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Paul Gonzalez
• Sunday, 18 October, 2020
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There are many handicappers who make their living betting on horse racing. Some of them also make a nice living selling their racing selections to the public.

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At EZ Horse Betting we have compiled a list of three famous bettors to help you decide who is the best horse racing handicapper. These are the bettors you want to emulate if you want to win big money at an online Facebook.

Noel Michael's may not be as old as some other handicapper on our list, but he has made quite a name for himself in the business. Michael's is the youngest full-time handicapper to ever be hired by the Daily Racing Form.

Michael's graduated from the racetrack industry program at Arizona State University. He also has established many important connections with racetrack trainers, jockeys, and other insiders.

He started in his home state of New York before he was even of legal age to bet. He is also the only public handicapper to show a net profit over the course of one entire New York racing season.

Cone claims that his expertise comes from knowing what makes horses run to the best of their ability. Cone continues to serve as a public handicapper today and also works for Otis in New York where he gives out his racing picks.

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When you are trying to determine who is the best horse racing handicapper there is no way that you can exclude Andrew Beyer from the discussion. Long before he became famous for his speed figures and his columns for the Washington Post, Andrew Beyer was earning a living as a horse bettor on the tough circuits like Saratoga and Gulf stream.

Beyer has gone into semi-retirement today after a full career of picking winners. Andrew Beyer is also famous for punching a hole in the Gulf stream press box after a horse he had wagered on was taken down from a disqualification.

You can ask anyone that plays the horses on a daily basis, and they will tell you it can be difficult to make a profit. For a person to be considered the best handicapper they must be able to win consistently with their horse racing bets.

To decide who is the best horse racing handicapper you also need to look at the mental and emotional characteristics which define these bettors. You will find many good handicappers playing at the online race books recommended by EZ Horse Betting.

Handicappers might seem a dime a dozen around the track; anybody with a program and an opinion can identify themselves as such, and there's always some guy waving around a winning ticket or bragging about some huge betting coup he's just managed to execute. It requires observational skill, experience, logic, reasoning and a passion for the sport of horse racing.

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Those who don't understand handicapping might be quick to categorize horse racing as just another gambling pursuit. With just a little of initiative, a person of average intelligence can learn the basics and enjoy regular action.

Covers Experts is the home of the world’s best sports betting advice and our roster features over 30 of the top handicappers in the industry. With a team that includes all-sports handicappers to sport-specific and niche ones, we provide you with an edge on the odds from NFL to Horse Racing and everything in between.

So, no matter your style of betting, we’re confident we’ve got the perfect Covers Expert for you. He's a big fan of systems (as opposed to trend), as they lend an objective framework to handicapping.

Through his many years of invaluable experience, Marc strives to inform players on how to achieve success while avoiding the pitfalls of sports betting. Ben Burns covers_Experts Numerous documented #1 titles across football, basketball, baseball and hockey; and well known for his excellence with totals.

Hot Streaks: New Esports Copper | Data 2 / CS:GO / LOL | Daily Value Picks Best Fight Picks @BestFightPicks Dan Levi has gained a reputation as MMA's premier handicapper by consistently going against the grain with a sharpshooter approach that has coined him one of the top underdog players in the industry.

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Hot Streaks: Disciplined Bets | Money Management | Long Term Results He has a deep understanding of all facets of the game be it football, basketball, baseball, soccer or boxing.

Get your footy fix with expert picks across the major European leagues and international competitions. Jockey Club ice_JockeyClub Jockey Club's approach combines pace handicapping alongside form cycle analysis to identify horses moving forward today for reasons otherwise overlooked.

He is featured as an invited guest on over 45 national and local radio shows each week and is a documented long-term winner. Paul BOI @paulbovi Paul BOI is an experienced professional bettor who focuses mainly on the NFL, NCAA, and NBA, with major success exploiting the totals and props market.

Jesse Schulz @JesseSchule A documented sports betting champion, Jesse Schulz AKA 'The Iceman' has a unique approach which has paid huge dividends and can help you do the same. If you're looking for someone extremely sharp with numbers, who lives and breathes sports betting, who will treat your money like it's his own then Ricky Tran IS your man.

Hot Streaks: Over 60% in NFL L3 Yrs | 11-4-1 ATS CBB Season Each member is responsible for picks across specific sports: LeagueCapper (NFL+NBA), army hog (MLB), AJ May (NHL), TRAIN69 (NCAA), Apologist (NCAA).

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Hot Streaks: 32-21 NFL L5 Weeks | 30-24-1 NCAA Start | +$2,756 s/ Nov 1st Numerous handicapping titles across every sport prove his legendary success.

Hot Streaks: Hockey Insider | Situational Capping | Bankroll Management Always looking for the best number, Jazz firmly believes that his method of breaking down the games (matchup analysis) is second to none.

Every day we will give you the biggest “Consensus” in each sport from our board of handicappers. When multiple handicappers align on a game, the Experts Consensus will be released.

So if you’re expecting to see a play on the point spread at any time during your subscription don’t bother buying because you won’t get it. They crush MLB totals like no other and when the numbers come in at the end of the season R & R is always near the top of the money leaderboard.

Rare has a handicapper been on a run in both sports at the same time as Teddy. This guy is at the top of his game in both sports, doing things we haven’t seen in a long time.

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If you still don’t think following Teddy during basketball season is a good idea listen to these numbers. In the last 3 basketball seasons Teddy Davis has gone 986-772 (56%) That is equivalent to a dime bettor winning $150,478.

He finished 12th on the NBA money list, 11th in hockey, and is on pace for a top 5 MLB finish in 2018, all of which has put him on the Top 10 all around handicapper money list for 2018. Let’s just say we’re excited to see what kind of number Ryan puts up when he has the full 2018 football season to work with.

In 2006 when he entered the world of documented handicapping he didn’t just come through the front door he kicked it down, hitting over 57% of NFL plays right of the box. Jimmy is all about quality over quantity, and he is a tireless worker looking for the right matchups.

He has an uncanny knack to spot overpriced lines and pick mismatches. Bobby has a knack for picking dogs in money line sports and with his average starting odds of +101, that 54% translates to a profit of almost $100,000 for dime bettors.

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