Best Horse Riding Lessons Near Me

Paul Gonzalez
• Friday, 06 November, 2020
• 8 min read

Paul B. said “This is an excellent place to learn to ride! I have taken lessons from several other places, but Bracken hollow stands out far above the rest.


My daughter was there for 3 months, and even though she had 2.5 years riding ...” read more Maddie B. said “I have been riding for over twenty years in many disciplines and have owned and shown a number of horses.

Excellent hunter-jumper lesson programs are very rare: in my...” read more Julia C. said “Fantastic trail ride for both a beginning and more advanced rider.

Rebecca C. said “We did a spring break sampler for After School Art and More here, and I was really impressed at how well they worked with the kids. Pam M. said “Over 50 acres, multiple pastures, large riding ring, great teachers, and lots of wonderful horses.

Anne M. said “We had a wonderful impression of the horses, the location and the owners today. We went on a trail ride with the owner and felt very safe & relaxed.

With a combined experience of 30 years, Cody and Shawnee share a passion for the equine sport. Cody is a farrier by trade, ex bull rider, and a ranch owner.

Shawnee has dabbled in many equine sports but, has taken on barrel racing as her main project right now. Forget about going to expensive horseback riding camps and choose Darla Walker-Ryder.

They offer private horseback riding lessons for all skill levels ranging from beginners to advanced pupils. Ride across the meadows with your gallant steed confidently under the tutelage of this professional instructor.

They offer professional English horse riding classes to students of all ages and levels. In addition, this expert can offer western horseback riding lessons.

I specialize in western beginner to intermediate riders, ages 3 to adult. We are a premier full service English- Hunter Jumper riding, lesson and boarding facility.

We are open Tuesday through Sunday each early morning to late evening, by appointment only. Our 100 acres boasts a cross-country / hunt field with gorgeous jumps.

PHONE: 469-469-4200EMAIL: WEB:brandonclintonsporthorses.com Follow us on FB and IG: BrandonClintonSportHorses ... View Profile. I specialize in working with behavioral issues, helping owners gain trust in their horses.

Building a strong bond with their horses. ... View Profile. Junta Gomez is a certified dressage horse trainer who is a former European and olympian-trained USAF bronze medalist.

They offer private and group horseback riding lessons for adults and kids. When I was 14 I really started teaching people and training horses in a variety of disciplines.

I teach and train from basic riding, trails, cattle drives, roping, barrels, hunter jumping, and teach rider and horse how to stay calm in unpredictable scenarios. Hire Kristin Macaulay if you are looking for an effective horse riding instructor.

Horse of Hope is a Christian business and a non-profit Organization that offers lessons to beginner riders starting at 3 years old and up! Jordan Mallard is a horse training instructor who provides horseback riding lessons for their clients.

They handle hunt and saddle seat and dressage lessons for riders 4 years and older. They provide easy horseridinglessons for beginners at a reasonable rate.

Noble Champion provides equestrian lessons for those who want to learn how to ride horses. They offer quality beginner horseback riding lessons for adults and children.

M-bar-k Farms offers quality horseback riding lessons that help enhance the lives of people with disabilities. They provide beginner to advanced sport horse training and lessons.

If you are in need of quality English horseback riding lessons, then check out Amber Hall Dressage. They have a team of friendly horse riding trainers who are ready to help you out.

Amber has been providing effective horseback riding programs for 20 years. As an A+ English horseback riding instructor, Tiffany provides private riding lessons in Alvarado.

I have brought many of my students and horses along to earn national titles in Western Pleasure, English Pleasure, Hunt Seat Equitation, Hunters, and Dressage. In addition, I volunteered my services as an Instructor for Pony Club Riders and 4-H members.

I have completed the BHI program and Earned the Bronze Medal with USAF. I go above and beyond to ensure your child has fun while learning in a calm, stress-free environment.

With a background in English riding and hunter jumpers, my lessons range from basic horsemanship to balance exercise to even some jumping! I typically bring everything I need for our lessons together, including trot poles for some fun exercises.

Other services I provide include horse exercising, training, grooming, and any other care needs. Our program is unique in the way it offers show experience to our riders.

Our lesson horses have taken kids through their very first show and carried them well into the higher levels. We love being able to take so many of our riders to shows with our team.

Four Corners Equestrian teaches English horseback riding lessons to children of all ages and levels. Whether your child has ridden before or has never laid eyes on a horse we are here to teach them.

Our program offers the whole package from learning how to safely handle the horse along with how to groom and tack up along with in saddle time. I have far too much knowledge and experience to sell out giving pony rides.

Better Ridding The importance of correct basics, equine responsiveness to appropriately applied aids and always thinking ahead. Rene Hushed Easy started ridding at a young age and was fortunate enough to have been educated by some of the very best master instructors in the county, for example Bernie Training, George Morris, Robert Midland, and Steve Stephens.

Through their training and with the help of some fantastic mounts she was able to compete successfully in the hunter and jumper divisions at the major AAA shows in the Mid west and the East coast, for example, I love NY, Syracuse, Lake Placid, Detroit, Hampton Classic, Chagrin Valley P ... View Profile. It's my goal to teach the student not only how to develop a basic seat on a horse and how to use light, gentle hands, but also basic horse care, parts of the horse, saddle and bridle, and teach them about the importance of regular farrier and vet care.

If you or your child are a beginner, I'd be happy to teach you or them how to ride, Western or English style! We are a caring business who strives to make our clients feel comfortable and confident.

We make sure to assess our clients and build on their strengths and strengthen their weaknesses. While our business is on the newer side of things we have been giving lessons and training for over 10 years.

Horses have been our entire life, and we strive on continuing our own personal growth to ensure our clients learn everything they can! Our main instructor is an accomplished 4h advisor and has coached many youths in stressful competition.

Our horses, tack and equipment is readily available to all of our students participating in our riding program. I feel that my services stand out because I bring a unique background to the table.

Within my 20 years' of experience with horses, I have never had a strong financial force supporting my passion for riding and competing. Therefore, I had to be creative and efficient with my practices to get myself where I wanted OT be.

Stone Ridge Stables in Wadsworth offers quality hunter/jumper lessons for beginners through advanced riders of all ages. These lessons are on show quality, sound horses.

We teach lessons six days a week and there is always room in the schedule for new clients. We host six to eight horse shows in a summer series each year.

We offer full care boarding with spacious turnout pastures, one indoor and two outdoor arenas, trails, two hot and cold wash wracks, blanket service.

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