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• Friday, 23 October, 2020
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Make sure that you pick a dog breed that likes horses. Whether a tiny Miniature Dixie, a giant Great Dane, or anything in between, there is something nice about going on a trail ride and having your dog accompany you and your horse.

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All I can tell you am that not all dogs are great companions on the trail, but the five breeds listed are usually good with horses. Golden Retrievers are great around kids, and they also like horses.

Golden's are not large and rowdy around the stable, nor are they small and nervous. They do have some serious health problems, like hip dysplasia and patellar locations, and obesity is seen a lot in those dogs who do not exercise enough.

If your Golden does get out with you and your horses, they sometimes have problems with allergies and hot spots. If you do decide to find a Golden Retriever to keep you and your horse company on the trail, you should make sure that your dog has had the hips evaluated, that the parents have had genetic screening for the most common diseases seen in Golden's, and that your puppy is examined by your veterinarian before you get too attached.

They are a great companion dogs for the horseman in any country that rides a lot, and likes a dog to run alongside; Aussies have too much energy to spend most of the time just sitting around at the stables. Eyes should be examined and certified by an ophthalmologist; genetic screening is available for most other problems that affect the dog.

If you need an active dog, and plan on making use of his abilities, the Aussie is a great choice around your horses. They are born white, but by the time they find their new homes they have their spots.

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They also suffer from a genetic disease called hyperglycemia, in which the liver has trouble breaking down uric acid, and it is built up in the blood, leading to kidney stones and bladder stones. If you want a handsome dog that can serve as a companion to your horses and a guard for you, the Dalmatian is a good choice if you are careful to avoid the health problems.

Although this active breed was originally developed to work with cattle, the Australian Cattle Dog is hardy, good with horses, and a great companion to have on the trail. The dog was meant to be a drover, moving cattle from one area to the next, but never seem to bother the horses they are around.

Acts are active and move around a lot but are short and do not overwhelm and frighten horses. This breed has been developed to survive in a rough area and are usually healthy.

They are sometimes deaf (probably related to the coloring), rarely have hip dysplasia, but of course can develop arthritis when they become older. Even though the Welsh Corgi is small they are low maintenance and get along with horses.

The smallest dog on this list, the two breeds of Welsh Corgi are both originally bred to work with cattle. The dogs were bred to nip on cattle heels and noses, but they work geese without doing any biting.

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There are two breeds available, the Pembroke and Cardigan, and although they vary in size and shape they both varieties are good with horses. Pembroke scan suffer from Intervertebral disc disease and a few other ailments, Cardigans can sometimes have hip dysplasia.

This breed is ideal as a guard dog and will take good care of the children he is protecting. Answer: Huskies are not a good breed around livestock of any kind.

Some individuals will do okay, but if you are a horse person then you will most likely to okay with one of the breeds that are suggested, not a Side. Answer: Most labs are easy going dogs and get along just fine with horses.

Dr Mark (author) from The Atlantic Rain Forest, Brazil on January 14, 2018: I especially like the Cattle Dog and the Aussie as that's exactly what I thought when I read your tittle.

The video of the dog and horse playing is the cutest thing I've seen, and so is the photo of the Australian Shepherd puppy. Some people want a dog for herding, protecting, companionship, or even rodent control.

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They have a double layer coat that protects them from rain and snow. Australian Shepherds have been welcomed on farms and ranches for a long time.

Horse farms provide them with wide open space and tons of activity to keep busy. Fiercely loyal, German Shepherds are known for being protective of their family.

It is rare nowadays for a stable or ranch to not have a resident “barn dog”. While barn dogs come in all shapes and sizes, over the years certain breeds have become more associated with horses than others.

Luckily, Peterson is not only knowledgeable about dogs, but an avid equestrian for more than 40 years. I also asked Equitrekking readers their opinions on the subject and what types of dogs they take riding with them.

Peterson and our readers recommended many of the same breeds and the findings have been separated into the different AKC dog-type categories. Bred to be around other animals, herding breeds tend to be more attune and accepting of others.

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They are friendly towards strangers and their athleticism makes them able to travel long distances without rest. Peterson also noted that German Shepherds are extremely trainable, making them ideal for the trails.

Bred originally for sheep herding, Border Collies have a natural way around other animals. The smallest of the herding dogs, Corgis are a very popular stable companion.

Though energetic, the Corgi’s short legs may make it hard for them to keep up on longer trail rides. Their energy and quiet nature make them ideal riding companions.

Bred to travel long distances for hunts, hounds can make excellent long-distance trail companions. English and American Fox Hounds : Bred to work specifically with horses, the English and American Fox Hound seem to still be a popular choice for horse owners.

However, centuries of specific breeding have developed dogs that love to chase and may do so without your approval. They also tend to need a lot of exercise and thus make good companions for long trail rides.

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The Lab’s friendly personality, easy-going attitude and high-energy make it an ideal breed for horse -lovers as well as families. The AKC website explains that Dalmatians still have an attraction to horses to this day.

If you're considering welcoming a Border Collie into your home, be prepared to go on long walks, spend your evenings playing fetch, and melt in their irresistible brown eyes. Barbara Herewith their majestic flowing manes, distinctive markings, and strong, loyal personalities, the Rough Collie is the 37th most popular dog breed in the country, according to the American Kennel Club (AKC).

They're larger and calmer than their Border Collie cousins and do well whether they're on a country farm or in a city home. Herding is bred deep into their genes, and that natural, pure instinct makes them loyal protectors.

These good dogs need affection, companionship, and mental stimulation to stay happy, and their high intelligence will make training easy and enjoyable. Aussies thrive when they have an active purpose like controlling a herd of unruly sheep or pleasing dog owners in daily training sessions.

These adorably shaggy, able-bodied canines use their powerful bodies and energetic personalities to needle their way into hearts and homes. The Old English Sheepdog is a large breed with a strong herding instinct that applies to everything that moves.

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They easily take control of animals three times their size, and that farm dog courage has a tendency to translate into stubborn mischief. Your Australian Cattle Dog, also known as Red and Blue Healers, will need a job to stay happy and out of trouble.

Remember, though, that these high-energy dogs require plenty of exercise, and with a high herding drive, they don't always make the best family pets. If you're thinking of adding one of these working breeds to your family or farm, make sure that you understand the responsibility that will come with these dogs.

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