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With all the different breeds, types and disciplines, a horse enthusiast can look forward to a lifetime of learning. Here we present a collection of 36 random and varied trivia horse quiz questions and answers to test your knowledge and pique your interest.

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Depending on the breed, the speed these legs can run varies. In the episode 'Fatal Extraction', Trigger walks up to the reception desk when the receptionist, Beverley, calls the name 'Mr James'.

The right terms for horses and donkeys can sometimes be very confusing for a lot of people. There are a lot of people who generally love horses.

It would depend on the age of the female horse that is being discussed. If the female horse is more than three years old, it would be called a mare.

Conformation, Style, and Breed are the big factors. Hunters typically have sloping shoulders to take big strides, are collected, have a round square jump, and are usually bays, grays, chestnut, or... Read More.

According to scientists, ponies and horses are one and the same animal, as they are classified under the same species, Equip Catullus. The unit of standard for horses and ponies is “the hand,”... Read More.

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The quarter horse can top out at speeds of 55 miles an hour for a short sprint. The average speed of a quarter horse, however, is closer to 47 miles an hour.

The horse propels itself forward by moving its legs as... Read More. Showhuntersas a group are judged on manners, way of going, and conformation.

Turnout, the presentation ofhorseand rider, is often taken into account as well. Jumpersare judged by how quickly... Read More. This joint connects the pelvis and the lower spine.

In other words, the sacroiliac joint is made of the hip bones and the sacrum.... Read More. Horses are a land mammal that can reach speeds upward of 50 miles per hour.

In many traditional cultures, crossing paths with an animal is regarded as a message. We’re not alone on this planet, and if we were, quite frankly, it would be pretty boring.

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In case you get offended, just remember all the animals have their own characteristics... Not all countries have every single species of animals.

By nature, some animals are made to thrive better in certain places than the other. Reincarnation is very plausible, according to recent scientific studies.

Our souls don't always reincarnate as humans or even beings on our planet. It is not hard to imagine us being animals in one out of many past...

Your worst enemy just entered the room and is advancing towards you. There are different animals in this world; some on the verge of extinction and some we only have stories about their existence.

How conversant are you with the animals that have existed on earth? The Animal Kingdom is one that should be cherished and embraced, as it is the basis of all wildlife and variety that this world has to offer.

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Animals have been known to be of various purposes to man. Over the centuries, man has devoted himself to the study of the animal world.

Have you ever wondered what animal you would have been if not born a human? This quiz is for all of you who wants to know which animal suits their personality.

We’ll be putting that to the test today as we give you some hints as to what animal we’re thinking of and expect you to be able to tell us... Some can realize very easily which animal is familiar to them; others can’t at first, but somehow can feel them deep within them....

Animals are very fascinating creatures on earth. We love going to see them in their habitats; in school we learned that the big five are among the most dangerous, yet popular species for big-game hunters to hunt.

BDSM Pet play: What Type Of Animal Are You? Pet play is an aspect of BDSM in which one takes on the persona of an animal.

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If you think you might be into pet play but aren't sure which animal you are, this quiz is for you.... Animals are what represents today's world.

There are millions of different species ranging from a toad to a lion. Each animal has their own different traits and that thing that makes them unique.

What's that personality trait that distinguishes you form the rest of the surrounding people? Are you as chivalrous as the Lion, as fast as the grasshopper, as candid as the rhino or some...

Have you ever wanted to know whether you have a fierce white tiger or a gentle, humble horse soul? The soul is sometimes regarded as being the seat of morality, humanity, and conscience.

They are considered rather exotic meaning they are a symbol of wealth and status. As you learn about totems, you will begin discovering many of these values and how they pertain to not just your spiritual path but also to daily living.

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Many humans often develop certain characteristics akin to specific members of the animal kingdom. You can be as loyal as a dog, or have the memory of an elephant, for example.

Find out what animal suits your personality the best ! Humans and animals have the same five-sense n common, but these senses become amplified to suit their environments, such as smell and hearing in animals....

Improve your general knowledge by testing what you know about animals with these fun fact quiz! This quiz will review over the materials learned about the different types of animal groups.

Have you ever wondered what animal you would have been if not born a human? This quiz is for all of you who wants to know which animal suits their personality.

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