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Elaine Sutton
• Wednesday, 04 November, 2020
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Video shows white man trashing convenience store, harassing employee with anti-Muslim slurs Best horoscope sites is ranked according to the amount of traffic based on the Alexa Traffic Rank.

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Bookmark this list of the 50 best astrology sites for future reference. Best horoscope sites was last updated on November 11, 2021.

Add your website to the comments below and find your Alexa Rank with the Chrome Extension, Safari Extension or the Alexa Toolbar. Not all free online daily horoscopes are written by actual astrologers, but there are indeed real and serious ones.

Every human astrologer has a different style and approach to chart interpretation and forecasting. I've talked with or emailed most of them, and they genuinely write original daily, weekly, and/or monthly forecasts.

Georgia Nichols (CA) Marjorie Orr (UK) Rob Gillett (AU) I usually monitor online astrologers for months and sometimes contact them before making recommendations.

* Rick Levine now has his staff of genuine astrologers writing horoscope columns. Intelligent, lengthy horoscopes, done in “decays” for greater accuracy, are published on that site.

(Source: mas.txt-nifty.com)

Some astrologers ask readers to register for free horoscopes or offer paid memberships allowing access to in-depth information or the next day's horoscope. One premium daily horoscope site that professional astrologers consider worth its price is AstroDienst.

As hard as it is to believe, horoscope writing, online or in print, pays very little. So astrologers often sell from their personal websites natal horoscopes, compatibility readings, answers to questions (hoary astrology), telephone consultations, books or e-books, apps, or memberships with exclusive benefits.

I can't guarantee that all the above paid horoscopes will be fully custom-written or will exactly forecast your future, but selling them is legitimate. What's not legitimate: an astrology website plastered with advertisements for “psychic” services.

Some “clairvoyant” or “psychic” services exploit people's confusion about the difference between astrology and fortunetelling. Genuine astrology is learned and takes years to master.

Astrology is never clairvoyant, psychic, supernatural, intuitive, magical or inborn. Any “free trial offer” reading said to be personalized for you is computer-generated and generic.

(Source: mas.txt-nifty.com)

Most genuine astrologers have two names, so you can google them or buy their books. A genuine astrological chart is very technical and unique, and takes time to interpret fully.

Author claims to be a “psychic,” a medium, a shaman, a priest, a clairvoyant, a spell-caster, or a prophet. Astrologer's website features an oversized professional color glamour photo of the astrologer, looking hot or mysterious, or a photo of what is obviously a model.

Googling the astrologer reveals bitter consumer complaints of actual money ripoffs. Many online psychic ads offer free bogus horoscopes or tarot readings which send the same message to everyone who asks.

Usually these are very long messages trying to sell you a high-priced “clairvoyant” or “psychic” “second reading,” then a third one, and so on. I investigate for months, trace website ownership, buy readings, make calls, consult consumer reports, look at the Payback Machine and social media sites, and so on to make sure these are computerized corporate entities or scams, not people.

Pasqualina George Tupac (He's “on shamanic retreat,” meaning “out of business.”) Sara Feeder (brought to you by the hosts of the discredited “Jenna” and “Norah”) Diana-Numerologist Julia-Clairvoyance “Eric McCallum” and Numerologysecret.com “Aiden Powers” and Authenticnumerology.com “Katherine” and AstrologyAnswers.com (“Katherine” now uses the name of “Adrian Ross Duncan,” a genuine astrologer who sold AstrologyAnswers the right to use his name.

If you find many bitter complaints, all the evidence, starting with the fake horoscope, points to bakery overall. “Eric McCallum” predicts for everyone a “rare” and lucky “Temporal Pinnacle” when there is no such thing.

Sylvia Sky does not select or endorse any ads appearing on her pages. Content is for informational or entertainment purposes only and does not substitute for personal counsel or professional advice in business, financial, legal, or technical matters.

There is no real person and the site is owned by a man in China who also runs Angela, Padre, Celeste etc and spends thousands on advertising and phishing emails and free readings. I am researching on zodiac signs since many decades and I found that they are correct.

Great article which tells the truth about astrologers, their limits, and the fact they expect to be paid for their work! I am not Tara-Medium I often get mixed up because this fake site ripped off my content on YouTube.

I applaud you rooting out many of these fake hoax rip off sites. I understand why you are warning the naive and against the combination as many fakes and newbies are hyping up astrology these days to jump on the bandwagon I am a natural psychic and intuitive.

I write horoscopes for Phonology, The Cosmic Intelligence Agency and other sites. The e-mails people get from the free Reading phishing are just a simple Astrology program.

There is no “Diana Rose” -- “she” is a fictional figurehead created by a French company to scam people attracted by the offer of a free reading. No genuine professional astrologer offers free introductory readings -- especially to the whole Internet.

If you mean Adrian Ross Duncan, so many have asked about him that I finally contacted him to get the facts. He is a genuine astrologer, but has a business association with the questionable site AstrologyAnswers.com which signs his name to their rather cheesy emails, which he doesn't personally write, and he says he doesn't have the time to okay them all.

When I read her long messages I feel psychologically puzzled, and I seem to be almost on the verge of accepting her offers. With a massive online following, a huge array of features and an easy-to-use and intuitive website that makes users want to keep coming back, Astrology.com has firmly settled into the number one spot in this category.

One of the oldest sites we have reviewed in this category, Keen.com has been providing its users with high quality, exciting and fun astrological services since it opened its doors (so to speak) in 1999. Since then, hundreds of thousands of users have relied on the personal advice and spiritual guidance on offer at this site, making it one of the most popular we...

Writing over 25,000 words a week for his own website and for a number of British publications (including the Daily Mail newspaper), Gainer has become prolific in the astrology market having achieved worldwide notoriety. Ganesha Speaks is a great astrology and horoscope site that offers an excellent overall service with a wide range of unusual features.

While those users who aren’t familiar with Vedic astrology will get a chance to try it out at this site, the good thing about Astrology is that it acts as a “jack...

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