulevard in Fremont, California. Abundant parking at Oh lone College on the weekend makes this trailhead a welcome alternative to the Stanford Avenue entrance which fills quickly.

Impressive views of the Diablo Range and San Francisco Bay open up on the way up. Don't be surprised if you see deer and coyotes the ground and raptors and vultures soaring overhead.

Fall is OK; summer's too hot during the day, but many hikers hit the summit at sunset and hike down after dark (best done under a full moon). Coyote Hills Regional Park Length: 3.1 mi • Est.

Trail Highlights: This hike takes you past the Dairy Glen group camping area and out around the base of the hills to provide great views of the bay and the multicolored salt evaporation ponds. Seagulls wheel high above you as you are buffeted by the cool bay air.

If you are lucky, you may catch a glimpse of a bald eagle amongst the seagulls, shorebirds, and redwing blackbirds that call the park their home. The trail is mostly flat and much of it is paved, making it a good choice for runners and walkers alike.

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The plateau rises quickly and steeply from the bay plain and towers over one thousand feet above the cities below, overlooking Nile's Canyon, Fremont, Union City, Newark and the San Francisco Bay beyond. Atop the plateau a pastoral landscape predominates, and golden eagles, hawks, deer, bobcats, frogs, snakes and a variety of other animals make their home in the open grasslands, ponds and steep wooded canyons.

These characteristics make the park a great place for outdoor recreation and nature appreciation on the urban/ wild land edge. Trails Highlights: Vargas Plateau is one of the more recent District parks to open to the public.

The scenic trail slowly wraps up to the top of a lookout point, offering panoramic views of the surrounding cities (San Jose and Coma Pietà to the south, Mission Peak, Mt Hamilton and Rose Peak to the southeast, Sunil ridge to the north and San Bruno Mt, Twin Peaks and San Francisco to the west). Vargas Plateau is an open range park so be watchful for roaming cows.

Golden Eagle Trail will contour around the hill and continue through another gate. Lake Elizabeth Fremont Central Park Length: 2.1 mi • Est.

Most wheelchair, mobility equipment, and stroller users will find this trail navigable. According to Access Northern CA (http://accessnca.org/access-northern-california/explore/explore-detail-view/?site_id=40): This paved trail along Alameda Creek from Nile's Canyon to the bay attracts bicyclists, skaters, runners, and equestrians.

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It will lead you west a couple of miles out into the salt flats at the Bay, or east following Alameda Creek to its source ten-miles away in Nile's Canyon. At Nile's Staging Area, the creek runs over a rocky bed and people picnic or fish (not accessible pier) from willow-shaded banks.

The trail is accessible from several thoroughfares in the Fremont, Union City and Newark areas. For the first four miles heading east, there's no shade or facilities until you reach the Beard Staging Area.

Following the creek downstream on the southern trail, you pass under Mission Blvd. And, 0.75 miles further, pass the Alameda County Water District’s three rubber cofferdams.

Inflated year-round except during storms, these dams transform the creek into a series of long ponds. In the dry season, they reduce the creek’s flow to a trickle, leaving the exposed streambed covered with cattails.

You'll pass residential areas and some sections are partially shaded by locust, pepper, pine, and eucalyptus trees. The trail on the south bank provides access to Coyote Hills Regional Park.

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An additional 3.5 mile loop trail making the run west from Nile's Canyon along the trail, through Coyote Hills and back again, qualifies in distance for marathon runs. For those who want to clock shorter distances along the trail, markers have been installed at quarter-mile intervals.

The automobile bridge on Isherwood Way has no curb cuts, and the surface of the northern trail makes for a very bumpy wheelchair ride. Continuing on the southern trail, you pass residential backyards for the next two miles before coming to the Beard Staging Area, the last stopping place with amenities before you reach Coyote Hills Regional Park another four miles down the trail.

Wherever the trail passes under a road, there are steep slopes that may be challenging for manual wheelchair users. Because of the lack of trees and the altitude, you will have beautiful views of San Jose and the Bay Area on a clear day.

This waterfront trail is flat and beautiful, featuring not only two lakes and a slough, but also a stroll through the fruit tree grove. However, if you come during spring or fall, you may be able to see the many migratory birds that rest in Alameda Creek, which is a stop along the Pacific Flyway.

Turn left onto Old Creek Trail, following it straight for a short way, and then to the right, across the lake for about a half mile. Turn left on Islam Tree Ranchers Trail to take the .72-mile loop walk through the rare fruit tree grove.

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Andrew L. said “I'm writing to express how blessed I am to have the opportunity to volunteer and proudly be a member of this great organization. Dawn G. said “The arboretum is a great location for a short stroll, a long power walk, or a picnic with a view.

The 550+-mile multi-use loop is designed along the San Francisco Bay (currently over 330 miles complete) hill and mountain ridge lines. The rich and varied history of the park also includes activities related to mission and settler ranching and agriculture.

SPECIALTY: Birding, Road Biking, Bicycling, Running, Beach, Dogs on Leash, Lake, Wild Flowers, Picnicking, Bird Watching, Nature Trips, Fishing, Exploration, Mountain, Walking, Jogging & Wildlife TAR ® Inspection Report: QUARRY LAKES REGIONAL RECREATION AREA 2100 Isherwood Way, Fremont, CA 94536 Directions Here’s The Deal:” Quarry Lakes Regional Recreation Area offers beautiful opportunities for travelers to walk and ride bicycles.

All of our hiking trails actually face a rigorous 50-Point Inspection, which includes customer reviews, history, complaints, ratings, satisfaction, trust, cost and general excellence. If you’re looking for an adrenaline-filled day during your visit to Miami, take a break from the beach and hit one of the area’s heart pounding action parks.

Soak up summer fun at these splash and play parks. With its wide range of nature-based activities in amazing state and national parks, beautiful Beau...

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From the Atlantic Ocean to Biscayne Bay, Miami is centered on the water. That makes it a prime destination for getting out on the crystal blue seas on a Miami b...

Key Biscayne’s nature center, the Marjory Stone man Douglas Biscayne Nature Center at Brandon Park, is a beautiful facility and the best place in town to learn a... It’s hard to believe that about 133 years ago you could buy 40 acres of land, on Biscayne Bay, for $400.

Drive past the ranger station and through the gates of Leta River State Park and a feeling of tranquility washes over you as you enter a quiet world of tangled... Brandon Park: Key Biscayne’s Hidden Outdoor Gem Brandon Park, an 800-acre oasis on Key Biscayne, was once part of the country’s largest coconut plantation.

A beautiful oasis inspired by Mediterranean architecture, the Venetian Pool is a unique part of Miami’s hist... Hialeah offers plenty of public parks and areas to cool off with a swim.

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