Best Horse Breeds For Jumping

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Which breed is most suitable for you depends on the level of competition as well as the type of jumping in which a rider is interested in competing. Show jumping requires speed and agility in order to be competitive, while hunter jumpers need more grace and elegance.

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To compete in evening, a horse will need to know the basics of dressage, have some speed and agility, and also be strong, fearless, and bold on the open courses. Height: 14-16 hands Country of Origin: America Characteristics: Quarter horses are known for their strength, athleticism and easy-going temperaments.

It’s true that most Quarter Horses are on the small side compared to most of the breeds used for jumping, but for lower-level competition, they are a fantastic choice. Quarter Horses have tons of strength and muscle, good for powering them over a jump despite their smaller stature.

These traits make the Quarter Horse a formidable jumping horse breed at lower level cross-country jumping. El-ka / Shutterstock.com Height: 13.2-15 hands Country of Origin: Wales Characteristics: Welsh Cobs are known for their athleticism, stamina, and friendly personalities.

They are reliable and stylish, making them a great choice for those who are looking for a horse they can find success with when getting a start in jumping. Height: 13-15 hands Country of Origin: Ireland Characteristics: Connemara ponies are known for their strength, athleticism, and friendly personalities.

Whether for junior exhibitors or petite adults, Connemara's make stellar jumping ponies. Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: IrelandCharacteristics: Irish Sport Horses are known for their athleticism, agility, and good dispositions.

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Though the Irish Sport Horse was originally bred for fox hunting, the breed has continued to evolve into a top-level jumper. Height: 15-17 hands tall Country of Origin: England Characteristics: Thoroughbreds are known for their speed, athleticism and agility.

The speed and agility, combined with the long legs and fair height of a thoroughbred make it a good choice for a seasoned rider just getting into the lower levels of jumping competition. A cross-country course might be a real challenge for this breed for the same reason, but this depends on the horse.

Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany (was Prussia at the time) Characteristics: Trainers are known for their athleticism, style and stamina. Height: 16 – 17 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Holsteins are known for their grace, athleticism and easy-going temperaments.

Along with their grace and elegance, the Holstein er is hardworking, athletic, strong, and has a gentle, easy to train nature. Height: 15-17 hands Country of Origin: Netherlands Characteristics: Dutch Warm bloods are known for their athleticism, style and good disposition.

Height: 15.2-17.3 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Hanoverian's are known for their athleticism, grace and agility. These beauties bring everything a serious competitor needs to the highest levels of any Three Day Event, making them one of the besthorsebreeds for jumping.

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Height: 16.1 – 17.3 hands Country of Origin: France Characteristics: Sell Français are known for their athleticism, grace, and good temperaments. The horse breed of choice for recent French Olympic jumping teams is the Sell Français.

The Sell Français is a breed built just for jumping, with the right slope to the shoulders, power in the hindquarters, stout legs, and blessed with good endurance. The Sell Français breed is also suitable for all riders, considering they love people, they are kind and patient, and they are very willing with lots of tries.

Height: 16-17 hands Country of Origin: Belgium Characteristics: Belgian Warm bloods are known for their power, athleticism, and good temperaments. Height: 16.2-17 hands Country of Origin: Germany Characteristics: Oldenburg's are known for their athleticism, willingness to please, and agility.

The typical Oldenburg horse has a long neck, is build uphill, and shows impressive strength. These breeds have shown a great capacity to excel in the show ring or the field of competition throughout history, however, and are usually a good bet.

Since horses were first domesticated thousands of years ago, we’ve been selectively breeding them for our own purposes. This choice, though, can sometimes make it difficult to know where to start when you’re looking for that perfect horse, which is why I thought it would be helpful to list the most popular ‘ jumping breeds.

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When looking for a good jumper you want a horse that has powerful hindquarters, isn’t too hot-headed, and has enough scope to clear the fences easily as well as having plenty of controlled speed. After all, if you’re looking to compete at an international level, then a purebred Arabian, sadly, just isn’t going to cut the mustard.

In fact, the Dutch Warm blood is such a good jumping horse that, in 2010, it was ranked #1 for jumping by the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses. Thought to have descended from the Great Horse of the Middle Ages, the Hanoverian can be traced back to 1714 when King George I of England introduced Thoroughbreds into several German studs.

After the Napoleonic Wars though, the breed was seriously depleted but since the early 19th century its numbers have increased and the use of Thoroughbred blood has stopped. Having been developed in government-run studs throughout Normandy in France, the Sell Français (which translates to mean French Saddle Horse), has many of the qualities needed for a good jumper.

Qualities such as strength, athleticism and plenty of scope, all of which have combined to create a fantastic jumping breed that’s had a great deal of Olympic success. Sometimes referred to as the Hungarian Sport Horse, the breed began life at Hungary’s famous Mezöhegyes stud when other Hungarian breeds, such as the Kisser Fever and the Furious, were crossbred to create a top-class warm blood.

While the Hungarian Warm blood excels in all English disciplines it’s in show jumping that it has really shone, having successfully competed in almost every modern Olympics games as well as many Grands Prix. It’s thought that the Irish Draft evolved by crossing Thoroughbreds with Connemara Ponies that had already been influenced by Spanish and Arabian blood.

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Later on, Clydesdale and Shire horses were introduced to help increase the breeds numbers after the Irish Potato Famine of 1847. Famous Appaloosas: Bimbos’ Crazy King (despite being 70%-80% blind he had a great deal of success jumping) and Cowboy (the horse ridden by Matt Damon in True Grit).

Originally known as ‘A Famously’ after the Pa louse River in Idaho/Oregon where they were first bred, the Appaloosa, like the Irish Draft, may not immediately be thought of as a jumping breed. But when it comes to needing a horse to participate in jumping regularly, it is best to look at specific breeds.

The Irish Sport Horse is brave, intelligent, athletic, sound, and possesses good jumping ability. The Irish Sport Horse has long been a popular choice for a variety of disciplines.

They make wonderful horses for all levels of competition and are a good choice for novice riders. They consistently rank number one in the World Breeding Federation for Sport Horses in show jumping.

One of the most famous Dutch Warm bloods is Big Star, winner of the individual Olympic gold medal in Rio 2016. Since the Belgian Warm blood was created by mixing a variety of European breeds, they are characterized more by their purpose than features.

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About : The development of the Belgian Warm blood began a bit later than other jumping breeds in Europe, but they have quickly caught up. Perhaps the most famous Belgian Warm blood is the legendary Big Ben, who represented Canada under the expert hands of Ian Miller.

They tend to have a heavy, arched neck, powerful hindquarters, elastic gaits, and an intelligent eye. The Holstein er originated in the northern Germany region of Schleswig-Holstein and is one of the oldest warm blood breeds in the world, tracing back over 700 years.

They tend to be a bit heavier and muscular than other warm bloods making them incredibly powerful jumpers. The most important stallion in relatively modern Holstein jumping breeding is Cor de la Buyer, a Sell Français.

This range of temperaments means riders of different levels can find a good jumping horse to suit their needs. Contender is one of the most influential Holstein stallions, having bred an impressive 80 licensed sons and numerous premium mares.

And of course, you can’t leave out Capital, whose sons and daughters have won more money combined than any other showjumping stallion. Athletic with powerful gaits and hindquarters, a long, strong neck, and a broad forehead.

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Today, they are bred as purely sport horses and excel in a variety of disciplines. Without Alma Z there would have been no Jalisco B, Globe A, Ballet du Route, and Quid am DE Revel.

Some feel Alma’s influence on jumping horses is equivalent to Northern Dancer’s on racehorses. Never discount a pure thoroughbred, many have jumping talent, such as the legendary Touch of Class, who won Olympic gold and stood barely 16 hands.

The American Quarter Horse and the Appaloosa can also show a talent for jumping despite often being overlooked for this type of work. Finally, never discount any breed for jumping, there are always exceptions, especially for novice and intermediate level riders.

While they are unlikely to be found jumping Grand Prius, they are perfect if you want a quieter horse that is forgiving to learn on and can get you out of a sticky spot. Because of their heavier build and sure-footedness, they make excellent hunting horses and suit a bigger rider.

The most famous Irish Drafts to have a huge impact on jumping horses are Clover Hill, King of Diamonds, Grange Bouncer, and Sea Crest. Sea Crest is the sire of the legendary Irish Sport Horse Cruising and jumped to a high level himself.

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Clover Hill is present in the pedigree of close to a third of all modern Irish Sport Horses. King of Diamonds is responsible for siring several top show jumpers including, Mill Pearl and Special Envoy.

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