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You many have to secure a wound dressing or poultice if your horse is injured. Bandages or wraps used while riding protect a horse from scraping itself on obstacles such as jumps or gymkhana props and provides support when doing high-performance activities such as jumping, barrel racing or other sports that put a lot of strain on a horse ’s legs.

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Polo wraps or exercise bandages may also be used to protect and support the legs while longing, as the small circle the horse is traveling in can put a lot of stress on the legs. Standing or shipping wraps are also applied over ‘cottons’ or thick quilted pads.

The exact length you must buy will depend on the size of your horse. The lengths of the wraps are usually are designated in pony, horse or large horse sizes, exact measurement by the inch or centimeter or small, medium, long and extra long.

Polo's will be narrower and are shorter than stable or standing wraps. A pony or small horse with fine bones may need pony sized wraps and if you have a very large boned or draft type horse, you’ll need to get the longest wraps.

When choosing a set of leg wraps, if you have the choice, get wraps with wider fasteners. This is important because tight wraps and pressure points can be very damaging to a horse ’s legs.

When traveling, wraps or bandages help support and protect your horse ’s legs. As horses balance themselves in a truck or trailer, they can easily step on their own or each other’s feet or scrape up against the side or partition of the box.

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Stable or standing wraps should be applied over padding or ‘cottons’. For wound dressing, a material like Animal Lintel or game that you keep in your first aid kit might be used under or instead of the cotton padding.

An extra rinse ensures there is no detergent residue to irritate a horse ’s legs. Dura-Tech® Fast Wrap Polo Wraps 14.9914.99 Our high-quality horse bandages and horselegwraps are a key part of preventative maintenance and support to keep your horse's legs healthy and fit.

They're also highly effective at relieving soreness, protecting wounds and reducing the build-up of fluid. Whether you’re treating lameness, chronic pain or an injury, you’ll find a vet wrap here for the job.

Treatment involves administering compression, which can be achieved with a horse leg wrap from our store. You'll find the besthorselegwraps from trusted brands like Dura-Tech®, Lux Ceramic Therapy and UltraFlex® at Schneider.

Be sure to explore our entire selection for vet-recommended wraps ideal for your unique treatment plan. They're easy to put on and take off, and can be used for an injury, standing bandage, shipping or added protection.

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Durante's Tekno-Dri no bow leg wraps feature stretch polyester around a spongy inner layer that resists shock. Their quick no bow leg wraps are safe and convenient for fast wrapping.

Ceramic therapy is a powerful yet cost-effective solution for recovery, rehabilitation and as a preventative. These innovative leg wraps use ceramic fibers to reflect heat back into the horse's body, expanding blood vessels and increasing circulation.

Depending on the style, features include breathable neoprene, Lycra bound edges, foam or fiberfill quilted inner wrap with ceramic lining, contoured design, Velcro closure and elastic inserts. In addition to leg wraps, we have hooks, racks, and cases for storing bandages, wraps, poles, quilts and pillow wraps in your trailer, stall or tack room.

Don’t forget to stock up on cotton sheets and rolls ideal for protecting room and adding padding beneath your horse wraps. There are a myriad of products on the market this time of year, all aimed at giving your dogs a present on Christmas ...

Ice-Vibe combines the effects of cooling and massage therapy to reduce soreness and swelling, help boost circulation and stimulate healing. Tissue requires blood flow and oxygen to repair damage.

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Cold packs reduce blood flow, slowing down inflammation whilst massage therapy improves circulation to allow oxygen to reach the tired and damaged tissue. We use the boots on the horses after strenuous exercise and find them to be very effective and easy to use.

The newly developed longer boots are ideal for hind legs and the horses appear to be very comfortable wearing them. I reply on the Ice-Vibe boots in my daily training program to keep my horses legs tight and cool.

If your horse shows cut marks, bruises, and wounds on its pastern or heel bulbs, then bell boots can be very helpful. The most common factors include a rigorous routine and a naturally faulty gait.

In this article, we’ll go through all the benefits, types, and uses of overreach bell boots and will review some top brands out there in the market. Some types of horses are naturally inclined to overreach due to lack of balance while others are not.

If your horse gets dirt marks, scratches, or wounds of any nature on his heels or pastern after a ride, then overreach boots will certainly prove beneficial. If we take horse anatomy into consideration, there’s no covering of muscle tissues in the lower legs.

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Before we move on to the reviews, you should have a clear idea about the different types of overreach boots. These horse boots provide maximum protection, leaving no area of the heel or pastern exposed.

The main material utilized in its production is rubber and it doesn’t have any type of opening present. This might not be a convenient option for those horses which are conditioned to chafing or subjected to rigorous activity because rotation can cause damage.

These types of bell boots are present in a variety of styles with different anti-spin designs and shock-absorbing materials. In general, no-turn bell boots have a molded area present inside that fits the pastern and the tender heel bulbs in a comfortable manner, providing maximum protection.

Most open bell boots are designed in a way that they have hook-and-loop closure mechanisms that allow easy adjustment. These bell boots for horses are available in a number of materials with better protective covering and shock absorbing powers.

They provide a much lesser grip as compared to pull-on bell boots and are much less resistant to drastic environmental conditions. While checking if your horse ’s bell boots fit, make sure it’s standing on an unruffled surface.

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Make sure there is enough space in the opening to fit in a couple of fingers between the shoe and the pastern. The majority of the manufacturers prefer synthetic materials like PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride), Nylon, Neoprene because their production is economical.

Synthetic materials also provide a wider range of styles and greater resistance against water damage. These bell boots are available in a variety of anti-spin designs and don’t rotate when your horse is running.

Horse owners living in drastic environmental conditions such as damp areas are quite impressed with the durability of these boots. However, you may experience a bit of trouble finding the accurate size for your horse when buying these bell boots for the first time.

The material used in its production is 2520D ballistic nylon with a lining of neoprene that provides extreme comfort. These bell boots use a strong and thick strap band for closure which holds them firmly in their place.

The soft rolled lining around the heel bulbs prevents bruises due to friction and provides maximum comfort to the horse. The feature that I like the most about this product is that these boots have micro-perforated holes that prevent overheating resulting from riding.

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What impressed a lot of customers was the durability that these overreach boots offered under an affordable price tag. For horses that are not subjected to a rigorous routine, these bell boots are a very good option.

Their hook and loop closures are designed for light work or simple turnout. The sides of the boots are double stitched and the material used is PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) that provides extra strength and protection.

These horse bell boots are manufactured with 2520 Denier Dyno-Hyde material with a layered shock absorbing center to fit in the heels and soft jersey lining to provide a comfortable feeling. Double hook and loop mechanism assures long-lasting grip, keeping the boots in place.

The outer covering and binding make them qualified to endure stress from daily riding. These bell boots have an ultra shock lining that serves in absorbing overreaching impact from the hind foot.

Your horse should wear bell boots if it tends to overreach or is subject to lots of riding in the day. Horses naturally don’t have any covering of muscle tissues in their lower legs.

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Many breeds of horses, especially those with a higher level of activity tend to ‘overreach’, which means to strike the front heel bulbs with the hind foot while riding or turnout. Most backyard horses who are not subjected to a vigorous routine usually don’t need protection.

Make sure there is enough space between the inside of the boot and the horse pastern so that it doesn’t get over-heated due to continuous usage. That’s because bell boots are used to keep the front hooves padded, in case your horse overreaches.

It’s not very common you’ll see horses wearing bell boots on their hind feet. Horses that tend to lose their hind shoes or that develop clip marks or bruises above the coronary band might get some help from them.

Horses don’t really mind wearing bell boots so putting them on the hind feet doesn’t seem to pose any problem. The term ‘overreach’ is used to describe the action of a horse ’s hind feet striking the front heel.

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