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Our stallion roster includes All-American Futurity Winners, Leading Money Earners, and World Champions in a wide variety of disciplines. While planning your breeding season we encourage you to browse our modern veterinary and equine reproduction services, including artificial insemination, transported cooled or frozen semen, embryo transfers, and the highest quality mare and stallion management available anywhere in the country.

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In 1974, he earned the first ever World Champion Open Aged Halter Stallion title. He sired 2,250 horses in total, and made a name for his bloodline in halter after his world championship.

Originally crossed on Thoroughbred bloodstock, his get immediately started excelling in a variety of disciplines. Through meticulous breeding programs, careful stallion and mare management and great knowledge of what makes a great Quarter Horse, the Quarter Horse has excelled across the board.

Standing Location North America North America and EuropeEuropeNorthern HemisphereKentuckyNortheastMid-AtlanticSoutheastMidwestSouthwestWest CoastCanadaAlabamaArizonaArkansasCaliforniaColoradoFloridaGeorgiaIdahoIllinoisIndianaIowaKansasKentuckyLouisianaMarylandMassachusettsMichiganMinnesotaMississippiMissouriMontanaNebraskaNew Jersey Medicine York North Carolina North DakotaOhioOklahomaOregonPennsylvaniaSouth Carolina South DakotaTennesseeTexasUtahVirginiaWashingtonWest VirginiaWisconsinWyomingAlberta (CAN)British Columbia (CAN)Manitoba (CAN)Ontario (CAN)Saskatchewan (CAN) Growing up till the age of 28 which is shocking for the amount of years a horse can actually live and also remarkable as well.

He has grown older than some humans have had the chance to, sadly passing away yet still his name remains as a legend in the horse racing business and is recognized globally. American champion Kenyatta, one of the best race horses. Female horses that exhibit the same amount of strength and determination as a stallion is somewhat of a remarkable thing and must be given the utmost of respect.

This automatically speaks enough about her reputation thus far and as far as ranked best race horses are concerned, she most certainly has the spirit of some famous human “godmother” we know, who do you picture that comes to mind? Loved by the people and most anticipated of that time; A trusted one too in the faith of many’s favor and has proven to live up to their expectations on several occasions.

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American champion thoroughbred racehorse, Ruffian. You cannot go against a Ruffian and expect to come out with a clean slated escape. By witness of 50, 764 people who were present to watch her perform with confidence as she has always shown boldly at Belmont Park only to see that she had, in the middle part of her race, snapped her forefront bones and dropped to what later appeared to be her demise after medical attendance.

Black Caviar, an Australian Thoroughbred racehorse undefeated in 25 races. Here we speak of Royalty Horses which represents one of the best in its field. Purely because an animal can eventually get sick and then die whereas buying a Ferrari for that price can also be smashed or stolen so either way its pretty much the same thing.

A horse like Frankel who is valued at a staggering unbelievable $150 Million dollars is an equivalent to buying about 3 Bugatti’s and a large estate big enough to spring a few state mansions in different locations all over the world and still have enough cash to blow in the end! Besides this, Frankel has a Bronze statue that’s been unveiled by the Queen of England herself which is round about the greatest Honor any horse could have gotten in the European Union.

When we speak about ‘Thoroughbred’, Race Horse Frankel hails this word in his victories as well as in the history of his bloodline too. Sea biscuit on the other hand is a direct example outlining this statement as don’t be fooled by his name since the history at which this horse has been a part of is something honorable.

In his time, falling and getting back up then giving his competitors a duel finish and a run for their lungs at the last minute. While Frankel is more of today’s billionaire’s greatest treasures on earth, Par Lap on the other hand is a monument of history which is sunk deeper than we think as far as the best race horses of all time are concerned.

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Mafia hits are more common these days and with people dying like flies out of the outcome of their wrongful mistakes which they paid at the cost of their lives. Phar's lap, met his fatal unfortunate end back in 1932 and a death that remained a mystery ever-since.

It is however, believed that he has been poisoned by Mafia members who had concerns of being out of ‘business’ due to the horses' reputation of a constant winning streak. Par Lap will forever be remembered in Australian sporting history as the greatest race horse they’ve ever bred due to having a winning streak of succeeding 37 of 51 of his starts back in the 30s.

The elders always have the most amount of respect and that’s what we are to give to Man o War who is also a part of a thoroughbred heritage that dominated the very early 1900s altogether. His life began in 1917, that can be considered as the era of industrial revolutions and other major things of the world that we are privileged to have in the way that we do in modern times.

Which simply means to say that although horse racing is a billion dollar industry and has subsequently made people millionaires too. And Dollar signs for those somewhat heartless millionaire tycoons that bet only on banking the most amount of money out of the life and physical strain of a horse.

Ranchers have bred for the ideal working ranch horse for more than a hundred years. Around the turn of the 20th century, Thoroughbred stallions in the U.S. government’s Remount program improved bloodlines of ranch Remus throughout the West.

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And in the heyday of match racing, famous stallions known for their quick bursts of speed and athleticism began influencing the breeding programs of many working cattle ranches. In the mid-1900s, horses such as Driftwood, Bert, Hollywood Gold, Grey Badger III, Sugar Bars, King, Polo Buena and Leo added another layer to the foundation of the breed.

After interviewing top ranchers and leading horsemen, and analyzing registration statistics and production sale records, Western Horseman editors and staff members cast their votes for the ranch- horse bloodlines that have had the most influence on today’s working strings. Photo by Katy Peaked by “Old Man” Childless of Silverton, Texas, and foaled in 1932, Driftwood emerged from a relatively unknown pedigree.

Under As bury Shell, one of several of the horse’s owners and a top rodeo hand, “Speedy” became a famous rope horse and later was well-known throughout Arizona and California as a top sire of rodeo mounts. At age 11, Driftwood was purchased by Channing and Catherine Peace of Lompoc, California.

Mel Potter of Marina, Arizona, is largely responsible for keeping the Driftwood line alive. “Whenever someone came to look at , Howard threw me on him bareback with just a halter on him,” Brink man recalls.

The 1961 sorrel earned a Superior in halter and AQUA points in a wide variety of events, including reining, working cow horse and Western riding. A photo taken in Oklahoma, probably about 1927, shows the famous horse in racing shape. Joe Hancock’s history is filled with approximation and uncertainty.

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This unusual cross gave Joe Hancock his stout conformation, calm yet tough disposition, speed and cow sense. After a colorful match-race career, during which he stood open to race any horse for three-eights of a mile, Joe Hancock retired virtually undefeated.

Tom Burnett paid $2,000 for the horse, and retired him to stud on the Four Sixes/ Triangle Ranches. Today, rodeo competitors, ropers and ranchers appreciate Hancock-bred horses for their big, stout conformations, grittiness and cow sense.

Some Hancock's are known for their buck, big feet and plain heads, but staunch supporters say few foundation bloodlines produce such hardworking horses. Pedigree: sired by John Wilkes, by Peter McCue, and out of an unregistered range mare.

Doc Bar When Tom and Jack Finley of Gilbert, Arizona, bred AA running horse Dandy Doll to AAA racehorse Lightning Bar, they hoped to produce a sleek speedster. The 14.3-hand, 1,000-pound chestnut stallion won only $95 in lifetime racing earnings; however, he went on to excel in halter competition and sire a cutting- horse dynasty from 1960 to 1978.

His get dominated cutting competition with their cow sense, athleticism and graceful, sweep moves. These qualities make Doc Bar’s blood popular with today’s working ranch- horse breeders.

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“He was a prolific sire, and he was very proponent; he passed on his cow sense and athletic ability to his offspring.” Little Peppy will forever be linked to the legendary King Ranch and famous horseman Buster Welch.

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