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If you’re a beginner, pick a breed that’s calm and easy to teach, like an American Quarter Horse. For trail riding, it’s best to pick a well-balanced breed like a Morgan or Rocky Mountain Horse.

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For more tips from our Veterinarian co-author, including how to choose your horse based on temperament or riding style, read on! They tend to have a calm, trainable nature and a smooth ride.

Physical Characteristics: Medium-boned; finely chiseled head; wide forehead; flat profile Generally, geldings (castrated adult males) are the calmest and make the best beginner horse.

Physical Characteristics: Compact body; wedge-shaped head; short back with sloping shoulders and powerful hindquarters Largely bred for racing, a thoroughbred might turn out to be more horse than most beginners can handle.

Physical Characteristics: Muscular body; broad chest; strong hindquarters; distinctive coat pattern These horses are typically attentive, social, and have a strong desire to please their caretakers.

The Missouri fox trotter horse is another gained breed for a comfortable ride. With its head down and tail up, the horse steps deliberately with one always foot in contact with the ground.

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Justus de Cuveland/Getty Images Icelandic horses are sure-footed, long-lived, and resistant to harsh conditions. They descend from Shetland ponies, and their small stature makes them feel less imposing to new riders.

Their special step is called a “told,” which is a sped-up walk that offers a level ride even over rocky terrain. Australian Scenic/Getty Images Clydesdale's often have a quiet demeanor that beginners enjoy.

These horses tend to be forgiving of a beginner’s mistakes and are generally calm and steady. Sometimes saddle fit and tack sizing can be difficult for these large horses.

Physical Characteristics: Feathering on legs; round feet; broad forehead; arched, long neck In general, beginners should avoid untrained and highly spirited horses, as they can be difficult for even veteran equestrians.

Similarly, the athleticism of Andalusian horses can make them difficult to manage for beginners. If you're trying to make the most of the time you spend with your controller down, looking at the cinematic camera, then you'll need to find and purchase the best horses in Red Dead Online.

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In this guide, we're going to run through our picks for the best horses in Red Dead Online, weighing up their statistics and their price tag to show you which ride is the best option when you get your first influx of Red Dead dollars, as well as giving you a general explanation of how horses work and where to get them, too. If you're just starting our, our Red Dead Online tips can give both new and returning gunslingers some pointers of what to prioritize first.

Horses play an important role in Red Dead Online as they ferry your cowboy around the map and protect them when they inevitably get ambushed by internet outlaws, allowing for a swift escape. Much like the main game, you'll upgrade your bond with your horse as you ride and subsequently increase their maximum statistics.

In Red Dead Online, Horses can don special equipment like upgraded saddlebags or lanterns that will help you with the gameplay loop tied to certain multiplayer roles. Stables are denoted by the horseshoe marker on the map, and there are plenty to choose from, with many in proximity to the game's major towns.

The Arabian Red Chestnut is a Superior breed of horse with great handling, speed and acceleration stats. This Superior class mount has best -in-class Elite handling, which you can't get on any other horse, and the difference in control is glaring.

However, the main complaint lobbied at the Arabian is that it is too skittish and will throw you from the horse when you're close to predators, so if that bothers you, consider the MFT as a secondary option. If you don't care about speed and you'd prefer to ride a walking tank that will keep you alive in the most intense firefights, then look no further than the Gypsy Cob.

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With a gigantic health and stamina pool, the Gypsy Cob can take plenty of bullets and will keep you alive through hell *and* high water. If you don't want to compromise on pace whatsoever, then you need to get the Norfolk Roadster, specifically the Spotted Tricolor or Dappled Buckskin variant.

Jordan is a freelance writer from Newcastle whose gaming palate was molded by Jet Set Radio Future and Psychopath as a boy. If you want to equip yourself with the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse, then you'll need to look further afield than the first steed you receive on your Old West journey.

Don't get us wrong, it's great you pick up a steed early on as travelling the distances required on foot wouldn't be practical, but that certainly is not the best horse in Red Dead Redemption 2. When it comes to making the many long journeys needed as you progress through your Red Dead Redemption 2 story, you'll want a better ride with greater pace and stamina to see you through your travels.

You'll be pleased to hear that the Red Dead Redemption 2 best horse is out there and ready for you to claim for free, but before you go after it you'll need to learn about breaking horses. This Red Dead Redemption 2 Arabian horse is a tricky beast to locate, and when you find it you'll still have to work hard to tame it, but it's definitely worth all the hassle.

This is early on in the game, a reward for completing the Chapter 2 mission “Exit, Pursued By A Bruised Ego,” where you hunt a Legendary Bear with Hosea. Once you’ve done that, you’ll find out that the best horse breed in Red Dead Redemption 2 you can purchase is an Arabian.

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Put on your best Winter Gear to mitigate the weather so you have enough stamina and health to tame it, and head to the western bank of Lake Isabella, as marked on the map below. I’d recommend you dismount a good distance away from the spot marked below so that your current, inferior horse doesn’t scare the White Arabian and make it bolt.

It’s very easy to put a foot wrong and lose the horse, and it’s currently unconfirmed whether it returns if you frighten it off. Once you’re ready, crouch and start moving towards the area, using Eagle Eye (L3 + R3) when possible to spot heat signatures from afar.

What you want to do is hold the left analogue stick in the opposite direction to which the White Arabian is attempting to pull you. As of writing this article, we do not know of any other appearance of the White Arabian in-game, meaning you better carry some Horse Revivers to ensure it doesn’t shuffle off this mortal coil, or you won’t get anything quite as good ever again.

Growing up till the age of 28 which is shocking for the amount of years a horse can actually live and also remarkable as well. He has grown older than some humans have had the chance to, sadly passing away yet still his name remains as a legend in the horse racing business and is recognized globally.

Loved by the people and most anticipated of that time; A trusted one too in the faith of many’s favor and has proven to live up to their expectations on several occasions. American champion thoroughbred racehorse, Ruffian. You cannot go against a Ruffian and expect to come out with a clean slated escape.

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By witness of 50, 764 people who were present to watch her perform with confidence as she always shown boldly at Belmont Park only to see that she had, in the middle part of her race, snapped her forefront bones and dropped to what later appeared to be her demise after medical attendance. Black Caviar, an Australian Thoroughbred racehorse undefeated in 25 races. Here we speak of Royalty Horses which represents one of the best in its field.

Besides this, Frankel has a Bronze statue that’s been unveiled by the Queen of England herself which is round about the greatest Honor any horse could have gotten in the European Union. When we speak about ‘Thoroughbred’, Race Horse Frankel hails this word in his victories as well as in the history of his bloodline too.

Sea biscuit on the other hand is a direct example outlining this statement as don’t be fooled by his name since the history at which this horse has been a part of is something honorable. In his time, falling and getting back up then giving his competitors a duel finish and a run for their lungs at the last minute.

While Frankel is more of today’s billionaire’s greatest treasures on earth, Par Lap on the other hand is a monument of history which is sunk deeper than we think as far as the best race horses of all time are concerned. Mafia hits are more common these days and with people dying like flies out of the outcome of their wrongful mistakes which they paid at the cost of their lives.

Phar's lap, met his fatal unfortunate end back in 1932 and a death that remained a mystery ever-since. It is however, believed that he has been poisoned by Mafia members who had concerns of being out of ‘business’ due to the horses' reputation of a constant winning streak.

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Here is way we go way back into history which was an older horse than most all of whom we’ve given accolade to in the above rankings which is primarily why he deserves a higher regard despite winning rate etc. The elders always have the most amount of respect and that’s what we are to give to Man o War who is also a part of a thoroughbred heritage that dominated the very early 1900s altogether.

His life began in 1917, that can be considered as the era of industrial revolutions and other major things of the world that we are privileged to have in the way that we do in modern times. Which simply means to say that although horse racing is a billion dollar industry and has subsequently made people millionaires too.

And Dollar signs for those somewhat heartless millionaire tycoons that bet only on banking the most amount of money out of the life and physical strain of a horse. Secretariat as a race horse has also hit a record timing around the track which makes him even more legendary as we speak of his name in shining honor.

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