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Bob Roberts
• Friday, 30 October, 2020
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Wild horses were domesticated over 5,000 years ago in Central Asia. The United States of America leads the list of countries with the most horses with over 10 million head, followed by Mexico, China, and Brazil.

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Your adventure starts where the roads stop, as you traverse fields, beaches, mountain ranges and more atop an equine companion. I’m counting down the same of the world's best trails to experience and the beautiful estates and farms you can stay at while you visit.

Go for a scenic and sunny ride when you stay at Alisa Ranch in Santa Barbara’s wine region. You can come here as a total novice or an advanced rider, with 100 horses to choose from, the ranchers will make sure you’re with a group that matches your abilities.

There’s an option for an early morning breakfast ride where you’ll enjoy eggs, bacon, sausages and pancakes along the way. Then in the afternoon, you’ll have ample time to explore nearby wineries and also enjoy dinner at notable restaurants in the area.

If you’ve dreamed about riding over white sand beaches and getting in the water while on horseback there’s no better place than Half Moon in Jamaica. The on-property equestrian center has been open for 28 years and offers everything from polo to jumping to dressage to the aforementioned Turf & Surf experience.

On this trip, you’ll be like Marco Polo exploring the most beautiful passes alongside what used to be the Silk Road. Head to the hills near picturesque Córdoba in Argentina where you can ride beautiful Criollo horses.

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Even on steep slopes or crossing sharp ridges the horses here never lose their footing. Experienced riders, you’ll want to book a day trip with Ishtar one of the country’s premiere riding operators to go on their Viking Tour.

Equestrian Escapes specializes in horse riding holidays throughout the UK and Europe. One of the most useful horse breeds when it comes to living a long season into the woods in winter.

They are easy to keep and can survive the toughest conditions than any horse can ever do. They are the real survivors with larger feet and gracious head.

You can use them for any purpose you want, from sloughing to riding to go for a town it offers all that you need. White Arabians born dark, must grow light in color before they are ready for the test of their skills.

The dark horse when turns white, is full of wisdom and strength and is ready for flying in the desert winds. I think people are fascinated with the Arabian horse because of their extreme beauty but yet also being incredibly athletic.

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The most special thing about them is they love their riders; they recognize them as being their person. Some historians say that it goes all the way back to the Bedouin days when these horses lived in the tents with their people.

They are incredibly smart, and one of the most versatile horse breeds around the world. The Morgan’s grace and beauty lend itself well to all forms of equitation.

The Morgan horse is a breed with a rich history and exceptional heritage. It has evolved through more than two hundred years of commercial and pleasure use.

However, has amazingly retained the inherent characteristics that made it legendary in the late 1700s. They have a gentle nature; you can call them the Harley-Davidson of horses.

Gypsies love when you touch them; they are extremely friendly and bendable. When I start thinking about these horses, I get goose bumps in my stomach as they are so beautiful and mighty.

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They are probably one the most magical horse breed, I have ever witnessed and are the symbol of British romance since the 20th century. Their ears revolve to catch the slightest of sounds, and that’s what made them the most reliable ride in the battlefields.

There was a time when British forces were stunned by their huge number of failures in their assassination plans in the Indo-Pak subcontinent. Every time they used to send someone to assassinate any Mughal general, their hidden agent never returned alive.

The reason behind their repetitive failures was the Malware horses under the saddles of Mughal generals. Since Malware horses have quite sensitive ears, they used to revolve their ear in the direction of the slightest of sound and whenever they sense something approaching towards them, the frequency of their ear's revolution begins to increase that at that time acted as an indicator for a Mughal general telling them that there was some danger around, and that helped them to anticipate with the situations in those times.

The Orlon breed was created in the late 18th century to satisfy the need of an enduring and fast horse. Furthermore, their brilliant history has made them a symbol of the royalty of Russia.

They got their fame from the historic wins they got their riders in the world’s most famous competitions. The Orlon Trotter is undoubtedly was and has been the king of the track since the 19th century.

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These horses inherit their fine action and qualities but still need skillful training. So, after the charm of some 12 to 13 weeks training, the most elegant horse becomes ready to make some long jumps in the racing ground.

This is one of the most beautiful and loyal horse breeds with a very big heart. A, the Marianas of the Canada, where I want to live and die…. To Awaken in the morning, among the salt wart and the wetlands…. The dunes and the Guadalquivir…. In the low lands among the lagoons, galloping towards the sunlight…. The Andalusia run and jump with their chestnut fawns…. In the distance, a jack rabbit leaps with a dog in close pursuit…. And in the breeze of the Marisa, the imperial eagle flies…. And in the lowing of the bulls is the echo of a song…… Ay, the Marianas of the Canada, where I want to live and die….

Ride these majestic horses yourself on one of Equestrian Escapes's outstanding trips to Andalusia. You have the option to improve your equestrian skills and confidence around horses in the gorgeous hills of Malaga, you will be offered a mixture of lessons and trail rides under the careful guidance of our excellent instructors and see significant improvement in your riding capabilities during your stay.

Equestrian Escapes specializes in riding holidays in the Andalusian region of Southern Spain. When an Irish thoroughbred mare gives birth to a baby horse, there is a silent expectation.

A jiffy of hope that this horse will be the one, whose very physical makeup could give them an edge over their peers when it comes to stamina and speed. They are the winners of the horse kingdom when it comes to elegance, endurance and speed.

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As the best breeds for trail riding, these horses are sure-footed, smooth, well-mannered, and calm, yet also have a sense of adventure. Both gained and non-gaited horses can make wonderful mounts while out exploring, depending on your personal preference.

Height: 14-16 hands tall Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Quarter horses are known for their calm dispositions, friendly personalities, stamina, sturdy builds, and athleticism. Their sturdy builds and powerful hindquarters allow them to carefully navigate any rough terrain.

Height: 14.3 – 17 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Tennessee Walking horses are known for their smooth gaits, friendly personalities, good temperaments, refined builds, and athleticism. Comfortable and sleek, Tennessee Walking Horses are great partners for out on the trails.

As a gained breed, they make for a very smooth mount, which is especially good for riding over uneven terrain. Though they have a refined build, they are still sturdy which makes them great for children and adult riders.

Height: 14.1-15.3 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Morgans are known for their friendly personalities, calm dispositions, athleticism, style, and refined builds. Though elegant and refined, they also have a compact, sturdy build that allows them to be great riding horses.

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They have great stamina and are known to be sure-footed, allowing them to successfully cover long trails of all terrains. Height: 14.2-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Appaloosas are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, stamina, athleticism, and hardy builds.

They excel in endurance competitions, which means they have plenty of stamina for long rides. Height: 14.2-15.2 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Paint horses are known for their good temperaments, friendly personalities, athleticism, strength, and hardy builds.

Paints have a sturdy build making them great riding horses for people of all ages. Height: 14.2-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Rocky Mountain horses are known for their smooth gaits, stamina, good temperaments, friendly personalities, and strong builds.

Bred for comfort, there is no doubt that the Rocky Mountain Horse makes a great trail mount. These hardy horses have excellent stamina and footing, allowing them to easily converse all terrains.

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