Best Horse Games For Android

David Lawrence
• Wednesday, 23 December, 2020
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Here are top six games tested for excellence for smart phones' genre. Now make your horses ready for any journey with buffing features, customize your horse to make it look more appealing and many more stuff.

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With different locations to choose, run steeplechase on a world tour with your horse. Guess the name of the game you would play if you like Unicorn and the name comes to mind is Unicorn Rush.

With mythical unicorn to play and vibrant color scheme, this game is addictive and available on Android and iOS devices. With every new level, unlock new Unicorn character.

Exceptional graphics and visual that will keep you stunned, this game is 4.5 rated by users. Stunning 3D graphics and is available to iOS and Android users.

Touch and motion control to ride the horse. Similar to Subway surfer, in this game you have to collect points and beat the opponent with the highest scores.

This game has okay graphics and can be played by people of all ages. Easy to use controls and leader board to display scores.

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Record your rewards and achievements and brag in on the leader boards. You can fulfill this dream virtually by downloading horse racing games on your Android device.

The horse is an ultimate animal that is an icon of strength and power. So if you are fond of Horse racing games then you can enjoy it virtually on your Android Smartphone.

Here are some Horse riding games which we have compiled to fulfill the real horse games playing dreams. Jump your stallion horse over the obstacles and riding to dodge in the fierce competitions.

A horse rider ghost chasing you with his heavy hammer is a scary scene. Horse Runner game features a ­beautiful environment, Plug & plays, and Smooth rendering.

Take your cute little girls Unicorn Horse to JUMP, DASH, GALLOP and SLIDE. In this game, you are a policeman riding a horse to chase the criminals roaming around in the city.

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Play something different from a simple horse running or police chase. This 3D Horse run game is based on the Jungle environment that makes the gamer wilder.

We have a list of the 7 most amazing horse games for your smartphones, that you can download and play and have the ultimate virtual experience of a horse ride! This simple but insanely addictive game is another hot favorite of horse lovers around the world.

Vibrant and colorful graphics Play endless mode Shoot magic fireballs to shatter crystals and rocks Complete quests to increase your score multiplier Unlock new unicorn characters Unlock awesome music tracks or listen to your own iPod music! Available on both iOS and android phones this game is a must-have app for all horse riding fans.

There is no doubt how honest, original and beautiful creatures horses are and how close they are to humans. Today, the best horse racing games for Android will be introduced to the ones who love horses and horse riding.

Raising and taking care of horses needs delicacy, patience and skin but once they grow up, they become your best friend and help you in many things. You will have your special horse, train it, take care of it, buy it things like horseshoes, and finally ride it in the racing field.

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Many powerful rivals are waiting for you there and aside from the speed, you must be careful to jump over the obstacles when you reach them. Riding horses is a great feeling but it is something extraordinary to ride horses in the west wild as cowboys and cowgirls and this is what you will do in Texas Wild Horse Race 3D.

You will race against other competitors in the burning deserts of Texas and jump over the obstacles to cross the finish line first. The better you raise it, the more chance your horse has in winning the races.

Horse Racing & Betting Game is one of the cool betting games for Android and you can feel the great excitement in it. You will own horses and jockeys in this game and send them to racing field.

As NVIDIA proclaims in every piece of marketing, the Shield Android TV box is “the streamer for gamers.” NVIDIA went with a 32-bit version of Android TV and also downgraded the RAM on its tube-shaped streaming dongle to just 2 GB.

This has affected the base model's compatibility with some 64-bit games from the Play Store including several on this list (Metal Gear Solid 2, Half-Life 2, The Witness, and Portal). We've talked a lot about Death Road to Canada here on AC, and for good reason.

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Featuring randomly generated locations, characters, and events, it's a game that's chock-full of surprises that will keep you coming back for more. Death Road to Canada is a frequent flyer on our lists of the best games and you'll see why as soon as you pick it up.

Metal Gear Solid 2: Sons of Liberty is arguably the best game in Video Kolyma's legendary series, and you can relive it all in the HD remastered version for the NVIDIA Shield. Step into the role of Solid Snake as he sneaks through a heavily-defended tanker to gather intel on a new Metal Gear weapon in development.

And then play as Maiden, a rookie Spec Ops agent who's on a mission to infiltrate an evil corporation's compound to save the President... and the world! A fan favorite of the series, Metal Gear Solid 2 HD is a remastered version of the classic.

Clusterfuck is a frantic physics-based first-person platformer where your goal is to leap between semi-trucks that are just barreling down roads and getting blown up by falling rocks, laser beams, and all other sorts of crazy obstacles. You wander around a mysterious island solving grid puzzles all the livelong day, but things become quite layered as you start to unravel the true nature of the island and just how deep the puzzle theme extends.

Bridge Constructor is a great physics-based puzzle game in its own right, but the Portal spin-off takes the concept and adds in all the wacky elements from Aperture Laboratories. It's an outstanding cross-over title that provides a challenge that will delight fans of Bridge Constructor and Portal alike.

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Instead, this is a slick-looking hack-and-slash action spin-off title starring Maiden, who fans will remember best from the aforementioned Metal Gear Solid 2. The story revolves around conflicts between rival Private Military Companies, with some corporations actively looking to court chaos to keep the war economy chugging along.

We won't dive too much into the plot specifics, but just want to reiterate that this is nothing like the gameplay found in Metal Gear Solid games. Though a departure from the gameplay that the Metal Gear series is renowned for, Re vengeance is nonetheless a visually appealing game.

While the desire for a sequel is one of the internet's oldest memes, you can see what this game is all about on your Shield TV. Fans of the classic Tony Hawk Pro Skater games from back in the day who lament the storied franchise's state in the past few years should check out Skateboard Party 3.

In Career mode, you get four minutes to explore the eight different locations and rack up a huge score, collect P-A-R-T-Y scattered around as floating letters, and find other hidden items. Things are unlocked by spending experience points, which you collect by completing challenges and landing tricks.

If you've never played Portal before, I'm actually jealous because it means you get to experience this outstanding game fresh for the first time. The original, aka the granddaddy of the first-person shooter, and its direct sequel are available as high-quality ports courtesy of Bethesda.

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The BFG Edition features some visual upgrades, achievements, a checkpoint system, and some control tuning. While we think Half-Life 2 is the shooter to play on your Shield TV, Doom 3 is another good option if you're looking for something more aggressive.

While less popular than its predecessors and successors, Doom 3 has been revamped for its Shield TV release. On its surface, The Final Station reminds me of Death Road to Canada, mentioned at the top of this list.

You're in charge of making sure the train remains functional, plus seeing to passenger needs. You'll pass through swarms of infected to make it to that next station, often seeking supplies and reprieve.

The Final Station is a great game that sees you in charge of making sure the train you're on remains functional and your passengers stay safe. Future focus YouTube is the biggest video site in the world and a massive platform for movies, music, marketing, and misinformation.

The first leaked render of Huawei's P50 Pro has appeared online, revealing a centered hole-punch cutout and a curved display.

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