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As per scientific assumption from the early Iron Age, about 800 BC, Central Asian people began to ride horses for the first time. Though technology has almost vanished the need of horses as a traveling unit, but it has emerged as one of the most popular and enjoyable vocational activities.

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Their expert staff and team show it perfectly how to ride a horse. This horseridingschool runs according to the British Horse Society rules and regulations.

If you are looking for horse riding training in Hyderabad none, but this school can provide the best horse trainers to you. The best part about it is, they offer the cross-country trips, fast track programs for the newcomers, and even certification to the successful horse riders.

It is one of the best academies of recent times, where you can perfectly learn how to ride a horse. Adagio Riding Stables located in Guru gram in Haryana provides expert international coaches to the learners.

In the capital city of Karnataka, Bangalore HorseRidingSchool is highly popular when it comes to superior horseback riding training. With better horse riding lessons they also provide horse care tips to the students.

In the heat of Rajasthan, one who is willing to learn and enjoy this vocational sport, none, but this place can deliver quality and faster horseback riding lessons to the students. They provide superior horse riding lessons and horse care tips at a reasonable fee.

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As compared to others, this academy is newer to this market but surely this didn’t affect the quality even a bit. Top 10 Horse Riding Schools, Classes, Training | Silesia The Chennai Equitation Center (CEC) is located on a lush green campus in Sholinganallur on the OMR, Chennai, about 15 kilometers from Adar.

CEC, a trust established by Mr Kishore Fulani in 2010 was formerly known as Chennai Equestrian Academy. CEC has now become one of the best -known centers for learning horse riding, and its equestrian competition training Facility is among the finest in India.

It all started back then in 1858 when two British soldiers Captain Robert Stewart and Major Gen Joe Hear witnessed a game called “Sago Kanji” being played by locals of Manipur. Both officers were so captivated by the experience that they quickly introduced the game to their peers and then was established the “Calcutta Polo Club” in the year 1861-62.

After that, the club created a standardized format of the game and set “The first rule book for Modern Polo”. We value the trust and beliefs vested in us by our clients and professional contacts and provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all our dealings.

Horse lovers of all ages and experience levels can volunteer to learn the art of horse riding and Dressage at O.R.E.F. India’s only temperature controlled Indoor Riding Arena with misting fans.

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Imported Champion German and Thoroughbred horses All weather outdoor Dressage & Show jumping Arena with lights for night riding. Imported arena footing with special rubber fibers to protect the rider from injuries in case of a fall from a horse.

The Grand Finale of the Equestrian Premier League 2018 along with the 4th Indian Stallion Show and Sport horse Sales is almost upon us, and we extend to you a warm welcome for this showcase of timeless race. AIRS is owned by ITU Biryani, Chairman, Embassy Group, an enthusiastic rider himself.

We encourage riders of all ages who strive to achieve the highest standards in horse riding, as well as their appreciation and understanding of the horse. We enthusiastically volunteer our time to introduce and develop riding skills for riders at all levels.

Last Updated: January 10, 2021 Night Singh Horse riding is an enthralling experience for all and if it is done in India, it comes with incredible rewards. Our country’s diversity offers interesting terrains where the experience of horse riding can be exhilarating.

In the remote places like Kansas Valley, where paved roads are rare and motor biking is not every one cup of tea, horses make an incredible means of travel. One can access to Langley, Benzema Pass, Kandahar Fort and Songhua, Stingray and Beluga monasteries on a horseback.

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A plateau that it is, Changing is a land of nomads and exotic wildlife and taking a horse ride here is fascinating. Udaipur makes an ideal place for horse riding in India, in fact it is an interesting way to see this majestic city.

Riding the horse amidst the lofty mountains on narrow ridges and unpaved roads cannot get any better. In fact horse riding is one of the best ways to explore the beauty of this wonderful hill station in India.

The vibrant town that is still clad in the colonial era architecture is best for activities like horse riding. One may feel like regal personnel during the British Raj who is up for some errands of the town to check if everything is running fine.

Horse riding can be done from the town center to the highest peak of Shillong situated at an altitude of 1966 m. Horse riding at Table Land Point and around Vienna Lake is quite famous in Mahabaleshwar.

The picturesque beach sets the right mood and the perfect background to take a ride on a horseback. It doesn’t matter whether it is your first time as even in the worst cases if you fall rest assure that you will land on sand only.

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Often dubbed as the Valley of Flowers, Mustang is an apt place for nature lovers and those who wish to spend some time in solace. Enjoy the surroundings while you take a ride, if lucky, you Ghodawala can be an interesting man with some good skill of storytelling.

We advise that you ask for the rates before taking the ride also make it your responsibility to voice against any animal cruelty. From the Lake District, Capital, Night Singh is a travel writer whose love for mountains can be seen in her write-ups.

Talk about solo travelling, indulging in adventure activities, binging on good food, planning budget trips or the Aurora Borealis and you will get all her attention. Trot and Canter are allowed for more experienced rider taking 2 or 3 hours tour.

Being a Certified Professional Stable Manager is career enhancing and life enriching. Certification means you have successfully completed a series of courses and acquired the specialized knowledge it implies.

Knowledge applied to a purpose is true power; and those who possess the knowledge have the power to make significant contributions to benefit the owners of horses boarded at stables catering to pleasure riders and/or show competition riders. Certification grants you the right to put PSM (professional stable manager) after your name.

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Earning “certification” as a professional stable manager requires the completion of 10 designated courses. Stable Management $275.00 Equine Nutrition for Maximum Performance $275.00 Legal Aspects of Horse Management $275.00 Equine Health and Disease Management $275.00 Equine Massage $275.00 Equine Safety and Rescue $275.00 Bits, Saddle Fitting and Hoof Balance $275.00 Understanding Equine Behavior $275.00 Preparation for Competition $275.00 The Business of Making Money With Horses $275.00 Elective Courses: choose two (2) electives to meet requirements for Certification Conformation and Selection for Performance $275.00 Showmanship in Hand $275.00 Training Performance Horses $275.00 Instructor Role & Responsibility $275.00 Teaching Techniques $275.00 Essential Oils and Acupressure for Horses $275.00 Equine Dressage $275.00 Equine Photography $275.00 Equine Reproduction $275.00 Fit to Ride (weight loss guide) $275.00 Five Element Theory for Horses $275.00 Rev Up Your Dressage Scores $275.00 Ride Competitive Trail To Win $275.00 Stallion Management $275.00 Traditional Chinese Medicine Meridian Theory for Horses $275.00 Train For Trail $275.00 Train For Western Riding $275.00 To meet the faculty teaching the courses in this program, click here.

And now students can earn discounts on equine insurance for each course certificate they hold, thereby offsetting the cost of their entire education. (Click here for insurance/computer discount details) Once all required courses for the Professional Stable Manager Certification have been successfully completed, Equine Studies Institute, the world's leading provider of online equine study curriculum for colleges and universities, will award your Certified Professional Stable Manager certificate.

Students study the lesson material and then submit assignments and quizzes online. The focus is always on the eventual success of the individual student. CERTIFICATION RENEWAL As with all good certification, credential and licensing programs, we expect you to remain informed about the latest techniques, advances, skills and research that affects you and the horses within your care.

To be eligible for “certification renewal” you must complete and verify a minimum of 20 hours of continuing education during each two-year period. You must submit your certification renewal information along with a check or money order for $40 to HorseCoursesOnline, 838 Georg Oaks, Valverde, TX 78163.

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