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Equine athletes must wear gear that protects their legs and knees from injury. These parts of the horse ’s body are delicate and yet play an important role.

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Those pets suffering from a pre-existing condition like swelling and other mild injuries are safe to wear this gear. We can help you in looking for a suitable pair of knee boots by the provided list of products.

Professional’s Choice also offers Sports Medicine Boots that are best paired with these knee boots. Its exterior material is neoprene which can release warmth toward the horse ’s knees.

Velcro straps allow adjusting the gear in a contoured shape. Athletic horses have higher chances of winning a race wearing this gear.

It has an innovative design to deliver superb protection on the horse ’s knees. Its overall design is simple but works great in keeping horses comfortable and safer.

Intrepid International aims to offer a gear that will protect the horse ’s knees. They are equipped with three touch tape straps to keep the boots in place.

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It is built with soft gel ice cells that will cure recent injuries while the horse wears the gear. The knee wrap reduces the swelling and inflammation of the injured area.

The closure is elastic to achieve a contoured shape for ultimate fitting. Covering the entire leg part of your horse is much better for enhanced protection.

This leg care product can also cover up the knee portion to eliminate possible injuries. Since horses do a countless performance, this leg gear should be added to your cart.

The leg boots protect soft tissues from impact during activities. The added suspension strap reduces the chance of fetlock hypertension from happening.

It delivers a second-skin fitting, which equine pets do not feel uncomfortable wearing it all day. Putting on the sport boots is made easy by its three “quick grip” closures.

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It is an updated version referring to its design now with beaded gel packs and a smooth outer. The new design helps the legs to maintain proper blood flow and reduce soreness caused by injuries.

Avoid wearing the gear on infected areas not to hurt the horse. The housewares boots are often used before a ride to exercise the horse ’s legs and reduce the risk of injury.

Wrap the cold packs around the leg and secure with Velcro fastenings. The horse wear can fit up to the lower leg for full protection.

It has a multilayered color design made of limestone-based neoprene exterior with ultra shock lining. It won’t slip off the legs while the horse is performing extra movements.

The neoprene material is highly ventilated thus provides better comfort for the horse. Most professional equestrians tried and proven how much this pair of boots work well for horses.

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Hardy neoprene is used in making the horse gear, with added long-lasting stitching for longer use. It is perfect for horse training and other activities that demand greater protection over the legs.

It has a durable strike pad giving full coverage protection on the knee part of the horse. The foam panel offers a great fit around the horse ’s leg and fetlock joint.

WOOF WEAR did not add any Velcro closures on the boots, and yet can still be worn by horses through water and mud. Horses suffering from arthritis will get better in wearing this pair of Hock Houseboats.

Many horse keepers agreed on its value in dealing with the said illness mostly experienced by equines. They have the therapeutic ability towards horses recovering from injured joints, muscles, and tendons.

Aside from its neoprene exterior, Back on Track has infused a different interior to create a thermal effect. The inner part is made of a Welles fabric containing ceramic powder that results in natural warmth for horses.

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It has Velcro straps to adjust the boots fit and prevent rubbing. Horse legs wraps can also cover up the equine’s knees for added protection.

They are leg wraps made of blended cotton and polyester material. Like the previous product, it has Welles fabric infusion with ceramic powder for heating the horse ’s legs.

Your horse can wear the leg wraps overnight to relieve swelling and other injuries resulting from a strenuous ride. Tough 1 never fails horse keepers in offering gears like leg boots.

This Amigo range is made up of fleece lining and easy-clean nylon with 600D rip stop outer for longer use. You can pick between two amazing color combinations to suit your horse ’s style.

One thing is the adjustment part, which is commonly made of Velcro strap to find the right fitting. It also sustains the blood circulation on joints for faster healing of injuries.

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Though Velcro strap exists, it is important to get the right size of gear for your equine pet. Share your thoughts on the comment so that we can talk deeper about your desired product.

A horse ’s legs are delicate, and equestrian competition and pleasure riding put added strain on them. Aside from carrying the extra weight of the rider, there’s also the added concussion from jumping and galloping, as well as the possibility of injury even while doing something as innocuous as grazing.

Protective boots that fit on a horse ’s front and rear legs are a convenient way to help prevent injuries. For a long time, bandages were used to help safeguard horses’ legs, and while some people still use them, especially in sports like polo, they’re time-consuming to put on and have limitations in wet weather.

Our buying guide is full of useful information, and we’ve selected a few of our favorites to make your shopping even easier. Boots that are too tight can do more harm than good, constricting blood flow and causing pain.

Boots that rub can cause sores and even permanent hair loss at the chafing site. Horses travel the world for competition, and there are many products designed to keep them free from knocks and bumps whether jetting overseas or trailing down the road.

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A common cause of these injuries is from the horse striking itself, such as the back hoof hitting the front leg when galloping or quickly changing direction. This interference can also happen at any pace when a horse is still in the training stages and still unbalanced or getting used to carrying a rider.

These are similar to brushing boots except they run longer on the leg to secure and support the suspension ligament. These rubber or tough ballistic vinyl boots pull on over the horse ’s front hooves or are fastened around the pastern to protect the coronary band and the heel bulb.

They’re only used on the front hooves except in extreme situations like team jumping or foxhunting, where injury could be caused by another horse. Using one boot instead of a pair can cause lameness because it can affect the horse ’s gait and make it uneven.

These boots are designed to protect the fetlock when a horse comes to a sliding stop, such as in barrel racing, rodeo, or cutting. These boots are made of a tough vinyl or leather piece that covers the fetlock and is fastened at the front with buckles or Velcro.

These boots go on the front legs and are mostly used by show jumpers to protect the sides and back of the cannon bones. As the name suggests, they are open in front so that the horse doesn’t become desensitized to the feel of the rails in the jumps.

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Horses that are particularly prone to irritation from bug bites can benefit from wearing fly boots during turnout. These boots are made of mesh or other lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the bugs away and the horse cool.

Horses that are particularly prone to irritation from bug bites can benefit from wearing fly boots during turnout. These boots are made of mesh or other lightweight, breathable fabric to keep the bugs away and the horse cool.

In much the same way that boots replace bandages for riding, they are now often used to help keep poultices or other medications on the horse ’s legs. There are also a number of boots on the market that are designed to add an extra layer of drug-free therapy to help horses overcome injuries.

Some competitions may have rules about hoof boots, although this is changing as more people are turning to them in lieu of shoes. This is because the dressage test is aimed at showing how sound, well-trained, and balanced your horse is (thus, not needing boots).

It’s certainly important that the horse ’s legs don’t overheat, so it’s worth buying boots that are made of breathable fabrics or are designed to allow airflow. Keep the boots clean and free of dried gunk and debris to stop skin infections from sweat.

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