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James Lee
• Thursday, 14 January, 2021
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Looking at old black and white riding photos can be a fun blast from the past. Anatomical bridles, in particular, are designed to avoid putting pressure on horses’ sensitive facial nerves or pinching the ears.

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The brow band is also typically straight and snug across the horse’s forehead. Anatomical bridles, on the other hand, are strategically designed to avoid key facial nerves, relieve pressure points, and increase muscle freedom, and boost overall comfort.

Head shaking, face rubbing, and a bit resistance can all be signs of discomfort. Your first step might be trying a bridle that offers slight improvements, like the ExionPro that allows more ear movement and pads sensitive areas around the nose and over the crown.

The short answer is “it depends.” Your horse, budget, and preferences will help you decide on the “right” bridle. The headstall and brow band clear all sixteen ear muscles and doesn’t put any pressure on surrounding nerves.

Sensitive neck and throat areas are also pressure-free, and hinged cheek pieces ensure a wider field of vision for your horse. This bridle comes standard with Stubbed’s innovative flash system that can be removed.

This innovative bridle comes in two variations (Alpha/Beta) that differ only in the width of the nose band and whether the brow band has crystals. It bypasses critical blood vessels and arteries, as well as relives neck pressure.

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Dispersed poll pressure, ear cutouts, and elastic bit cradles take comfort even further. As a result, your horse’s range of movement, extension, and flexion should improve.

The padded crown piece has ear recesses for optimal movement and comfort. Itless bridles are more popular than other harness types for ponies and horses.

They are available in many styles and provide additional comfort for an animal when you do horse riding. Just like bridles with bits, the witless models provide different levels of comfort for the animal.

So the rider has to choose carefully and understand how the different designs function. But, unlike the bit-based models, all witless bridles apply pressure through the harness points/knots on the horse’s head.

Typically, these points are located on the nose, cheeks and under the horse’s jaw. The point on the nose’s top is more preferable because it affects the horse during the training and at the same time provides maximum care, without hurting the animal.

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If you are searching for the best witless bridles, check the following review that compares a few popular harnesses and includes the buyer’s guide. Justin Dunn offers the premium witless bridle with a gentle but effective design for both a rider and horse.

Instead of force, an animal responds to pressure through two strategically placed points (knots) located on the nose rope. Besides the efficient and comfortable design, this harness is equipped with anti-rust buckles made of stainless steel.

Its halter-fit design was specifically made for training the horses who do not accept the bit. Tips for users: to care for the harness, you should wipe it with a clean and damp cloth.

The manufacturer designed this harness for the animals who have problems with teeth or the history of injuries. Firstly, I’ve learned that a headgear without a bit and with reins attached to a nose band used for controlling a horse is called a sycamore (also known as witless bridles).

So, below you will find the results of my tests and a few tips for people who need to choose leather witless bridles or raw animal skin for making such headgear for a horse. Sensitive animals usually prefer being trained with a looser fitting bridle (think of the lightweight, rope halter).

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Mechanical sycamores are probably not the greatest choice because they won’t provide a stronger directional rein. To make the harness a bit darker, run it with special leather oil.

Wide capsules are popular now, but if they don’t fit well on your horse, then you shouldn’t buy such a headgear. Bridles with wider reins will look good on a big head with a strong backbone.

To determine whether a bridle is made of high-quality leather or not, whether it will serve you for a long time or whether it will be enough only for one season, pay attention to the following things: Expensive bridle reins have leather inserts to give the capsule and headband a rounded shape.

Sometimes the tanning and finishing process is more important than the quality of the raw material. If a cheap dye was used, the leather bridle will pour out into the rain and leave traces on the horse’s hair, soaking it with sweat.

The horse should move the jaw to yawn, chew and breathe without any discomfort. Most manufacturers offer the money-back guarantee because they understand that their product can be too large or too tight for the horse.

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The beauty is in simplicity, so learn, train, and make your life maximally simple by creating things that will please people for many years. While the saddle helps to provide comfort to you, a good bridle will ensure that the maneuvering process is as smooth as possible.

After much deliberation as well as talking to many riders, we have narrowed down some of the best western bridles that you can find. This HDR Club Fancy Raised Snaffle Bridle is a natural choice for owners of the various horse breeds that we have encountered.

From pony to large horses, this western bridle proves to be an excellent choice for many. Made from pure leather, the Henri de Rivel Club Fancy Raised Snaffle Bridle is an excellent choice if you are looking for the perfect schooling bridle.

It provides a very good fit onto the horses’ head, and the choice of material is excellent as it is resistant to the elements. One of the key factors why this qualifies as a top choice for us is the ease of controlling the horse.

Stitched on raised leather, it is durable and resistant to the weather while being able to provide comfort to you and your horse. The brow band is adjustable also, hence this best western bridle is able to fit onto most horses.

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Made from a reputable brand, it is known to be extremely durable, yet showing an exquisite look. It is able to provide comfort to the horse due to the padded flash nose band, which is completely adjustable too.

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