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According to Wikipedia, the horse played an important role throughout human history all over the world, both in warfare and in peaceful pursuits such as transportation, trade and agriculture. Horses lived in North America but died out at the end of the Ice Age.

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Horses returned to North America beginning with the second voyage of Columbus in 1493. Due to the love humans developed for horses over the years, they started organizing sporting events that required horse riding.

In fact, we will closely consider the best equestrian boarding schools in the world. However, you can call them schools that offer an equestrian program for all interested students.

A lot of schools started equestrian programs due to the rising interests of individuals in horse riding activities. More so, when you conduct proper research, you find out that professional horse riders have actually trained for so many years.

Conclusively, there are great records which show that students who attend these equestrian boarding schools gain admission into college immediately they complete their program. In fact, some of the best equestrian schools in the world don’t come at cheap prices.

This considering stems on the fact that horses are not the major means of transportation anymore. As a graduate of equine studies, you can help these individuals take care of their horses in addition to teaching them how to ride.

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To effectively rank the best equestrian boarding schools in the world, we used the following factors. We also judged this school by checking the average number of their students that get into college immediately after graduation.

Due to a desire to help students with diagnosed learning differences, Samuel Norton and other board members founded Forman. Forman School has an incredible record which states that 100% of their graduate students gain admission into college.

Today, they’re one of the best equestrian boarding schools in the world with applications rates going higher each year. Founded in 1894, Culver Academies guarantees you access to the best person education in the country.

Hence, they remain committed to creating a unique learning environment reflective of its plans. In this center, they can take beginning, intermediate, advanced equitation in horse training.

The ARMS Horsemanship Program is the school’s ranching history aimed at moving students into the realm of authentic connection, dedicated care, and meaningful stewardship. The Horsemanship program harvests relationships through knowledge, nurturing, and skill.

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They are an intellectually diverse and academically challenging community that broods curiosity, confidence, collaboration, and character in preparation for lives of meaning and accomplishment. This actually helps them emerge with a strong sense of commitment as they continually seek to transform in an academically challenging environment.

Every faculty at Brook Hill grants students an opportunity to excel academically as well as study at the college level. This school remains focused on empowering young ladies with powerful leadership and independence skills.

Bishop’s College has one of the best dedicated and experienced staff among other equestrian boarding schools. In order to fully concentrate on development, they have a class of only 15 students.

This number basically enables the teachers to connect with the students on a personal basis. Students participate in activities such as golf, soccer, tennis, hockey and football.

They basically seek to “educate students in a loving and caring Christian environment, to become globally enlightened citizens, who are able to bridge the gap between the East and the West, and are ready to welcome the exciting challenges of the New Pacific Century”. They have remained focused on achieving this objective in different aspects of their program.

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Asheville is top in our list of the best equestrian boarding schools in the world. Meanwhile, advanced riders continue honing their skills either on the flat area within the ring or over jumps.

Students engage in daily riding lessons on class days and can attend off-campus equestrian activities such as horse shows, hunter paces and trail rides. Yes, you can make money with horses when you use them for sport events or practice riding for clients.

If no, leave us an opinion in the comment box to express your concern or ask a question, and we will get back to you as soon as possible. But, if you want to enjoy the benefits and feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins while riding your four-legged partner, you definitely need to learn how to do it safely.

The schools in the list offer a huge range of opportunities both for newbie and experienced horse riders. The Albion College’s center for horses features a 340-acre ‘classroom experience’, as they put it on the website.

This is a state-of-the-art equestrian center that has modern barns and stalls, an indoor area, amazing views, locker rooms for riders, as well as a 250’x 300’ grass jumping arena. Roaming its halls, studying a field of your choice while learning how to ride will help you combine enjoyment and education all at once.

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If you do, I urge you to use this essay writing service whenever you find yourself in academic trouble. Birdie was a life-saving source of papers backs when I studied in this particular college, and wanted to spend more of my time horse riding.

Speaking of horse riding, you’ll be even happier to hear of the 185-acre equestrian center. This center includes over 60 stalls, five buildings, an outdoor arena, multiple wash stalls, acres of pasture, two pens for lunging and light training, as well as miles of mountains for the adrenaline-driven students.

This facility has three spacious arenas, their impressive USED building, an elevated booth for the judges, a concession stand, and attached classrooms. Out of all the choices in this list, it’s the only college that offers natural-terrain hunt field and caters to cross- country riders.

If you also have the horse riding bug, you definitely need to consider the equestrian center at the Alfred University. It has a huge indoor arena and many outdoor rings fitted in 240 acres.

Horse Teaching and Research Center at the Michigan State University If you really share the same love for horses as I do, you’ll definitely enjoy spending your time in this school, both learning how to ride them and researching them.

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Bobbie Sanchez is an equine veterinarian who works at his private office, providing preventive care and treating horse injuries. He found his love for horses while studying in college, when he decided what his lifelong career will be.

This compensation does not influence our school rankings, resource guides, or other editorially-independent information published on this site. The 185-acre facility includes five buildings, 64 stalls, multiple tack rooms and wash stalls, an outdoor arena, two round pens for lunging or light training work, 180 acres of pasture, and miles of mountain trails to enjoy a hack.

Its 240-acre Equine Education Center has a large indoor arena, multiple outdoor rings, and a number of turn-out paddocks. Students have access to top-of-the-line jumps and other equipment, while lessons that don't take place on horseback occur in network wired classrooms with views of the arena.

The facility boasts three large arenas, including the impressive USED Building, a show-ready indoor arena complete with a heating system, elevated judge's booth, attached classrooms, a concession stand, and a public address system. The program is at The Suzanne Corner Equestrian Center, where riders can enjoy two arenas (an indoor and an outdoor) and miles of back campus trails.

Students can sign up for lessons, board their own horses, or compete on Earl ham's competitive equestrian team. USA Equestrian regulation jumps can be found in the arena, while a full cross-country course is also set up on the property.

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As its name suggests, Meredith Manor International Equestrian College is the only school in the world dedicated entirely to equine-themed studies. Tucked into a gorgeous valley, the campus includes nine barns, a farrier and equine massage therapy shop, feed sheds, classrooms, laboratories, and a whopping seven indoor riding arenas.

Michigan State University Location The Horse Teaching and Research Center at Michigan State University offers its students far more than the usual riding lessons and a spot on a competitive equestrian team. For those more interested in riding horses than breeding them, the 100-acre Center boasts a show/training barn, a large indoor arena, classrooms, and plenty of pastures for turnout.

The research program maintains mares, stallions, and foals, and therefore even has a breeding shed and laboratory for semen collection and artificial insemination. The Center consists of two indoor riding arenas, an outdoor arena, four barns with a total of 70 stalls, indoor and outdoor wash racks, a whopping 10 round pens, and a multitude of trails riding opportunities throughout adjacent public lands.

And while most college equestrian centers have waiting lists or limited spots for personal horses, Rocky students who wish to bring their own horses to college with them can board them in a specially designated boarding area specifically for that purpose. Stanford, aptly nicknamed “The Farm,” is home to one of the West Coast's most dominant equestrian teams, as well as a number of top-notch trainers.

Thus, the facility is state-of-the-art, and includes such features as nearly 100 stalls in the freshly restored Red Barn (the horses in which all receive a daily turnout), two covered lighted arenas with the best available footing, an oversized dressage arena, two lunging areas, and an Durocher. When student riders aren't on horseback, locker rooms, showers, a clubhouse, and a picnic area all cater to their enjoyment.

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The incredible 120' x 300' Robin S. Crater Hall is one of the largest indoor college arenas in the nation, and comes complete with a heated viewing area and a sound system. On the rare occasion the arena is too busy, students also have access to three outdoor rings, a covered lunging area, several schooling fields that include natural obstacles, and a large collection of Pre-approved hunter/jumper fences.

When an easy hack is needed, students and horses alike are sure to enjoy the more than 18 miles of serene trails. Conveniently located four miles from the main campus, the 32-acre facility offers students access to two indoor arenas, an outdoor arena, a grass jumping field, large classrooms, individual tack lockers, and enough stalls and paddocks for 130 horses.

For example, The Nutrition Barn's 12 large pens are specifically designed to study the effects of dietary changes on growing horses, exercising horses, and broodmares, while a laboratory facility handles everything from in vitro incubators to equipment necessary for studying atomic absorption spectrophotometry. Its Equine Education Center sits on more than 26 acres, and includes a state-of-the-art indoor arena, a 2400-square foot barn, and a classroom complex that can host 100 students at a time.

Classrooms include state-of-the-art viewing equipment, while an on-site library holds more than 1,000 books on all aspects of the equine industry.

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